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  1. i found that the problem was derived from the cncnet update patching over my modified clientdefinitions.ini. why it is set up to only overwrite rules.ini and not art.ini is still a mystery of the cosmos.
  2. running through cncnet is what enables ares/phobos, so running my vanilla game would just result in a crash. it does crash though, meaning that vanilla does try and read the modded rulesmd.
  3. oof and at the same time, people have to use cncnet launcher to play vanilla yr with ares. idk how im going to make .shps if i cant use the launcher with mods anymore.
  4. client version 2 must have upset a lot of people. it looks like the client doesnt read the rulesmd from its expandspawn mix anymore. could it be reading the file straight from the server as a cheat countermeasure? at any rate, i just need to be able to have it read my own rules file again.
  5. this latest patch seems to have broken my mod setup since now it seems to insist on using rulesmd from the cncnet mix over the one in my folder. that said, it still reads artmd from my folder. also, i noticed that it dumped a bunch of raw files directly into my ra2 folder like these crate images. first of all, how are you going to patch these out after haloween if they are raw files? second of all, dont just dump raw files into my folder. thats what your expandspawn mix files are for.
  6. quite the necrobump, but its good to see that the famous alpaca is still around
  7. they actually changed it since i made the post. looks a bit better now
  8. random pages with random panels to random things, squishing and crunching the interface into different sections, text that you can barely read as you type. this is just schizophrenic.
  9. they probably do not fire since they have no power. you can do it with .ini editing the map + map triggers. you could make impassable, invincible buildings that self destruct after a certain time, you could make big invincible paris towers that belong to each player that protects their whole base for a time, you could set the tech level of all units to -1 for a while, etc. the limit is your imagination
  10. well he has been dumping his ini edits into maps, mostly other people's survival maps, for years and he doesnt label version. maby you could sort by date and download the "new" versions with some luck, but really i have to suggest just looking for the original survival maps that dont have his edits.
  11. concolor is a certified master mapping jedi now
  12. amazing that he is still working on this 1 map.
  13. attach a few terror drones to the rhinos with a guard command and then spam rhinos
  14. if spamming rhino tanks doesnt work, you arent using enough rhino tanks!
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