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  1. I am sure this used to work.. We used to set a Helipad target line to a Looped Waypoint point and the unit would enter the Loop. Can we double check this functionality please. This would be great as Bubblies keeps missile-ing everyones pile of banshees. ps: thank you for having a look at the "Waypoint Deletion Cursor" issue, it is working however - It actually deletes from the opposite end of the selected waypoint now and does not start with the selected waypoint - unless the waypoint is actually in the process of being dragged when the delete key is pressed : ( , could you please double check deletion order please, it should definitely start with the selected / last clicked waypoint and work backwards or forwards through the group - not just begin deleting from the start of the waypoint group.
  2. I have an issue with "Waypoint Deletion" which is behaving differently since the new Windows 10 Update. I have made a comment in a more specific thread, I will just provide the link, please help. [ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7906-enable-alt-building-way-points/?tab=comments#comment-61758 ]
  3. hi, since the new windows 10 update I have noticed that a waypoint option has changed but I do not know what it is.. I can set waypoints the same as before. Now when it comes to deleting a waypoint something has changed. When selecting a waypoint (before the maximum is reached) the LOOP mode Icon automatically displays and it tries to loop from the last waypoint, if you now press delete it deletes the last waypoint and not the selected one. This is different behaviour, previously you could just select the waypoint (giving the no cursor icon. The LOOP cursor only appeared if you pressed the Shift button) allowing deletion of the selected waypoint. Basically there is an option here that has changed, perhaps it goes by the name of "WaypointAutoLoop" or "WaypointAutoShift" or such, does anyone know what option it is please? I show a screenshot but it is not very helpful. Notice from the image that the cursor on waypoint 6 is the LOOP cursor, also note that I am not holding down the SHIFT key which is what was previously required for the LOOP cursor to appear, this cursor is probably produced from some AUTOSHIFT or AUTOLOOP option which I am trying to disable. I am trying to delete the waypoint not add to its functionality. churzzz.
  4. Giants corner base. Ref, Radar, Emp, Heli and 4 more Refs... If "Tib is Crap" then ill sell 2 Refs for 5 Harvs on 3 to keep the Harpies coming until Teched.
  5. Impressive, bet that took some detectin'. I haven't seen it since, that will do me, thank you 1337.
  6. And again on the 18th, I ask why I have only seen them on games hosted by Mammoth550? I have asked Mammoth and he knows not why they are there, except that you can capture them if you want.
  7. New?.., player Mammoth550 hosted CrazyVisc on 17th April 2017. Not long into game @ circa 18:00 (GMT). I noticed phantom player bottom right. Grey in color. I brought it up but no response from us. I looked back later and was gone. Game ended in Advanced to late stage with old packet style error.
  8. Momodog has the best engineers I have seen on any player.
  9. Can we have an online lobby like on XWIS, such as https://xwis.net/ra2/online, its nice to have on the laptop screen while doing other things on Main Monitor, or to have on the mobile phone see. Also heres a quieter replacement TIBSUN.MIX http://ug5-004478999124gb.postaskis.co.uk/TIBSUN.MIX
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