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  1. sweet map. looks really good and i didnt even see any errors in it on FA2 at all. INI editing those lightposts wouldnt hurt, though
  2. nobody tell that guy he cant lose if he chronospheres an MCV directly into an invisible lightpost!
  3. just take a look through the mix files for a while. i can tell you from memory the vxls and .ini files will be in local.mix inside of ra2.mix. as for the thing about putting yr stuff in normal ra2, you can put the files in your root ra2 folder, or in a mix you make in that folder, and then write the content into both the rules.ini file, and the art.ini file.
  4. there is a yuri prime in non-yr ra2. its pretty much just a normal yuri with longer range that doesnt float or capture buildings. or it was. it looks like a change in hard code happened between the two games, and it wasnt adjusted for. [SuperMindControl] ; this is the yuri prime weapon from yuris revenge Damage=1;Number of mind control links ROF=200 Range=7 Projectile=PsychicControl Speed=100 Warhead=ControllerBuilding ;Report=YuriMindControl Anim=YURICNTL FireOnce=yes [SuperMindControl] ;this is the yuri prime one from vanilla Damage=10;Needed to be considered offensive unit ROF=200 Range=30 Projectile=PsychicControl Speed=100 Warhead=Controller ;Report=YuriMindControl Anim=YURICNTL FireOnce=yes
  5. CAWA2A, CAWA2B, CAWA2C, CAWA2D are the .INI names of the 4 'pieces' of the pentagon building. for whatever reason, they are listed as prerequisite overrides on the navy seal unit. you can build seals if you garrison the pentagon. the CA stands for civilian. buildings that start with NA stand for "Nod" and ones that GA stand for "GDI", and that system was kept from tiberian sun and was made to mean "soviet" and "allied" in ra2. the WA 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D part doesnt mean anything special. someone just decided on that name when they made the building images. the WA here means "washington", like the 'RUS' in "CARUS01" mean "russian"
  6. oh weird! something went bonk in map triggers. did you edit the map file by chance?
  7. you must be playing the original ra2 without the yr expansion in skirmish. you can enable them in skirmish by editing the rules.ini file that you will find in the .mix files in the game folder, which you can open with xcc mixer. after that you can put the extracted, edited .ini file in the game folder and it will overwrite the one in the .mix file.
  8. did you think i was just being sarcastic? no but really action 63(apply 100 HE damage at waypoint...) works just fine on high bridges...
  9. i dunno, try spawning a navy seal next to the bridge with a script to blow up the bridge and delete itself when the map starts or something
  10. i dont know if anyones ever thought of this or not, but its really bogus how theres no way to select and delete a map from the cncnet client, yet people can just press the down arrow to scroll through maps and quickly transfer dozens and dozens of undeletable maps. whats worse is that since the maps are all randomly named in the custom maps folder, there is literally no way to get rid of the masses of junk maps, short of deleting the whole contents of the folder. this is bullcrap; not only are there innumerable broken and duplicate maps circulating and congesting every single user's map select screen like the arteries of a donut addict, but its also causing people to play literally nothing outside of the few maps they know probably arent broken, meaning there are lots and lots quality maps never being played. please please please for the love of god would you add a way to delete maps from the client?
  11. ive found a reproducible bug with a modded maps where the map will crash the client when the game ends, whether its by loss, quit, or win; on the vanilla game launcher, the game can be finished without crashing, but will crash when you try to launch the map a second time. does anyone know what in the world causes this? the EIP number the client gave me is: 0F4CEA83 . it doesnt match any known numbers.
  12. heres the map, xcc didnt want to convert it because it wasnt a jpeg or smth xcc recognized. the file size went from 90kb to 300kb by adding the image, by the way. dryheat8p(2).map
  13. what a nice map, i did a lookover of it in fa2 and found only 2 small errors in it. cliffs like this should always these little guys in them so it doesnt cause clipping and this building, which is on the top edge of the map, will leave rubble and also overlaps a cliff tile, so destroying it might cause you an IE thats it though. the map looks flawless. the shores, ramps, tiles, and details look perfect. even the back of the cliffs are clean.
  14. thats because most infantry and tanks share locomotors, like tank destroyer and gi use the same one. im not real familiar with locomotor logic, but i do know: {2BEA74E1-7CCA-11d3-BE14-00104B62A16C} water {92612C46-F71F-11d1-AC9F-006008055BB5} jumpjet {4A582742-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} hover {55D141B8-DB94-11d1-AC98-006008055BB5} walker (TS) {4A582743-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} subterranean (TS) i honestly doubt the problem is fixable at all, but if you are hell bent on trying to hack it, this might be worth trying
  15. also i should make a correction on the very first thing i said; the bug is caused when a unit occupies 3 cells at once during the turn frame, not 2 like it does during normal drive. someone speculated that this only happens with the "drive" locomoter, but im not going to go and do something stupid like insist something is true when i havent seen and confirmed it myself.
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