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  1. Lets talk about noobs

    Whatever the "solution" is, a thread that boils down to "How can we stop people from having fun in a way that I don't approve of?" isn't going to help. Encourage players who like unlimited money turtle maps to try something new? Sure. Starting by telling them how they are having the wrong kind of fun? No.
  2. Computer player CHEATS?!

    Which is also why it's rubbish.
  3. instalacao

    If you don't like this thread, I recommend that you don't participate in it.
  4. Tiberian Sun & Firestorm - Ukrainian Translation

    Well done. I haven't noticed this with the TFD version. Can you reproduce this in other versions of the game?
  5. Let's Play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Redux

    I'll check it out.
  6. Do you guys think that I look fat?

    Exercise and a change in diet. Don't set yourself on a starvation diet; that's just going to make you unhappy and is likely to cause you to regain weight later. If you can afford it, go to the gym. Ask the employees there what kind of machines/exercises are suitable for someone with your physique.
  7. emperor battle for dune

    200 units? What kind of match even lasts long enough to build that kind of army?
  8. Let's Play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Redux

    I'm okay with the Mammoth Tank mission. AND DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE ORCA MISSION! Anyway, here's the last GDI mission in all its glory (cut by about half an hour): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTq_o54dXjg
  9. Let's Play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Redux

    Feel free to use whatever footage you need. I can also provide with the original rendered videos, but those are probably a bit large. Ripping footage from Youtube is probably faster. Also, congrats to you for finishing the mod! Mostly, that is.
  10. Let's Play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Redux

    It took me longer than the final Nod mission, but that was probably because the Nod nuke can essentially dismantle one of the two GDI bases by itself. The initial segment was also more intense, but the reward was rampaging over the map with Mammoth Tanks, which is always fun. Overall, I think this is the better mission. However, it also the one that's easier to replicate, since the Generals AI hates rivers it can't cross, and the sequence with the Chinook can't really be replicated.
  11. Let's Play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Redux

    Alright. I'll take my first playthrough with the ending added for now, cut down to about an hour (from about 1.30 hours). It will probably be up by Tuesday.
  12. Let's Play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Redux

    Oh, I thought the Arms factory was enough for the chopper. Yes, the AI tried to engineer rush me hard. They send 8+ engineers at one point.
  13. emperor battle for dune

    Yeah, but that happens to be easily accessible... I mean that Generals is old but popular, whereas Emperor never had that popularity in my experience. There's not community to keep it alive, whereas Generals has a huge community considering how old it is. *shakes fist*
  14. Let's Play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Redux

    I just completed the mission in about 1:30 hours. I couldn't actually finish it, because I was unable to kill everything on the map. I thought I had overlooked a stealth unit, but I scanned the entire map with Orcas (with scanners) several times and couldn't find anything. Notes: 1. The beginning is though but manageable. It's definitely the hardest part of the mission. 2. I took over the Nod landing fields in the eastern base, which did allow me to build Stealth Fighters, despite not having a Temple. However, I could not built the Chopper Transport, despite having an Airfield. 3. I destroyed three fighters before I took over the landing field, but the fourth one stayed on my field, remained under Nod control and continued to attack me!
  15. Let's Play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Redux

    Oh, I didn't even think of the nuke! Anyway, let me know when the script has been updated.