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  1. thats so cute. he wanted to be next to you. damn thats cute. gosh i hope he pro edits my maps. that would be so cute. he should make pro quality singleplayer maps with his pro level balanC skills. that would be so good, i think that would be a very good thing. would play. 10/10
  2. i did make this map some time ago https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9221-catastrophe-park-v2/?tab=comments#comment-71149 its like a whole mod on a map, with flexible campaign-level AI scripting rather than brute force reinforcement triggers. its not survival nor mission, its like domination with a twist. anyways, you might find it amusing if singleplayer vs AI is your thing.
  3. by the way if you know anything about ini. editing, you can make the lightposts any color/brightness/size etc. pretty easy via 'insert ini file' function in fa2.
  4. did you um.. take it off of beginner mode?
  5. like, singleplayer maps where the AI is extremely aggressive?
  6. try moving them to the normal directory once.
  7. you could just say you dont want to play it, gee.
  8. i played your map and the yuri AI just kind of kept spamming miners. i could see how it would be amusing multiplayer. i got an IE while playing, though. it is actually possible to make the AI do what you want. most people dont play skirmish maps, but i think you might find some new concepts from the map below https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9221-catastrophe-park-v2/ that map is about as modded as a map can get
  9. i dont play really play multiplayer, i was just a hobbyist map modder, but i guess ill play it once. have you seen my maps by chance?
  10. you can place them as overlays in which case they connect in the editor, or place them as building in which the connect automatically on map loading.
  11. on dimmer, more subtle lights the water and green grass kind of suck up the color a little bit, the gems and ore overlays have a tendency to look a bit obnoxious under bright lighting. when rapidly testing .ini edit maps, in general, i found the easiest way was while running FA2 and RA2 at the same time, make a testing trigger that revealed all of map and gave me access to the stuff i was testing or whatever, and whenever you need to adjust a value you can minimize ra2, change something in fa2 (including insert ini file) hit save, switch back to ra2 and restart the map. this is the fastest way to test mods by far, and the second fastest way to check lighting, i guess. alright, have some fun with your map modding.
  12. thats odd, if you adjust the lamp posts in .ini and then render the map, it should render showing the modified lighting values
  13. you just... place them in the map editor... though neutral house enemies are annoying because your units will only attack them after being attacked by the neutral thing first, and individually.
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