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  1. I've noticed that some of the maps are MAP files and others are STR files. There is also a WAK file. Interestingly they seem to be from the same uploader. I take it all of the map files should be STR, but not sure why even those ones are not showing up in the Unofficial Maps section. The files are all in the right folder.
  2. Apologies, I meant to say the ZH Generals Zero Hour Data folder (located in My Documents). They're in there but still not showing. I'll download some different maps from another source and see if that makes any difference. In the meantime, back to the drawing board.
  3. I found the Documents > ZH > Data < Maps folder and placed the new maps in there, but still no sign of them in the ZH maps (or Unofficial Maps) section. Are there any other steps required before they appear or is it simply a matter of them being in the folder? If so, something is amiss.
  4. ......Does anyone have any idea how to make new maps work in Zero Hour?
  5. Hi guys, The good news is that all other issues I've had with RA1 and C&C ZH have been resolved, except one: how to make new ZH maps work. I've downloaded a bunch of new Zero Hour maps and extracted them into the ZH > Data > Maps folder. Apparently, the new maps are supposed to show up in the Unofficial Maps tab once you're selecting what map you want to play your opponent(s) against. Except, this tab is blank when I click on it and the maps are nowhere to be seen. What am I missing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  6. I downloaded C&C Generals and Zero Hour from Origin recently (CD installed version stopped working). Is it in any way possible to play this game offline? I figured that since I downloaded the entire game, it is installed on my computer, so whether I am online or offline shouldn't be an issue, yet whenever I try to run it, the Origin login screen appears rather than the game launcher. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  7. Hey guys, I'm wanting to zoom the camera out a bit on RA2. I've done this in C&C Zero Hour (via the "maxcameraheight" option in one of the ini files) with success, which is great. But is there such an option anywhere in the RA2 ini files to do this so the units and structures can appear smaller? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I removed 'ForbiddenHouses' and added 'NAYARD' to the prerequisites of the Allied GAYARD, but still no luck. Only the Soviet ships are showing when the NAYARD is built. Any other suggestions? (I'm sure it's a simple solution I'm overlooking as I'm sure there was a way to do this).
  9. H guys, Using the Rules.ini for Red Alert 2 and trying to find a way to allow the Russians to access the Allied Destroyer, Aegis Cruiser and also the Air Force Command (Airfield). Tried adding the Russians to 'Owner' as well as adding Russians in 'ForbiddenHouses' and using the 'DoubleOwned' option. What am I missing here? I'm sure there is a way to allow the Russians to use these units, but it's been so long since I've modded for this game. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Like a bolt out of the blue the maps no longer have this issue and are working fine. I didn't make any changes since my last post on here so it seems like pure luck. Thank you for your help and looking into it though. Are they still not working on your end?
  11. Just FYI, none of the maps I've created are working - only the stock standard RA1 ones already in the game. So it's not unique to this particular map. There's something more to this.
  12. Here you go. Any help would be appreciated. CASPIAN0.MPR
  13. Great question. I'd be interested in learning this also. Any advice guys?
  14. A crash log was sent after it crashed. Here is the map (created through the usual RA Editor application).
  15. Hi guys, So I've reinstalled CnCNet RA1 online from scratch and have created a new map, but it's not loading. Instead, I get the following error.
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