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  1. high quality map, though i couldnt beat it because the fort to the left randomly got destroyed without ending the game. there are probably a lot of mod makers out there that could use maps as refined as this. most people dont even add difficulty settings into their campaigns
  2. maby an old school 420p desktop monitor like this
  3. ive made a 4v4 snow themed map. its pretty balanced for 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 2v2v2v2 etc. i dont want to make a long post but here are a few notes about the map: the tech buildings, which are marked with yellow flags, are randomly generated upon loading the map. they are balanced symmetrically for both map sides. the only .ini mods are there is a chance of special captureable ore purifiers or industrial plants appearing in the middle tech spots... and the lightposts. okay without further delay heres the map: Tundra Throwdown 4v4.map i know the forums pretty dead, but i always like to hear feedback from the player base
  4. yes but also no. it is possible to add the rules.ini modifications AND the ai.ini modifications into a notepad file which a person could take and insert into any map and play over cncnet (which answers the question that guy asked like 2 years ago lol), but the files in the download are literally the raw ra2 rulesmd.ini and aimd.ini which makes it a whole ass lot of work to isolate JUST THE CHANGES from the original files... so much work that it would be easier for a person just to write a brand spanking new AI from scratch and port it to a shareable text file.
  5. nope. i didnt put much ore on the map at all so there was plenty of empty space
  6. nope. that reminds me that i should take out the shipyard options right away. heres what it looks like right now. i didnt want to put all the resources on the lower section since i get the feeling that would just tempt people into rhinospam faggotry. i dunno if ill keep the ore patches exactly like that or not
  7. im actually bad at making multiplayer maps so i want to know where you guys would put the ore and tech buildings on this map.
  8. i literally said what causes the crash and how to fix it in this thread multiple times
  9. in the part of the mission where the engineers get to the landing pad, the game locks the player control and the engineers just sit there effectively ending the game. i tried sever times and it happened each time. the crates were rather odd... the damn explosion crates kept killing my hero units, and the cloak map crate just made me enraged, but the vehicle crate which spawns in the lowest island near the sniper that you have to use tanya to get to happened to spawn me an allied mcv... i tried building a base on the island but every time kirovs would come in right away and blow my base up, so i used the tanya and 5 GIs to destroy both their war factories and keep them destroyed while i built a base. i tried building a war factory but if i did i would get repeatedly nuked to death so what i ended up doing was using GGIs to clear the trees on the nearby cliff and basecrawl my way out before using engineers to slowly capture the enemy base and eventually destroy them with their own tech. near the end i got a yuri mcv from another crate so i pretty much steam rolled the enemy until the mission thankfully ended. i like the lighting on the map and the use of the seldom used dynamic night day logic, the exploding monkeys, and the ts-era stealth generator logic.
  10. i downloaded the map, renamed the extension to yrm to play in vanilla yr, and loaded the map. loads fine with no error.
  11. whats cool is you can use the map rendered to check your lighting quickly. it actually renders lightposts too and even knows when you have .ini modded lightposts so you can get cool effects like this pretty easily
  12. its in the mapping section of this forum. theres some other good campaign maps in there too
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