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  1. Black Most improved: in the last 12 months: G ssgohan Wonder SirLaggerz EmoG Pence momodog I haven't even been playing for the last 12 months i guess and i've beaten every player on this list And players like ssgphan434 and wonder i thinK i have a 100% win against them ME and mike are equal on ww map and G is the only one above me in this list i guess u gotta put me on
  2. And how about the other player was not ready Bug?? Just after 5 secs i hear that sound just like i've found an opponent in the ladder And after 20 secs its says other player was not ready It happened to me about 15 times yesterday and today i am still having issues with it The other player wasn't ready
  3. There's been a bug in the ladder as i've been seeing the Match history of players. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/6-2019/ts/games/94466 As in the following link you guys can see that Hamed-Elite Is the winning players and his opponent didn't built any shit and still he won. And its kinda weird how is this possible. The same thing happened to me. Moreover this is not the only Bug in the ladder many players have faced many bugs in the ladder i hope they might post in this reply. But this is one of the bug
  4. there are different players in the ladder and you don't know who is playing against you.. (I know who is playing against me tho xD) So the question is what is the best strategy in the ladder Most of the players go 1 ref quick disr/ 1 ref quick cc when Nod Its hard to play in the ladder as u play Normally Going 5-7 refs They mostly go for the quick K.O The pro players don't have any problem they can handle anything anyhow But what is the best strategy to follow in the ladder?how many refs in the start and what build order is the perfect
  5. well.. that opponent must be some newb You can't do the same vs some real good players nthey just sell the building u r gonna capture
  6. Hey Mr. If u can read I clearly said that they won't even let me spec I would be in game and they won't even let me spec. What's the problem with specing a game "NONE" right Nowdays i can get a game to speec and play atleast
  7. I am not gonna say much .. But i was playing in the ladder vs GDI and the GDI kinda hijacked my sub apc... IDK how but the GDI did just like in this video 3:30 is the moment
  8. I don't know why u r saying this.. but i've been a newb It suck to be a newb in TS.. I remember Being kicked out of game for no reason... I wouldn't even be able to spec 2v2 or something... They'd proceed with 5 players instead but not have me in... I remember before joining a pro game i had to message the host "If i join willl you kick me?" Host: "No" and when i joined he wouldn't kick me he'd just ban The tiberian sun pro players aren't that freindly except a few... So the only the way to get in there is to master those map..... Or first play giants.... *****IT SUCKS BEING A NEWB IN TS*******
  9. well.. recently u have added so much maps to the ladder such that its hard to check every map and reject it or choose sides for it.. That's a good thing u added more maps... The problem is why are there firestorm maps.. No one in TS plays firestorm maps nor they play fire storm game on.. It'd be better if u either remove these firestorm maps.. or if u r not gonna remove those maps, atleast askwhether we want to play firestorm game or not.. I guess removing forestorm maps will be better
  10. 1366 x 768 are my screen resolutions
  11. Screen resolution: Wide screen HD Screen type: LCD CPU: Intel Core 5Y10C and idk what's the meaing of GPU
  12. Well.. recently i have been playing tiberian sun in 1v1, and sometimes 2v2. But the problem is whenever i try to play 3v3 or 4v4 in maps like forest fires etc. i lag This seems to be disturbing. I can't even spec such game. When players increase from 6 i start to lag If there is any solution to this problem please let me know. Thanks. And my nick nowadays in game is Someone_
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