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  1. steel....LarryCricket ofcourse too who doesnt play much now used to regularly watch him and lostsouls slog it out. Larry was a top player for how new he was too i guess dont think he had been playing all that long and dont think he came from ww or xwis even they was modders on xwis larrycricket and lostsouls played conflict a lot on xwis they started playing terrace just has xwis was going dead uklost is lostsouls and larrycricket is tomo play mods tomo is good and hasn't played as long as uklost tomo isn't on much as much as he used to be
  2. humble playing any mods my eyes makes me play ww bad but when I stay away from mods ma ww gets good go back when cncnet started my log getGood ask anyone on cncnet my terrace was ureal just was so fast not like from xwis ever since this pc is become shit and lag but new pc in the making everthing is new I aint even open parts my bro building I killed other one removeing hardrives with power still on I have no clue removed ram with power also hanze pc dead changed power unit my self weird tho coz all I did was change things in pc and updated what I have did is damage... pc it worked and loaded windows 10 fine fine with me but lagged with so many players on ts nm on a laptop the now no lag runs good cant wait for pc to be done obs time again and keyboard"laptops sucks a neeed a good keyboard laptops small with Fn keys God"#hate laptops
  3. WeaponX rob is above there level Tier 2: Rob, Mox, Lostsouls, Hitman,
  4. this a bug i didnt even go into a game vs this guy went back to https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/8-2019/ts/games/102243
  5. Ave also had my harvester stolen from running infs over -]
  6. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc-tSTHpDqqGrGSrMDLA7jw/videos?view_as=subscriber
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