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  1. xe3


    Would be awesome, even if it's some basic support.
  2. v3's do suck. even the 3rd level "nuke" is hilariously bad.
  3. allied are the best, not op. westwood was an american company and einstein was the main scientist. learn the difference, communist.
  4. lol choppers....useless unit. unless it's ww5 where anything soviet is overbuffed just so they would have a chance against allies. ww5 has been created by a communist.
  5. you have to be extremely bad at this game if you lose 50 mirages to 1 deso 1 mirage = 2 desos you communist but thanks for admitting that allies are the best
  6. yes i also love spies a horde of lvl1 prisms or mirages or battlefortress going straight to lvl3 by doing absolutely nothing....allies are the best! ! ! lvl3 prims or mirages or battlefortress >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> any commie unit, regardless of level (mostly lvl 0 outplayed) as soon as spy enters wf, barracks, lab or ref communist can just get the fuck out and go play rhino battles with bots! it's a good thing that communists have nothing but rhinos and desos. 1 prism tank can own entire commie base, even if he has has spent $3000000 on defenses. communist doesnt have this luxury. 50 prisms > 75 rhinos. 50 prisms > 100 desos. 100 guardian gi's > 50 rhinos. 1 battlefortress with 5 snipers > 10000 desos 1 robo tank > 1000 desos 100 prisms > 100 apocs 80 prisms + 20 rocketteers > 110 apocs etc etc etc
  7. i like how allies have answers for everything. desos? robo tanks are 100% immune against radiation, battlefortress + sniper/seals, harriers, rocketeers.....the rest of special units are so useless german tank destroyer is better. communists don't have this luxury. i love allies on top v bottom!!! as soon as mirage or prism rides out from the wf, it's gg to any communist worshiper. i also like how spy basically give prism tanks rhino armor because fuck you i deserve to win.
  8. hahah a 17 year old game with the developer six feet under can bring the most outta you people. laters!
  10. yea it does. pretty sure i kicked your ass before too. i'm the ww5/redzones/aidschallenge champion!
  11. also spy is great for only $1000 or so you can get free tech, free exp or free 20k. not too shabby. technically speaking 1 seal or tanya can also sink 100 dreadnoughts. name one commie unit that has such value. damn, allied has everything covered!
  12. ye this is exactly what i play now. fuck soviets, allies all the way ! ! ! i also like to trashtalk and say that i win because of skill only and not bad design maps + bad design nation (allied) see that rhino army the commie has built? no problem all i have to do is buy 1 seal $1000 and insta-blow up the only bridge. commie doesn't have this luxury. outplayed nerd i love ww5!!!!! commie would also die against skill tanks like mirage and prism that don't even need control to win against 99% of players. red zones is just the mastery of tank control.
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