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  1. Ive been having a weird issue since installing C&C. Eventually when im playing the game, Ill see a cutscene, and the audio will play, but the video will not move. On top of this, whenever I go into the menu, the mouse cursor wont be shown moving. I can still select stuff, but its always shown as a still screen. When i leave the menu, the game cursor will show up just fine so I can manuver it to something like "Abort Mission" and be able to quit to the main menu. However, the cursor wont move in the menu either. Has anyone else ever had this issue? If so, is there any way to fix it? I believe that Red Alert has this problem too. Edit: I just realized that I posted this issue years ago. So, disregard this one all together. It can be closed so i dont add a mirror post.
  2. For some reason, my PC did not like using Windows 95 compatibility. So it chose Windows XP instead. Its been working...for now. I'll repost if anything else comes up. Still have yet to test it with Red Alert.
  3. Has anyone had an issue where they'll open the menu and the cursor wont move? Its happened to me in both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert. I'll open up the menu and the cursor wont move. I can still click stuff, but it makes it nearly impossible to figure out where its at.
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