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  1. quite the necrobump, but its good to see that the famous alpaca is still around
  2. they actually changed it since i made the post. looks a bit better now
  3. random pages with random panels to random things, squishing and crunching the interface into different sections, text that you can barely read as you type. this is just schizophrenic.
  4. they probably do not fire since they have no power. you can do it with .ini editing the map + map triggers. you could make impassable, invincible buildings that self destruct after a certain time, you could make big invincible paris towers that belong to each player that protects their whole base for a time, you could set the tech level of all units to -1 for a while, etc. the limit is your imagination
  5. well he has been dumping his ini edits into maps, mostly other people's survival maps, for years and he doesnt label version. maby you could sort by date and download the "new" versions with some luck, but really i have to suggest just looking for the original survival maps that dont have his edits.
  6. concolor is a certified master mapping jedi now
  7. amazing that he is still working on this 1 map.
  8. attach a few terror drones to the rhinos with a guard command and then spam rhinos
  9. if spamming rhino tanks doesnt work, you arent using enough rhino tanks!
  10. i thought that there already was a command that let you manually load up a map from your custom folder for cases exactly like this
  11. I played this one some time ago and thought it was a lot of fun.
  12. recon errors can happen in any online match even on official maps. they just tend to happen a lot less on official maps for a few reasons.
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