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  1. thats because most infantry and tanks share locomotors, like tank destroyer and gi use the same one. im not real familiar with locomotor logic, but i do know: {2BEA74E1-7CCA-11d3-BE14-00104B62A16C} water {92612C46-F71F-11d1-AC9F-006008055BB5} jumpjet {4A582742-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} hover {55D141B8-DB94-11d1-AC98-006008055BB5} walker (TS) {4A582743-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} subterranean (TS) i honestly doubt the problem is fixable at all, but if you are hell bent on trying to hack it, this might be worth trying
  2. also i should make a correction on the very first thing i said; the bug is caused when a unit occupies 3 cells at once during the turn frame, not 2 like it does during normal drive. someone speculated that this only happens with the "drive" locomoter, but im not going to go and do something stupid like insist something is true when i havent seen and confirmed it myself.
  3. all completely hallucinated and wrong a blatant lie using my name and also wrong wrong and wrong you pm me this when i say "prove it": and proceed to call me a "hater troll" in pms and ping me like six times... dude literally why?
  4. it makes no sense that battle fortress would be able to clear dead cells. whats it going to do? kill the shadow of the already dead unit? i wouldnt even insist on this except ive seen battlefortresses caught in dead cells plenty of times. literally everything you have said in this thread is straight up wrong and i find it suspicious.
  5. i said no such thing and furthermore i dont know why he is insisting the omnicrusher tag would even have an effect on the pathfinding glitch.
  6. uhhhhhhh i just remember seeing it in some old tiberian sun forum post on the PPM forums. has nothing to do with terrain type, map theater, or omnicrushers. and yeah, its a vehicle only thing. it can happen on any map at any time, but it happens more on hellspam survival maps for obvious reasons. https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=45237
  7. this bug is caused when a unit is turning at a certain angle and is destroyed at that moment. what happens is the unit, for a breif moment, takes two cells' space in the game. when the unit is destroyed, the first cell is cleared but the game still thinks the unit is in the second space forever. you cant build there and units dont even try to go around because they think the dead unit can be 'pushed' out of the way. there is no way to fix or prevent it.
  8. i dont know whats more upsetting: that someone edited a challenge map because they couldnt be assed to beat it, or the fact that people keep putting their own names on another persons map file like that.
  9. ive made another co-op map, which will probably be the last of the maps i make, as i have started college. an old skirmish map called "blood and concrete" forms the basis of this map. if you want, you can get the original here . this map is for four players, and is pretty intensive. if any of the four players die, its going to be a hell of a lot harder for the remaining players. this is not like your typical lazy "survival" map. its highly detailed, and one of the AI (actual AI) can easily tank two human players. so im pretty happy with it. i dont want to make this post too long, but ill mention it starts fast and has several map expands. further instructions will appear on the map image on cncnet EDIT: its been some months and ive had a lot of good matches with others on the map, during this time i noticed a handful of things that i went and refined. this is the refined and final version of the map. bloodandconcrete co-op.map
  10. no one really mentions this, but did you know theres a tile mode that drops all the tiles to the same level so you can look behind cliffs? press D to toggle it on and off. i should only take a few minutes to fix and you will probably notice the difference in AI immediately. great map.
  11. thats done by ini editing a map file which anyone can do, so it would be like compiling a list of leaves on the ground.
  12. i looked at this in fa2 for a while, and while the cliffs are for the most part cleanly made, theres a lot of errors hidden behind the cliffs, which is absolutely toxic to the AI. i also see some INI edits to the pathfinding of the ai, and "basesizeadd" theres also this these have to look like this, or you get ingame issues but yeah man, its a massive map with a lot of detail. very nice map. consider .ini editing some light posts and playing with the renderer, or even adding some AI triggers since it seems to be oriented for gameplay vs computers
  13. i didnt do the LAT tiling on this one, i just scripted it. its really a mission map for co-op teamplay but with a fast start of enemies in waves before map expand. just a little something for people who want a good teamplay map; better than the stupidly easy default co-op maps, different from boring literal spams of enemies maps. also no lag.
  14. i have developed another survival-esque map which is a hybrid of campaign and survival, combining actual AI and waves of enemies dynamically to provide a new kind of challenge to players. [email protected]'s heavily detailed "City under attack" forms the basis of this map, if you want you can get the original here: https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=580597#580597 map suits 2 to 3 players feedback is appreciated, but unlikely city under attack coop.map
  15. tons of shitcode is putting it lightly, dont get me wrong mod maps are cool, but he straight up copy-pasted gamebreaking errors into like, dozens of maps. even the triggers and teams are copypasted screaming minimum effort to the max
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