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  1. Good Job Holland I Appreciate the effort u did
  2. the flamers is far i got someone always messes it up always one noob in our team Flamers are followed by flames like they r ejecting flames backwards instead of forward LOL
  3. |Noob|

    harv bombs

    it takes 1400 for a harv and also u eat others expan tib so the blue tib doesn't even counts
  4. |Noob|

    harv bombs

    So in other word for players like me who r eager to improve.. This should be applied. The only prob with harv bombs that i found was that even if u give a rally point from a warf.. those titans will come back to shoot it and its pretty hard to stop unless u make a spare warf... Moreover even if u say that harv bombs put u back. then ... Speak of what it does to other players when it takes 2000$ to make a warf/ref and 1400$ for a harvy... It also retards their eco BTW its a good yet rare technique
  5. Haha Congrats with the gift Mola... (In Advance Coz ur the one who'll win it)
  6. M8 its my request to the game admins
  7. There's several things I'd like to suggest while being in game 1. In-game chat ban 2. The specs should be given an option where they could somehow see what area a certain player or team has discovered
  8. |Noob|


    We got a steel clan in action comprising of steelc0re, steelc0ck, steeld00r Who are we gonna play against? lOl
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFQrRUQx3tA&list=PL9qts6_fr1Eio1ETNFxHrCR5YmCp27Tuh&index=9 the best vid eveer
  10. A new Nod sub glitch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuDn52BU3eg 2:03 the moment when u see that APC is underground but u can still see it needs to be fixed haha Mike only we both know what we are talking about that wasn't a multi eng game so out of 3 engies only 1 made it to the cy so what's the glitch in that?
  11. The time since i started playing TS.. i faced these several Bugs that needs to be fixed even after 20 yrs 1. The infs Bug So it happens rarely.. I just gather up my infs and one by one my infs were getting clicked by their own.. Didn't had shared Control with anyone either 2. The Capturing units (IDK WHAT TO CALL THIS ONE) This is the glitch i myself use but is annoying for opponents. Like i captured Mox's Harv bomb and a couple of titans using infs quiet annoying right? 3. The Nod APC BUG I had this one posted before as well.. The GDI just captured my apc using something i dont knw HOPE U'll fix this and other players may share their faced bugs as well
  12. @Holland ok so i downloaded the zip file Now where do i extract it and how to use it? I am too lazy to read all that if it is posted somewhere inside that whole bunch of text Quote selection perhaps?
  13. Holland u r awesome Those units are awesome But those aircrafts If u can show us how powerful they are on structures/units they dont pretty seem powerful on Ground TBH Anyways gj 👌👌
  14. Maybe But no he can't win against Mola (Aka WeaponX) And in Fact the top 3 players might even get a 100% win against him Energy depend never saw him play but according to Mola it depends on how Energy plays All of those players mentioned in that list By Mox They are all better than Black And if u speak of nothing else but giants (Which is a map that needs to be deleted) then yea u can put Black on top On all other maps other than giants i mean GSO etc these players can easily win against Black
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