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  1. i can't see the laser of the core defnder is that intentional to prevent the internal error bug?
  2. hi, how to build this for fun on skirmish, what i need to change on the firestorm.ini?
  3. where i can find ti exactly? what subfolder it's under westwood folder?
  4. the famous "tiberian sun has encountered an internal error and cannot continue" is still here
  5. run good but i still get few flashing windows(when i play with some windows opened in the desktop) from the desktop while playing also there is still the laser bug or whatver was called and windows mode do not work for me
  6. This is actually not true. I've seen some threads on StackOverflow on "how to detect if you're inside a VM", and one of the things that popped up there is that some functions of some programs simply fail when ran from VM for some reason. This is definitely not intentional; the cncnet people have no reason to block something like that. what are those "there is that some functions of some programs"? the programme is no able to identify them and make it work for vm?
  7. same thing, keep telling me that i'm connecting, forever, i like to play with vmware but it seems not possible
  8. fair enough, i'm trying to run cncnet on a virtual mahcine, but it say connecting and it hung there forever, i permitted it via firewall, but nothign happened...
  9. can you at least provide in the future, a digital sign for the executable?
  10. we are lucky that for cnc net the game are very easy to run you don't need a nasa computer, so i can run them on a virtual environment and be relatively more safe
  11. can this software be used as back door to control an innocent machine? i was thinking how safe are those clients that are made to play with the old games like this(all c&c) and the one from forged alliance forever(if you know about supreme commander) since they are not supported by the original developers, they can hide in the future, a malicious code in one of the update, i know that it will not be the case, but one never know...
  12. ah..i thought it was free forever
  13. why in the download section still say otherwise? it would be cool to have a prepack with everything , installer for the game included
  14. does this fix the freeze with the laser or what was about, the famous internal error "Tiberian sun has encountered an error and cannot be continue"?
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