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  1. Here are my setting for the latest version of OBS Studio (which I prefer over the basic OBS). This gives me a quality that's as good as it needs to be - Youtube always lowers the quality of uploaded videos (even when uploaded in 4K with a high bitrate), so going higher doesn't get me anything. I generally recommend to play in windowed or borderless windowed mode. However, I have 1440p screen, which makes that easier than your 900p screen. Also, nice touch with the orange colour.
  2. That'd be awesome! Like playing Snake with the shroud. Technicians aren't even a unit you can build, but I'd give them an honourable mention.
  3. In my experience, it's instant.
  4. I like Mechanics. It's nice it have them hang around landing pads or other buildings and heal units passively. I don't count the Technician, since it's a unit you cannot build (without modding the game). Against the AI, certain units have no effect, like the Radar Jammer or the Mobile Shroud Generator. Even against a human, the MSG makes it IMO easier to notice things on the radar. Limpet Drones are pretty infamous. They make okay scouts, though, as they can float over water. I'd never build them, though. The Wolverine is just terrible compared to the Buggy.
  5. I'll give it a go later today.
  6. The RA units and structures look so wrong, but I love it. Well done. :laugh:
  7. I'd make a WWII because there aren't enough WWII RTS games with proper base building. Apart from Axis & Allies (2004), War Front, and War Times, I can't think of any right now. All other WWII RTSs seem to be more tactical. USA, UK, USSR, Germany, and Japan are the obvious candidates for the main factions. Subfactions would be other nations (Poland, France, Canada, China, Finland) with individual skins and voice clips but not totally different tech. Each faction is a little different. The Soviets have cheap units and focus on mass production. German units are powerful but overspecialised. The UK has the best air force. The Americans have versatile multi-role units. Japan has the best infantry, but weaker tanks. A historical SP campaign that follows the war as it went as well as a ant-history campaign that allows you to do better or worse than your faction did historically e.g. the Allies can defend France successfully or Germany pulls off Operation Sea Lion. Probably regular matches and maybe a world conquest mode. Be at least as good as the Tiberium Wars AI, which does proper expansion and reacts to the units you build. FMVs would be newsreel-style cutscenes. SP as mentioned above. I would focus on the bigger picture and less on personal stories. I'd probably not go with orchestral music because every WWII does that. Supply stacks and supply lorries like in Generals and tech buildings like supply bunkers that can be captured and generate income over time. Units evolve over three tier like in Age of Empires, so the "ages" would be early/mid/late war. Probably terrain effects to make infantry more useful. Base creep like in C&C1, with expansion being comparably difficult. No worker units but direct building. Possibly tech outposts that can be captured but only allow the construction of lesser buildings e.g. barracks.
  8. Another screaming LPer? No, thanks. I appreciate the publicity, though.
  9. Thank you for your consideration, I suppose? :laugh:
  10. So sexism and racism is essential to build a good multiplayer community? And you are the one calling others "kid"?
  11. Try game or window recording instead of display recording, or run the game in windowed mode.
  12. RA2 and YR are notoriously difficult to record. I recommend either Bandicam desktop recording or playing the game in windowed mode and using OBS Studio.
  13. I wouldn't call not foreseeing on what machines people would play RA2 15 years later "bad coding".
  14. While we are already talking about the GDI Weapons Factory made of glass: Do we know whether that was intentional or an mistake on the developers' end?