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  1. Problem fixed after a few games it automatically appeared in windowed mode strange
  2. Display = windowed yet it's full screen any idea how to fix?
  3. If i play the most games and don't even get A single win, Then is it OK?
  4. well i guess only c0rps or trz play ladders these days i guess except u
  5. lol i just brought this forum from like 4th page and now it's given the status of hot LMAO
  6. i had tried this and this actually worked For me atleast dunno about u
  7. the map super brigh head bridge is auto allied so sometimes both are allies
  8. U can use the select previous unit button to re select it. And then click it back GL HF
  9. |Noob|

    Tier Ranks

    no shit mike Cambria AKA Netteine is much underrated he is the current best player and u give him off. 7? i used to be on that list probably blue?? gohan?? I do appreciate the work u did keep it up GL
  10. To all those who say vet ain't good enough or it sux U go make something better than that Vet is awesome
  11. Yea make ur games short And don't make too many units
  12. https://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/163167-top-30-tiberian-sun-players-of-all-time/
  13. I don't see avan or Toprush
  14. Good Job Holland I Appreciate the effort u did
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