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  1. Also get the error when using the default renderer?
  2. HyperThreading doesn't split single-core performance in half like that. Otherwise there'd be no benefit to HT, and Core i5s (that don't have HT) would be twice as fast in single-threaded tasks than HT-enabled Core i7s, while they're actually evenly matched with the same clock speed. And even if HT caused a performance drop, it wouldn't result in a crash. TS-DDRAW is a likely cause for the crash. I get better performance and loading times when HT off (i7-4770)... Never said anything about a crash. Just team up with the cpu on a survival map, put the speed to fastest and see it by yourself. you will soon lag like crazy anyway. Also, this game doesn't need a graphics card anymore.. runs fine on just the igpu :laugh: Anyway, my RA2 performance is the same or a bit less than it was more than 12 years ago with my pentium 4 :laugh: Last year when i installed this game again i was like, wow the loading times are worse. Then i put HT off and it improved a bit. But you and SiRaLeX may know better...
  3. In my Motherboard settings? Why? Your cpu has 6 cores, but this game uses only 1 core. And if you have enabled hyperthreading it will use only 1 thread out of 12(50% of a single core).
  4. They patched the problem already, If you are still crashing, downloaded the installer from the website and reinstalled it manually again, this will fix the problem
  5. Same problem.. Crashes after hit cncnet or skirmish
  6. I still remember buying Red Alert 2 in the summer of 2001 for 100 gulden(dutch old currency, now its euro) when i was 12 years old. Played it alot online, was very cool. Until the cheaters arrived and the lobby got spammed all the time
  7. Hi, im playing this on my netbook with a resolution of 1024x600.. everything is working very well except for the main lobby. It doesn't really fit in my screen. If i join a game in the lobby then everything fits nicely. Is it possible to fix this in the coming updates?
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