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  1. you put the mod for fa2 which was made by secsome and modified by e1elite into a folder named CnCnet_Creatives_Finalalert_2.7 for distribution? you ought to make it clear people know where this came from and throw in a link for their github for good measure. E1 elite had been notifying me of updates so i can update the cncnet thread i had made with that program attached periodically because it is a work in progress; now i guess you need to take on that responsibility. hey but while you are at it you could also include a link to starkku's maptool since thats another nice bit of mapping software that many people dont know about
  2. blah. ive been looking into this and it turns out that global ore growth actually is enabled in ra2. tiberium logic had become so bogus at this point that even the devs didnt understand how it worked anymore i think. there are 5 toggles for it and idk if they all work. under rules.ini there are: [General] GrowthRate=5 ; minutes between ore (Tiberium) growth TiberiumGrows=yes ; Does ore grow denser over time? TiberiumSpreads=yes ; Does ore spread into adjacent areas? [MultiplayerDialogSettings] TiberiumGrows=yes ; does ore/tiberium/whatever regenerate? (def=yes) [Riparius] Growth=2200 GrowthPercentage=.06 Spread=2200 SpreadPercentage=.06 and in the map file there are [Basic] TiberiumGrowthEnabled=yes [SpecialFlags] TiberiumGrows=yes TiberiumSpreads=yes i made a map with an ore patch and 3 ore mines and then tried the map in both vanilla ra2 and the cncnet client at max speed. it turns out that ore does spread in both, but they only spread about 2 tiles in what would have been hours of ingame time. I then turned TiberiumGrows= and TiberiumSpreads= both to '=no' and tested in vanilla. the ore still grew slowly. i then turned them on and set GrowthRate= to 1 and tested. no change. it seems that "GrowthRate=", "TiberiumGrows=", and "TiberiumSpreads=" all do nothing. next i tested the 3 ore types. i started by setting "GrowthPercentage=" and "SpreadPercentage=" both to 1 from 0.06 and found that it made no difference in ore growth. i then tested Growth= and Spread= by setting them both to 50000 from 2200 and found that neither tags changed anything. it seems that the tags "Growth=", "Spread=", "GrowthPercentage=", and "SpreadPercentage=" all also do nothing. next i tested "TiberiumGrowthEnabled=" by setting it to =no and found that it does infact keep ore from spreading at all when set to no. then i tested "TiberiumGrows=" and "TiberiumSpreads=" by setting them both to =no and found that neither of these tags seem to change anything. the only thing i couldnt test was "TiberiumGrows=" under multiplayerdialoguesettings because those cannot be changed from map ini editing, but i assume from the fact that those settings arent even present ingame that it does nothing. so in conclusion, i was wrong and it seems that ore does grow in cncnet, and it also seems that the only tag to affect ore growth at all is "TiberiumGrowthEnabled=" under basic in the mapside ini.
  3. there is an option to enable the oldschool tib(ore) growth logic of tiberian sun where tib grew according to some global entries in rules.ini and there is also the growth logic attached to the tibtypes themselves. the global growth logic still works and is toggleable in map settings in ra2 but is entirely unused outside of unofficial maps, but the local tib growth logic attached to the tib itself, which was the way that ore actually grew very slowly in ra2, seems to be non-working now. i just want to be clear about which form of ore regen seems to be broken. just now i started the client and let the game run on max speed for a good 5 minutes on a map with a dozen ore drills and saw no ore spreading at all, so i assume its still broken. though ive got a modded client and maby someone else should test it too. on a side note, the most savage match ive ever played was on the map "near ore far" with 1 mine per player. the war of attrition lasted for a good 3 hours but it was a fun and interesting game in its own way
  4. i get it dude, sometimes you just want something fun to play and its easy to just 'lolz' some shit together quick in FA2 and load it into cncnet fileshare. but there are mass file dumps with actual thousands of maps like that and the whole point of having official maps is to distinguish the best of the best maps from the rest and present them to the playerbase as official. ive found out that basically whats happened here is a certain 1 user has kissed some ass to get some privileges from the disinterested cncnet devs and proceeded to unceremoniously crap on the clients quality control. ive since brought it up with the devs
  5. theres a script action for it that works but isnt part of the vanilla FA2 interface and in vanilla FA2 the only way to get it working is to manually write the script action into the actions INI. the modded version of FA2 i posted some time ago should have it enabled
  6. i get that people like 4v4 maps and even that people might like unlimited resource maps but jesus christ the cliffs and dirt roads are just straight lines. just look at those trees and tell me that this honors the quality of westwood maps. or of the other maps made by other artists over periods of days not hours. what was the long series of bad decisions that led up to this being OK'd into the client?
  7. okay but when are we going to talk about how this map, which is the pinnacle definition of the phrase "half assed", has made it into the list of official maps along with original westwood works and timeless masterpiece works of passionate mappers?
  8. the thread is locked but ive got to give my two cents on this. i have seen the maps included in the may update post and i must say that i am kind of disappointed with what i am seeing. some of these look awful. just look at 'fountain of youth'; it looks like a 1 hour map job and has infinite resources. this is official? or 'whistler'? same thing. im not oblivious to the fact that the author of these maps is getting these official because they are sitting in the cncnet discord or whatever and pushing their maps to the devs, but in my eyes this is bullshit because not only has no one asked the cncnet community if they think these maps are up to par, and they arent, but also because its unfair to the people, here in this forum even, that are making maps way waaaayyy better than this and their maps are being ignored.
  9. damn dude prism tanks firing backwards while moving is going to be pretty savage i dont know about that one.
  10. cant help but notice that the two units which are the most egregious aberrations to balance arent nerfed. one is considerably buffed, actually.... why is it that sub par maps get loaded because the community has no say in map selection and patches only a metafag would like get loaded because the community has no say in what gets patched?
  11. all your maps are top tier cccp and ive had fun playing a lot of them over cncnet. i hope they get official since they are by far better than most of the maps that have gotten officially ported with cncnet in recent years. you should consider also making a post in the map section of PPMforum with your maps. im sure there are a lot of mods that would love to use them.
  12. a weird bit of code is left behind in rules.ini where if you put a cow into an IFV, the IFV will have a weapon that shoots an overpowered purple laser, but as you can see at about 14:30, cows cannot even fit into IFVs...
  13. ive found that the best thing you can do with a tank destroyer is to attach it to allied IFV or flak track teams via guard area mission. ive got a quite a few full veterancy tank destroyers with 1 click like this and my allies always like me for it, too. though thats about all they are good for imo.
  14. McPwny

    fa2 updated

    please report any bugs you find in detail so they can be fixed. dont be so quick to dismiss such a breakthrough in fa2 usability just because you cant make.... obscenely large game breaking maps? for now. consider going to the github and helping the devs or contributing to them directly mo is generally despised by cnc modders because of its cringey anime stuff and because they lock down their files. last i looked they simply used a normal version of fa2 patched to read their mix and and ares. this version already does those things and more, and i expect you will probably see it included with future MO map editor releases.
  15. McPwny

    fa2 updated

    i know that there is a bit of a disconnect between the cncnet multiplay community and the ra2 modding community, but i wanted to make a quick post to let you guys know that we have had some some nice updates with the fa2 map maker recently. we have an improved version of the editor up and running that has some pretty slick features included such as an improvements to the GUI, bug fixes, ability to clone scripts and teams, a tile manager, showing hidden script/trigger actions, and a bunch of other stuff. https://ppmforums.com/download.php?id=71921 to install and use it: extract the files into a folder, then run the fa2.exe in the folder. when it prompts you, tell it the .exe of your ra2 installation. after you are done with that, close fa2 and run the bat file called "RunFA2sp" to launch the modified version of FA2. the mod to fa2 works the same way that 'ares' works, so thats why it needs you to tell it the .exe location and also why you have to use the bat file instead of the .exe. remember that the fa2 exe will run normal fa2 and the bat file will run upgraded fa2. keep in mind that this version was made for modders and includes some ares specific functions that wont work with CNCNET multiplayer. they are all clearly labeled as ares functions so dont worry. this build is still a work in progress so hopefully we have more updates in the near future. if anyone is curious, here is the github to the mod's development: https://github.com/secsome/FA2sp EDIT: i will try and keep the link for the fa2 mod updated to the current version. it is a work in progress so please report any bugs that you may find when using it in detail
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