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  1. Idk is blaming a mouse even an excuse?
  2. |Noob|

    Spec Chat?

    I just wanna say that is it possible to separate spec chat from players chat somehow? there i was playing with Rami a 2v2 and then the specs for some reason weren't using the spec chat button but instead had to use F8. when i glimpsed at the chat in the start, mammy was talking about his Real life stuff which was supposed to be ignored and then couldn't read a single warn from my ally. But at the end of the game when i read the chat trz said: Ironically the shortest guy i met was African American and was 3'9 and the tallest guy i met was Asian 7'1 And the players who play currently knows how maaaaaaaaaaaaammy's keyboaaaaaaaaaaaaardaaaa works. And i get TrZ is being chat banned so he has to take it all out while being in game but still shuda used spec chat I mean like cmon man. So if u can just turn the F8 button into To Specs: for spectators or show the spec chat at the bl cornor of the screen or somethin
  3. I'd like to request humble or whoever can fix this issue to please resolve it. As the title suggests i dont have to explain it further 1. Harvys: The harvy's are no doubt the dumbest things i ever seen in TS. If u want them to squash some infs with a harvy, they literally will go around the world in 80 days and then come back around just to squash some infs. When u want to squash some infs with a titan or something, its totally fine they'll do it in no time. 2. Carys: The cary's are the second dumbest units I've seen in TS. if u want to save ur diss or something, they will either sit behind it u click it to attack something else or they'd circle around that units once.. and again and then when it has to pick up that unit it most likely is already dead. Would be great if u can fix it tho Your's Sincerely |Noob|
  4. 2 Simple rules 1. Make your base 2. Destroy enemies base Dunno what's so hard about it? This doesn't deserves a 3 page forum
  5. Did it and it still didnt worked
  6. |Noob|


    OK Tigerr is the current best GDI and Mola AKA WpX is the current best Nod No wonder GDI and Nod had their issues in the past. There's Nothing to worry about
  7. IDK haven't read all the 6 pages of this forum, someone might even have mentioned it but I'd say the medics Haven't seen any1 use them TBH
  8. I just want to say that i am tired of being "THE LAGGER" for some reasons the game just starts to lag. Had played like 3 GSO games, it was fine. Then all of a sudden in next game we playing like at 20 fps.... no Nothing happened Nothing changed and it just begin to lag So if anyone knows what the problem might be please tell well.... Net is just fine atleast to play TS https://www.speedtest.net/result/10121881599 PC is fine atleast to play TS I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness Yours' Sincerely |Noob|
  9. no he didn't banned u coz u had a big mouth. He banned u coz u left for no reason at all in the next game and then rejoined Remember?
  10. cant we do this for the current month of september?☺️
  11. I did it after 6 months of gameplay. Yea u r better than me
  12. YO BK better watch who u talkin about. NME and Mola, they the best. I improved so much back in those days that i was able to beat Shar in matter of months. And that was all NME's doing. Mola might be a bit toxic if ur laggy but he had helped me ALOT. He and NME are my mentors, u better not say anything about them
  13. Problem fixed after a few games it automatically appeared in windowed mode strange
  14. Display = windowed yet it's full screen any idea how to fix?
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