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  1. I did that hahaha but the AI will never attack because of the missing waypoint (i tried to edit them, but i cant change them from GDI to NOD )
  2. Well i was messing around with the ccwmap editor, and i changed the teams like: in NOD missions, now you play as GDI and in GDI missions you will play as NOD. But how do i create waypoints to make the other team send forces to attack? (the other team is the old player and now the CPU)
  3. Hey there, i put the Tiberian Sun Remastered MOD and the GDI power plants doesn´t have the lights going down to up, how can i fix this detail? To be as the normal TS? Thank you
  4. Hi there i have a quick question, its possible to use the laser turret from one mod and add on another mod? im trying to merge some modding buildings to another mod, the 2.05 mod laser turret to the enchanced mod for example.
  5. Hi there, i have maybe a simples question, its possible to use the "art" from the Return of the dawn in the normal campaing ( old concret wall, refinery, gun turret and more)? Make some replacements in the files to make possible, and when the "art" don´t replace some buildings and units, use the regular art? Anyway can help if is possible? http://www.moddb.com/mods/return-of-the-dawn
  6. Hey there, well i was modding one mission from GDI and i notice something In the mission 10 - destroy the factory facility on the FINAL SUN shows in the HOUSE tab that your tech level is 10 BUT you can´t build beyond the tech 6 mostly, like Titans only. Dont give to you the high tech center to open the other units and buildings. Now im trying to edit not only the map but that issue, please someone knows what could be done to fix that?
  7. Never mind....the timer dissapear but was still counting down U_U
  8. i did´t XD after some time looking arung i guess i made it, the timer in the mission dissapear and i guess when the 1:30h ends the mission will still continue. Thanks alot to everyone!!!
  9. LOL im already playing on the hard mode XD If is more easy just remove the time its better *_* Holland sorry to ask but you have skype or something to teache how to do that? And you dont need to work on this
  10. WOW thanks Holland, so here we go, the mission is BLACKOUT, CAPTURE UMAGON and the FINAL MISSION A NEW BEGINNING. If possible i want the timer becames almost infinite or like from 01:30:00 to 99:99:00 (or the max time possible)
  11. Ty guys XD im trying to look around in the final sun and i can only see the firestorm maps, for some reason. Anywhere i can see a tutorial or something?
  12. Hi there i have a silly question, its possible using the cheat engine to change the TIMER on some missions? Like this: X mission you have 2 hours to complete, and use the Cheat Engine to make 2 hours become 10 hours for example. Im asking this because im play TS and FS for sun and make awesome big bases, and in some mission i cant do that because of the freaking TIMER XD Someone?
  13. Allen262 Thank you so much, it worked \o/ Its possible to make the same config to build anywhere in Tiberian Dawn? I promisse its the last question abou that :roll:
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