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  1. Hey, for 4 weeks already, and latest update, I only see 20 people top, in chat room, while there are 1900 YR online. why? how come? I cannot add people because of this, I don't see their names in the list.... thx
  2. and side question. I deleted completely CNCNET using "programs and features" do you think it's possible to restore somehow my 4,000 maps? I lost them all. Forgot to copy them...
  3. Great, thanks, I found the file in Avast Chest. Named: IDP.ALEXA.52 Is it your file? And is it safe?
  4. Hey I didn't get exact file name but avast found virus after update the version. and also since then cannot use cncnet, I reinstall but error message always -
  5. samsimon

    kaboom error

    WHAT about this one now?? game mode was disabled!
  6. samsimon

    kaboom error

    Thanks! I will try this! I think it will help!
  7. samsimon

    kaboom error

    avast sees it as gaming spy I guess! Maybe there is malware you have? Or someone trying to crack cncnet and get into my pc?
  8. samsimon

    kaboom error

    AGAIN keep getting this error
  9. samsimon

    kaboom error

    OK I reinstalled all RA2 and now it works! But once in a while it crashes, there is issues with Cncnet and updates......
  10. samsimon


    now little contradiction
  11. samsimon


    Again, with new update, I have to disable Avast....
  12. samsimon


    Avast found. Is it something to be concerned?
  13. samsimon


    works now, what was the issue? my end? thanks!
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