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  1. this is a soviet mission where you start as five drunken conscripts who have to find their way back to the base that they irresponsibly abandon to go drinking. after getting back to base, they find that there are some imperialist pig-dogs that need burying nearby. I will leave the rest of the details as a surprise for the players. I had fun making it, hopefully some of you will have fun playing it. to play the mission, take these two files and put them in your ra2 folder. then fire up the soviet campaign in yuris revenge. delete the files when you get sick of them soviet mission.zip
  2. if you want to send it to me, i will have a crack at debugging any problems i find. if not, ill just wait for the maps release
  3. most of the time when an AI becomes unresponsive its because the scripts of the units get jammed. maby it cant complete its script, or maby the pathfinding gets a snag and the unit just dies mid script(this was a huge problem in TS). the teams get built so their max= is met, but they cant do anything. so they sit there while the AI waits to be able to build more teams. i can take a look at it myself if all else fails no.. there is only 1 rad hardcoded into the game. many mods have added radtypes, but its not possible through just .ini editing. for whatever reason, the paradrop superwep from rules.ini will always spawn a plane for every infantrytype added. though if its a team with multiple types of infantry and you reinforce it through map triggers it will come in 1 plane. .... i guess you could fake a sidebar button that reinforces the team when clicked through a ini/trigger setup i know of, but you wouldnt be able to chose its dropzone and its pretty complex.
  4. that reminds me that i never added yr script actions to my post... trigger actions 94 and 43 are both unlisted and work. i think the descriptions will come up if you manually type the numbers into fa2. all of them are listed in my ppmforum post, even obsolete ones. by the way i ran a few tests to be sure. event 2 and 3 dont work, even if you add the old-school obsolete tags that would have caused the triggers to fire. 53 and 54 DO work, but the description in fa2 is wrong. they trigger when the spy enters a celltag, not when it enters a building.
  5. some of those old actions and events are completely obsolete. most of which have been completely obsolete since before tiberian sun.. why they are included in the editor is beyond my comprehension. especially considering there are fully working actions that arent included in the editor. anyways, im almost certain that action 2 is a useless relic from older games. 53 and 54 too, probably i did a quick test and capturable= false + spyable=yes worked. the reason i asked ravage to prove it is because i already know the ai weight system works just fine. the problem with ra2 ai being that theres not many team per house and also that they set minweight way too low for some reason. i dont think ra2 team knew what they were doing with the ai.. but the ai system was made by the tibsun team after all haha
  6. can you create an example that proves it?
  7. oh sure enough. maby i should have phrased it 'weight shouldnt be more than max or less than min' but oh well. its a pretty self explanatory system where all weights of all teams are combined, and then the individual weights of individual teams are used when the AI picks a team to make... like if you have a only 2 teams, a weight 400 team and a weight 100 team, theres would be a 400/500 chance for the 400 weight team and a 100/500 chance for the weight 100 team. if you take the time to add 'success' actions to your team's scripts and set min/max weights then you can add an extra layer of complexity to your AI, but to be honest you probably wouldnt notice unless it was a really badass AI.. the feature saw a lot more use in TS than it did in ra2 because tiberian sun actually had by far a more complex AI in terms of sheer AI trigger numbers. in my opinion max= on the team is easier to regulate the ai's team production
  8. no its totally fine if you do, but if it is a change to one of the official maps that comes with cncnet, then you should change the title of the map so people know. otherwise, people would think you are trying to cheat
  9. the ai builds the nodes in the order that you make the nodes, by the way. i had a headache figuring that little factoid out for the first time... they obey adjacency rules, too. anyways, i look forward to trying your new map
  10. ive used this trigger action a lot, and ive found that it wont fire properly if there is already a building there, or if the terrain dissalows it. when you use the action, the very top corner of the building will be at the waypoint, so keep that in mind. fa2 handles the action fine, though. ive used it in 400+ waypoint maps. this might have been an action that they added just for yuris revenge. so it might not work in ra2
  11. lets say there is a team and it has a max=5, and there is 6 AI on the map that can use that team. total, those six AI can build that team five times... like there can only be 5 instances of that team on the map at any 1 time. in skirmish, each AI can build it five times but in campaign all AI combined can only build it five times. no one really knows why i made some notes for this kind of thing on that mapping guide i showed you earlier, if you ever need to refresh your memory
  12. nice. now that its working and building those basedef teams it will build anything else you tell it to no problem. just remember that in campaign all houses share the max= value on their teams so if you have like 3 basedef teams with max=1 and 2 AI that want 2 basedef teams each one of them will glich out. let me know if you need anything else
  13. thats the condition of the AI trigger, and if its met it will tell the AI "go ahead and make this team if you can". it will still follow other rules like prerequisites, money, techlevel, owner, and stuff. it only controls when the AI has a green light to consider making the teams. if you tell it to build apocolypse tanks when it has a war factory but i doesnt have a battle lab yet, it wont make the team. you can set it to -1 OR set it to the team's unit's factory and it will just build it when it can, or you could get fancy and set it to make the team only when maby the enemy has a battle lab, or if they build 8 harriers, or if the own house has no conyard etc.
  14. that comes as a surprise considering that AI triggers are available in the tiberian sun editor. but now that i think about it, the tibsun editor came after the original ra2 one so maby they didnt add it until later in development. very weird
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