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  1. McPwny

    rules ini + multiplayer

    alternatively you can use the ini editor built into FA2 to insert a custom ini file instead of using text editor on your map files. whatever. only rules.ini entries can be used but there is a trick to making use of the unused voxels in local.MIX. anyways you can make a large map preview by getting "cncmapsrenderer" a link to which is in a thread stickied to this forum.
  2. McPwny

    Mosh Pit (2-4)

    the trees are fine but i think it would benefit from some more lighting detailing, also i remember seeing a LAT tile error on one of the cliff ramps, though all in all its quite nice.
  3. McPwny

    Mosh Pit (2-4)

    why do the lat tiles look weird in fa2?
  4. McPwny

    Into the Ravine (2-6)

    just stop frequency.
  5. they are identical by default, as you can see from the rules entries he pulled. they are only remnants from TS, and have three identical entries probably so they could be changed into 3 different "tiberium spawners" via map ini editing.
  6. McPwny

    CloseCombat Map

    its a thing called "CNCMapsRenderer". actually, theres a link to where you can get it on the "ginormous collection of maps" post thats stickied to this forum.
  7. McPwny

    CloseCombat Map

    people around here are stupid when it comes to playing anything thats not made for multiplayer. it also helps when you include a picture of the map.
  8. McPwny

    Big City Life (4-8) - Active Urban Map

    i didnt lag at all when i played it. needs AITriggers ♥
  9. McPwny

    Big City Life (4-8) - Active Urban Map

    i played it and couldn't replicate an IE, but an excavator was mining the right ore patch instead of the middle one though. very beautiful map.
  10. McPwny

    Final alert2 max map size?

    max map size is width + height = more than 256 is max, im not sure what happens if you exeed that but i know that among other things tunnels break, though they arent used in ra2. are these the LAT tiles your looking for dude? you will find them under that terrain/ground section at the bottom.
  11. McPwny

    How to make a map with no air units?

    man all these people in cncnet just wanna measure genitals and 1 up all the time. yes, maps DO take work, yeah they DO take time. you have shaved seconds off of probably the easiest aspect of making a modded map incredible my god you are so good what do you even use FA2 for? give this man a medal. but your original point was that it is an easier way, and now your point is its a more complex and sophisticated way. what do you want attention and praise for being so clever just for taking notepad to map file? what were you even trying to post here for?
  12. McPwny

    How to make a map with no air units?

    you are splitting hairs here. the ini feature isnt a novelty for making a lot of crates spawn on happy trails it was a dev tool, just like the ai trigger editors, and script functions. and you are like "thats stupid 60 seconds to test a mod is stupid you are doing it wrong stupid it could be 45 seconds" as you splice maps with a freaKING TEXT EDITOR just to quickly make lots of maps with bulk spammed triggers and have the nerve to lecture people on how to mod just for it? cmon m8.
  13. McPwny

    How to make a map with no air units?

    doing it my way you can have a map open in fa2 while running yr, test the map, then minimize yr tweak the ini hit save pop up fa2 hit insert ini hit save the map switch back to yr and restart the map in about a minute flat you can mod the game and test it without restarting yr. As many times as you want untill it is perfect. it is by far the easiest and fastest way to test a mod. period. i dont use any external programs or fancy tricks, i just use normal notepad and fa2. im not going to tell you how you ought to be modding the game, but maby play and look into some of the maps i have made for vs the AI if you want to talk about the specific topic of editing map ini well.
  14. McPwny

    How to make a map with no air units?

    its like 3 extra clicks to do it the proper way you make it sound like some huge chore i mean i have made some pretty intricate mods to map files that do a lot more than bulk spam units via trigger and i have done it using the ini editor and map functions. yeah i can see how you might want to copy over say 20 ai triggers and ai trigger teams like that but ini edits? there is nothing difficult about ini editing the proper way.
  15. McPwny

    How to make a map with no air units?

    what? you literally paste the stuff onto an empty ini and insert it. no ghetto rigging the map file with notepad involved. you can change values and check and tweek the mods in game almost instantaneously there is a reason that is a function in the map editor.