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  1. Oh. It worked on the original. Maybe cncnet doesn't allow it
  2. Yea I realised that. The point I was getting at was that he floats in the old ra2. But in the ra2 mode he doesn't.
  3. Is that the ra2 allies mission where you have to reestablish control of the Colorado base to get rocketeers? If so, yes you start with a few veteran gi's Ps I can't remember the mission names.
  4. Deploy as normal. Pretty sure it becomes your Mcv and not under yuri's mind control. So he can grab another
  5. It would be cool if they supported a few of the more well known mods too. And that you could only join those matches if you had the mod too. And state when you enter the lobby that it is said mod. But maybe the logistics and server side effects may be too much for a small group on such an old game.
  6. The ra2 yuri had a different animation too. He could levitate permanently. I added it back into yuri's team in a mod I made. I'm a bit rusty, but I think that yuri was unlocked through playing as soviet then getting a spy into soviet battle lab?
  7. And they don't also count as kills? Can you win a match with zero kills?
  8. how? how can you be so swift? usually its just a giant tank massacre, and then the surviving tanks dictate the winner. well in online play obviously. AI's aren't so 'tactical'
  9. maybe you pros out there have done it? maybe you've seen it done? or maybe its just not possible? but can you win a match where you have killed less than the loser?
  10. Some of those changes sound good, obviously they would need further testing for foolproofness. But where are they? Have you got a mod with them?
  11. So. No one has a single strategy for this unit?
  12. Vipers? Not got a clue. Predictive text lol.
  13. Have you got avg pc tune up by any chance? I had a similar problem, and it all worked fine once i undid some of the changes to achieve optimum running efficiency... Just a thought.
  14. but no one even uses chaos drones. Are there effective strategies? Are they cost effective? Or should I just forget about them? Vids?
  15. Just so everyone knows, I'm crying inside. Am I the only person who got ra2 and yr from origin but can't run mods? Xwis doesn't run it either. so uninstalled everything (again) and just installed the ra2 and yr as standard. No cncnet or xwis or ini files or anything. But still nothing. Agh.
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