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  1. very good idea. But not all like play vs YR and battle force
  2. когда я запуская клиент мой экран сходит с ума. после последнего обновления
  3. DeCKs

    spawn point

    Зачем? Разве такой момент реализован в клиенте?
  4. DeCKs

    spawn point

    is it possible to apply the disable function spawn point? Will it be realized?
  5. I create new game and see this. Its very bad. More time not fix client... When i click "kick user" user not kick. i click more and more... I lock game, and more player come in my game. How? i locked game and waiting all time, but other player come in locked game and start crash. In ra2mode player set random and ur know what happen? Yes, random=Yr and game crashed. More player set YR and game crashed. Its not first post.... P.s. sry my english
  6. DeCKs


    Fix alting or not?
  7. DeCKs

    RA2 mode Client 3.0

    in RA2 mode if the player would select a random direction, you can fall Yr and then the game crashes. The same players in the lobby can choose Yr and at the start the game crashes. In the previous version it was not possible the choice of YR and similar problems arose.
  8. Я могу это сделать. Но при условии если будут разделены YR и RA2
  9. DeCKs

    Join and create game

    after registering in the game (I joined the game other players), if I don't like map or game mode, I'm leaving. Then, after creating the game, my settings take other options (in the form of a collection of games, I went. For example, the amount of money and modes. The same thing happens with maps. Apparently they are stored in the cache, when creating the game, map out of the cache "join" .
  10. There is a problem. I dowload XWIS game? and see "black box", use other gamepack, and not see problem. Maybe game not have any file?
  11. DeCKs

    Gameplay menu

    Yes, i know. All menu. And i not see in gamemd.exe sidebar. One man say me "it's old game, not have XML"
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