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  1. Don't worry, I will demonstrate when we play =-]
  2. Haha yes Kireeek! Good to see you, you still play here and there? That’s awesome news
  3. Why?? Too much pwnage?? Who are you! We played?
  4. To beat Yuri as Sov Counter early rush (mags, gats, infantry, lashers) with deso Counter masterminds with drones + Flak rush with at least 5/6 flags to overload it Counter discs with mass flak Makes IC and nuclear missile. Use IC on combination of 2 drones, 6 tanks and 1 or 2 flaks with deso. Rush base. Use drones to target masterminds, use tanks to attack power and then lab to deactivate force-shield. Deploy desos in base to clear all infantry and gats and mags. Keep using tanks to kill all vital structures until they die of deso radiation. Easy win. To beat Yuri as allied. Tech fast. Mass mirage, bfs and prism tank. Make ggi ifvs instead of grizzly early, I recommend, because you can use those later on flying discs. I recommend going heavy on prism tanks more then anything because mags are the biggest problem with yuri. Without prisms countering mags yuri can easily pick off mirage and bfs and mind control them. Prism can own mags and Masterminds. Once I'm back on I will demonstrate this. But in the meantime this is the strategy for the info of all new players . xD
  5. Nice super glad to be back. Hey recently I heard that Brett passed away, is that true? I'm really sorry to hear that if that's the case. What happened? Had so many GG's with Brett and he had my back in some great clan games, I was really sad to hear the news if that's true
  6. What's up guys! I'm coming back to red alert 2, I just wanted to make this post to say hey to the community and ask which of the OG's and original players are still around? I remember so many gg's and great times with people I used to share games with. I'm really glad to see cnc.net has kept the game alive.
  7. Prep! What's up my friend, long time. Onion97 here. Just joined this forum and wanted to say I'm really glad to see you're alive and well and still playing !! Cheers

    1. XXxPrePxX


      Indeed, long time!
      Awesome to see you on board -- I don't really play ra2/yuris much anymore.. I think I average about 2 games a month for the past year, but I help out around here with the ladder and balancing of the game. Hope your enjoying CNCNet!

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