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  1. Yep, I still play here and there, join us whenever you get the chance! "KrazySenpai" is "KrazyMarc" if you remember him, he was part of the games we played years ago.
  2. I've never had a problem with Allies in late game in Death Valley Girl, just to put it simply, mass Siege Choppers are incredibly good in that map. There's very little Allies can do against THAT many Siege Choppers camped up on the only two entrances with air fodder. Yes, it can get incredibly campy, too campy in fact however, Soviet's can Siege Walk towards the Allies, as they have no unit capable of reaching deployed Siege Choppers without losing Battle Fortresses or Prism Tanks.
  3. I agree with this, Soviet's have a tremendous advantage in the early game, I think if Allies make it to late game, they should be rewarded for reaching that point in the game, after being harassed and bullied by the best basic tank in the game (Rhinos).
  4. Typical, resort to ad hominem attacks, instead of engaging in a meaningful debate, not entirely unexpected from you. Not to mention, camping is part of warfare.
  5. Random supers didn't seem to be an issue in XWIS Yuri's when it was Soviets vs Allies, Soviets still made it to the top of the ladder almost every month. The battle between Allies and Soviets is not entirely one sided, since (fortunately) Soviet's have Siege Choppers for late game against Allies. They can make for some decent defense, excellent harassing capabilities, or as air fodder against Battle Fortresses when chasing them with groups of Rhino Tanks. Heck, even a map like Hidden Valley, with many people considering it to be an Allied map with Supers off, Soviets have a good chance of defeating Allies if Siege Choppers are used. The issue I see here is, most Soviet players reliance on Rhino Tanks and ONLY Rhino Tanks as an army, all the while expecting it to work every game, whereas the idea for an RTS game is to utilize your arsenal to its full potential. Super's aren't always necessary, as it undermines a lot of strategies and units while rewarding "faceroll" style game play over meaningful strategical interactions between players. I will concede however, that Supers are needed against Yuri. I find the constant rush to Supers (map dependent of course) to be rather stale and boring, there needs to be more variety in game play. I say random supers should be on, except against Yuri. Honestly, what Soviet player will waste 1 Iron Curtain activation against 1 Battle Fortress? The Soviet player is playing it wrong, if this happens to be the case. 9 Rhinos is more than enough to kill 1 or 2 Battle Fortresses (without the Iron Curtain), heck you can even add a 3rd Fortress if you have a few Siege Choppers as air fodder.
  6. This isn't for me, this is for the game. Also, you need to cease with your ad hominem attacks, we're simply having a discussion with regards to these units, keep it civil. Apocalypse Tanks may be decent against Mirage Tanks however, add Battle Fortresses into the mix and those Apocs are as good as dead. Why is it that when Allies and Yuri go to the Battle Lab, all of their Battle Lab level units are used? In pretty much every game for Soviets, it will always be Rhino Tanks, while Apocalypse Tanks are relegated to mostly Soviet on Soviet battles. At this point, it is clear that Apocalypse Tanks are lacking, I'm fairly certain that Apocalypse Tanks were intended by the developer to be used every game, otherwise why add a unit with a very limited application? Apocalypse Tanks are meant to be used, its like you said this is "the ultimate Soviet Tank" however, there's nothing "ultimate" about these units if most people never build them. They just don't offer enough benefits to warrant building an army of these tanks. Rhino Tanks, in most scenarios will always be the better tank. Once again, CTRL+SHIFT is not the same as "shoot move", it is much simpler to control your armies if they auto fire, as there is no need for an additional command to get them to fire. This is again, the reason Rhinos are superior. By having one less command to initiate, the player is free to micromanage their armies during a battle. For example, whenever I send my Rhino Tanks to battle an opposing army, the first Rhino in the line of fire is immediately directed towards the back of the line, I repeat this step of rotating my units, in order to minimize my losses, attempting this with units while using CTRL+SHIFT is difficult, even more so if you are chasing an army.
  7. There's barely been any player that uses Apocs aside from myself. Soviet players will not be making Apocs, especially Soviets vs Allies in tier 3 late game. By making Apocs, the Soviet player is deliberately handicapping themselves against late game Allies. For the price of one Apoc, you can make two Rhinos that can catch Battle Fortresses and overrun an Allied army along with Desolators. Apocalypse Tanks are DEFINITELY better than Rhinos in terms of utility, power and health however, because of their inability to "shoot move" for such an expensive unit, it isn't worth building these tanks in Yuri's Revenge. They are too easily harassed and require too much micromanagement to make them of any use. This weakness is not on the Battle Fortress or Mastermind.
  8. These units are in dire need of an upgrade, they are almost never used, even with "CTRL + SHIFT". Apocalypse Tanks and especially Tesla Tanks have a very, very limited application in Yuri's Revenge, their usability is hindered by the fact that they are unable to shoot units while running away, nor chase units effectively, CTRL + SHIFT does not grant the same benefits as "Shoot Move". Under CTRL + SHIFT, the tanks have to shoot, then stop, then move. "Shoot Move" is the reason Rhino Tanks outclass the more expensive and higher tier Tesla Tanks and Apocalypse Tanks. Rhino Tanks have the ability to attack units that are chasing them or vice versa, this gives Rhino Tanks a tremendous advantage over those units. If Apocalypse Tanks and Tesla Tanks HAD this ability, this would help them greatly in their mobility, while also granting them the ability to kite if on the retreat. Apocalypse Tanks are the tier 3 equivalent of Battle Fortresses and Masterminds. They are supposed to be improved version's of Rhino Tanks, this is reflected on their status as a Battle Lab unit, with a cost almost double that of Rhino Tanks. They NEED to be better than Rhino Tanks, and should be a unit that Soviet players can see as a unit, worthy of inclusion into their armies. In the MX maps, the Apocalypse Tanks were granted the ability to "Shoot Move", this made them much more usable. Soviet players in Supers or Non-Supers games would make these tanks because their limitation was removed. They are much, MUCH better because of "Shoot Move".
  9. To simplify this thread, would people agree with these minor changes to these underused tanks and units: Apocalypse Tank: Shoot on the move (Like Rhinos) Tesla Tank: Shoot on the move (Like Rhinos) Tank Destroyer: Range increase (Same range as Rhinos) Tesla Trooper: Range increase (Forget Yuri for now, these are changes so simple, I think most people would agree with these.)
  10. Hey @XXxPrePxX, I am glad you remember the epic EvB games we had on XWIS from my clan (Dustco) years ago. I figured I would chime in, I have had that same exact issue happen on multiple occasions on EvB, being a map that my clan / group has definitely enjoyed over the years. I am aware of this "code of honor" for that map. One way to deal with players who attempt to move far into the opposing team's Oil Derrick, which they then expect help from an ally to build Sentries / Pills, is to turn off "Build Off Ally", the player that attempts to move too far into enemy territory, is more than likely to lose (they lose precious build time), this almost always works for me and prevents these "player(s)" from attempting these shenanigans a second time. This works if you are obviously hosting the game however, I have had many instances of persuading the host of another game to turn off "Build of Ally", by calling them out and challenging them.
  11. Conspiracy: GI's back flip and have happy sounding death screams when they die. Is this a ploy to get people to join the army?
  12. Return back to the topic and take this nonsense elsewhere, where are the moderators?
  13. First off, the pricing is wrong: Apocalypse Tank = 1750 x 5 = 8750 Grizzly Tank = 700 x 15 = 10500 I left the pricing for the Apocalypse Tanks as normal, due to the fact that the Allies have an Ore Purifier, which gives 25% extra income from ANY source (Miners, Oils and Crates). While the Soviet Industrial Plant reduces the price of tanks by 25%. Also, you are talking about a Tier 1 unit (Grizzly Tank) vs a Tier 3 unit (Apocalypse Tank), even in normal Yuri's Revenge, Apocalypse Tanks (using Ctrl + Shift of course) WILL more than likely win vs Grizzly Tanks, especially in a head on battle (good tank control can give the edge to the Grizzly Tank player). Oh and by the way, I believe the Grizzly Tanks in the MX version have a better chance of winning, due to the fact they have a boost in range (from 5 to 6) and build much faster. The point you are tying to make about a head on battle, between Apocalypse Tanks and Grizzly Tanks, with the Apocalypse Tanks winning (therefore they are overpowered) is questionable.
  14. I still do not understand how people cannot see that Apocalypse Tanks, still have the same weaknesses (they are far from being overpowered). Guardian GI Battle Fortresses, mass Mirage Tanks, Masterminds, Terror Drones, Chaos Drones just to name a few, are extremely effective against Apocalypse Tanks. Also, Apocalypse Tanks have a weakness to fodderized air units / projectiles, just like Guardian GI Battle Fortresses have the same weakness, if you have a group of Grizzly Tanks, by making just a few Rocketeers, the Apocalypse Tanks will re-direct their fire to the Rocketeers OR Siege Choppers (if you are using Rhino Tanks), those Apocalypse Tanks are as good as dead. The reason the MX mod has Apocalypse Tanks (shoot on the move and slow startup removed) was because they were too underwhelming for a Tier 3 unit, while other Tier 3 units like the Masterminds and Battle Fortresses have no such limitations. In normal Yuri's Revenge, you may as well use Tier 1 Rhino Tanks which also, do not have these limitations. These are the main reasons as to why people avoided building Apocalypse Tanks. As MustacheX pointed out, the purpose of the MX mod is to make unviable units more viable. If certain units truly become a problem or are lacking, MustacheX will address those concerns accordingly, this has happened time and time again, especially with regards to Tesla Tank tuning over the past two years.
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