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  1. dutchy is right, there is some kind of bug with no-power-but-still-building. but i don't know its mechanics. however, katsh can do it also, and i remember there was some weeks ago a video at youtube posted by butcher i think, if remembering right. so if u wanna a vid-proof of it, maybe take some inspections at his channel there. claus.
  2. the first thing on how to use cncnet (basic commands, join game, add friends block etc) ... ra1guides would love to add such a video the second: how to play. cncnet has made several very basic vids on it with a strange voice hoho like: how to build up or how to tank, how to Q ofc, we (ra1guides) would support such a video also overall, to get into the game some time, practice and maybe also some reading is needed - step by step. because in general an easy game to play, in concrete can get detail-rich xDD however, the basic commands and join a game etc thing is needed from my perspective. help anytime, just ask me p.s. in our contents-list there are some basal spots still open to write an article on them, e.g.: Settings a) video, b) screen, c) in-game-lobby all those options 1-by-1 = u can contribute there as well, if u wish to
  3. ofc keyboard-express is not allowed, also the hint to how make 1-key-all-shifting is clearly considered cheating. however. before redoing-overworking the old site, maybe better idea is to contribute to, where others like ford, boy, cro, maty, many more, thunder and me are publishing the recent stuff. JCL, your (copied from 199x-other website) production-time-numbers-list is there already included. i would <3 instead to see your old site conserved for historical purpose
  4. congrats to FAUST^ he first showed me: and some hours later MATY, who posted here also i guess )
  5. yoyo funky. todays new update seems to change something relating to MAC and general connectivity. found 2 mac-playing guys in lobby, one named KONG, with same issue. Most the games just don't CONN, or no connections to others are found? i ve no clue, what ya changed, but maybe A change was more bad. Wasn't that last weekend, only since new update. please help thanks in regards
  6. yoyo. being ingamelobby and then randomly this error comes: saying: game data has been changed. it forces a total reload of cncnet then. happened several times today. and ofc i am using the current version of the game. unsure, if a mac-related error it is. happy for any help:)
  7. which update-version of the game u have installed? which os.x version do u use? can u please screenshot your general game settings also, please. without more info, cannot help.
  8. they are the same like on windows. just go to normal settings in-lobby and change them, personalize them. although, with the button ALT...i see the only diff so far. it never worked the way it should: like forcedmoced etc. so.....if u go under settings there. where the alt key is always selected = apple-button on mac, then u can Reselect it to another key, if it doesn't work. besides that, even TAB key can be removed, if disliked. i never saw any difference on mac-keyboard so far. and i am using probably all the available hotkeys.
  9. i had this mouse-cursor-vanishing very often, like out of 1/30game. then u funky made with me the tests and since then: NEVER occurred any more. so i would suggest whoever with mac has this issue, to do a new download with the fixes we worked on FIRST. then see.....
  10. i had this mouse-cursor-vanishing very often, like out of 1/30game. then u funky made with me the tests and since then: NEVER occurred any more. so i would suggest whoever with mac has this issue, to do a new download with the fixes we worked on FIRST. then see.....
  11. yo. if u start a new game, inside, the settings u can easily find the aftermath-enable-option yes, so far i know, ford made a balanced europe-map-version, which is played often and should be easy to find as well. and every starting is rocky; learn-losing is the path to become better ^^
  12. point it out even clearer: some days ago, a pseudo nicknamed crush was inlobby-chat. i asked the same admin/mod dutchie asked, for please doing something....because that pseudo-nicknamed-crush....was so bad behaving. i didn't get ANY answer, although mod was online (by like: 5sec before an action or writing) and NOTHING happened. so. again. i wanna ASK: what is the issue here? i get both: a bit of trolling is part of the game. but there are red-lines to not-cross. and if crossed, somebody needs do something. where are those folks, who do something then? (members of dutchies team told me, he wants to skip RA furthermore, because of all this..................... he wasn't been seen for 5days now, before that, he was a great upcoming talent with lotsa improving very fast)
  13. .... i was asked for help by dutchie. after he tried for 2 days to get ANY admin for help and POSTED it here. then again he messanged all available admins in-lobby, except one, none answered him. the one who answered said: he was no admin, which was a lie. i don't name names here. no need to. i have NO CLUE why nobody answered him or helped him. netherlands is small country. and this insults are just way-way-way-beyond tolerable. imagine: with IP it s ezz to find out the street or neighborhood u live + combine with such a level of harassment? wow. WOW. i first decided to not take sides. i thought, others would do their job as admins/mods..... but NOT?! day after day nothing happens. untrue. i don't know, what funky has in mind here? if he knows, what is sometimes going on? or if he stopped caring after #crush_issue. but..... we all as an active community need some problem-solvers here. either better mods. or more mods. or something. but honestly. to let someone newcoming like dutchie stand alone with such bad shit against him.... i really don't get it.
  14. a) mouse light-speed: it seems, that your mouse sensitivity is much too high, so is then your scroll-speed. try this: 1. to change in RA1-settings mouse sensitivity to the 3rd mark from the left-side regarded. AND/OR 2. maybe the option "adjust scroll speed to sensitivity" on-off can help also. AND/OR 3. check your general windows-mouse-settings, could be much too speedy as well. AND/OR 4. "mouse-fix" on-off, if u experienced mouse-issues but therefore.... often your resolution can affect that also. so which res do u use?
  15. is a pic of a client-ERROR, a new one.... never had it before. after it cncnet crashed. thanks god u know german lolol.