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  1. what i mean by the ramp that it looks like thisbut should look like this the absence of that one impassable tile makes units which move across this ramp fail to respond to orders in a very noticeable pathfinding glich. the actual design of slopes is important to keep intact. as for the cliff thing, all cliffs in westwood maps are placed by hand, so its kind of a tradition and norm to do it like that. but yeah, being pavement cliffs and all, it doesnt really matter a lot, just because the way they were designed. oh hey by the way, i am going to do a terrain expansion for the CNCnet client's temperate theater terrain soon, how would you like to test it out before its implemented?
  2. to be honest some of these maps look like they were made in 2 hours
  3. the system has a weird setup to give certain building different arts across the various theaters where different versions of the building have to be in specially named .mix files for each theater. as you claim, these buildings are available for placement in FA2's temperate theater yet are missing from the .mix file they ought to be in. looks like you found an oversight by westwood and/or the makers of FA2
  4. not all art is made for all theaters, so if you are using some weird modded, or maby old and unpatched, version of fa2 it could happen. the editor is SUPPOSED to not let you place art with the wrong theater, and i havent ever had the problem.
  5. i played this map with some people and they thought it was okay, but they didnt really like how there is almost no ore near the bases with it being a "first one to the middle wins" type map. its a very 'bay of pigs-esque' map i think that these nice, symmetrical, moderately detailed, balanced maps are something that everyone wants, but i also think this needs a solid re-weighting in terms of strategic layout for it to catch on as a popular map. now about the actual iso tiling of the map; i can see that these were kind of haphazardly placed and while it almost doesnt make any difference with pavement cliffs, the attention to tilework can really break or make a map. for example, you paved over one of the bottom tiles of one of the ramps (on the innermost, lower left base), and as a result of that, it caused a nasty pathfinding break. anyone to try and move any units between their base and that mach shop nearby is going to hate this. but yeah. the map stands out as having superb detail and symmetry, though i do believe that it would be more popular if you were to do a detailed inspection of the iso tiles, and re-consider the general layout after giving it a few plays EDIT: also i forgot to mention that it doesnt have an image for use by the cncnet client injected, and also that the name 'arena' is as generic as it gets; people find those things off-putting when they see it in a lobby
  6. you would want to mod a map to change the AI; you can change/import anything from rulesmd.ini into a map, but the actual controls for which units the AI builds and what those units do is in ai.ini, which cant be ported like rules.ini. you can and would have to manually write AI triggers for the map, and its pretty technical work to do so. i did write a couple of maps last year which have modded AI, maby you and your friends would enjoy them. http://mapdb.cncnet.org/yr/008dd9fd49a76b11e009c744fad80d98ebaaf2a6.zip http://mapdb.cncnet.org/yr/7ff9ce7ae681fa5f0e37edaf99b804a5a9a7d3d6.zip http://mapdb.cncnet.org/yr/5c351e805eebdf86f35fd9e841dd910eb5732852.zip EDIT: if you didnt know, files with the suffix 'md' are for the yr expansion, rules.ini is for ra2, rulesmd.ini is for yr. ai.ini is for ra2, aimd.ini is for yr, etc etc.
  7. i have a question for the un-named people who manage the ra2 cncnet assets, and also for the cncnet community: how do you feel about implementing a terrain expansion? i know that one was implemented for TS, though to be honest it had some bugs and wasnt user friendly. whats more is some sketchy assets almost made it ingame. anyways, i have been working on an expansion for the ra2 terrain. just terrain, not sketchy assets. and furthermore there is the old TX pack which enables tunnels / adds tiles which you arent using but could be. let me know what you think. i wouldnt mind compiling a TX pack for use by the cncnet client and mapping community
  8. the teams can be scripted to drop tanks and stuff at buildings, not waypoints. thats what my map did. i suppose you could make the building do what parabombs do; shoot at the enemy with a self destruct wep that doesnt explode and has a range of the whole map.
  9. aircraft are hardwired to be aircraft, you cant really make them into tanks. i dont think they even support turrets you can by recreating the mod i did for the map 'gigamod', which bastardizes the unused aircraft tab to fire triggers which make unit reinforcements spawn, but changing the trigger set so that instead of using the 'techtype exists' event, the dummy unit gets built, then recruited into a team using a repeating trigger, then the team sets a local variable firing the reinforcement trigger and then self deletes. all to essentially "buy a trigger" that gives the unit so it is possible, but its a ton of work and you also need to know triggers, recruiting, and ini editing well.
  10. this is the maps section so idk if this post belongs here but, if i had to guess, it probably has something to do with the fact that almost every single yuri unit breaks the game in some way. people simply dont find playing with yuri players fun.
  11. hi. i fixed your problem with the ifv's. the only other change i made was i deleted 2 wall tiles on the top left ramp that always caused miners to jam up. [8] black sea v1.45 (cccp84).yrm
  12. i played this a bunch of times today and everyone loved it. recon errors were a problem though. i think you could make it so that the sniper changes house after it gets the order to enter the IFV, but before it gets to the IFV to solve your problem. EDIT: also, the 1 tile wide slopes going to the higher area in each corner always had the problem of getting jammed with units, especially miners.
  13. no it is not. the damaged cameos happen because some units which are never buildable have cameo= tags in art.ini for... literally no reason. if you make a new unit thats exactly the same as the one you made from the hornet and make a new name for it and give it an entry in the [Aircrafttypes] list, it will have the red "MISSING CAMEO" icon instead. (or the cameo of the image= of the modded unit) mappers cant touch art.ini, so sadly there is no way to give units a specific cameo like that and they will always appear broken. i think that adding some cameos for the unused voxels into the cncnet client would be an good move on their part.
  14. rockets are hardcoded into the game so you cant just add new ones. if your map doesnt have any water, you could use the ones for boomer or dreadnaught.
  15. astounding detail on this; from the hand placed shores and cliffs to the hand placed walls and units to the scripted units to the little ini mods on the civilian units. i see that the image file inside the map file is really big and makes the file over 800kb. if you have problems transferring the map over cncnet, try using a smaller image. great work.
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