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  1. My map

    bluff called.
  2. My map

    pics or it never happened. im calling BS.
  3. My map

    im in trouble now!
  4. My map

    because telling people to fix and improve their maps and telling people to take the time to make the map meet your standards despite never having any intention of using the map at all, its a massive dick move dude. not cool.
  5. My map

    sure you can dismiss me as a troll, you can even insult me. doesn't change the fact that you are useless. call me a hypocrite and tell me to go do something useful, as we both sit here and talk about spending a lot of time painstakingly detailing maps no one will really play.
  6. My map

    ironic you would talk about gameplay issues since you dont actually you know, Gameplay. such a holier than thou officianado of home made ra2 maps you can spot an insignifigant lat tile error from 50 kilometers using finalTS on a ra2 map using a potatoe computer jury rigged to a black and white TV just to increase your forum post count.
  7. My map

    dude stop criticizing people maps off of rendered preveiws
  8. My map

    whaaaaaa ?
  9. MegaMod

    a basic looking but heavily modified map for use against the computer. MegaMod.yrm
  10. Map Websites

    that skirmish map was amusing.
  11. Map Websites

    can you suggest one that doesent require multiple players? i have never played ra2 online in my life.
  12. Map Websites

    i see many youtube videos. you made all theese maps?
  13. Map Websites

    looks nice but i only see 3 maps
  14. Map Websites

    on the top of this section of the forum is are references for thousands of old maps.
  15. Yr: Minimod (2)

    a map made for my own amusement showcases the potential of skirmish AI scripting as you 1v1 the modified AI in a small but detailed urban setting. minimod.yrm