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  1. M4triX

    Teacher 1 v 1

    yes I do remember, it were fun games, glad I did OK See you ingame!
  2. M4triX

    Teacher 1 v 1

    Hi all ! I'm Kozzmozz7, an YR player since WoL (Westwood OnLine) and wanting to learn people to become better and play competitively. I am playing this game again since Xmas and found out that either I played people that I would win from easily or people I had a good and hard fight against. The gap between those people is very large and therefor I want to help new and not so new players to learn and become a better player in Yuri's Revenge and thus decreasing the gap between low level and pr0 players. I will be hosting games 1 V 1 TEACHER + Observer daily for people to join in and play against me and also to watch so they can improve their game and not feel like a total loser anymore. Me watching them and giving pointers during the match is also possible. *disclaimer* I don't do this so people think i'm the #1 YR player out there, nor do I want people to think I don't make mistakes or lose a game in general. I'm certain I can learn people buildorders / tactics / unit use / ... and enhance their gameplay experience. IF you want to learn more ? join my games "1 v 1 TEACHER + Observer or type in reply below if you want to play or observe games I play and we will find an arrangement to do so. HF GL !
  3. I have to go against the badge system as not being representative enough. There were more lower badges then there were blue badge with the 1 star. Once you had that , you were considered a very good player. There were no players with that badge that sucked or reached that by playing only noobs or were lucky to get there. There was a monthly active playerbase of around 60K as far as i remember that at least played 1 quickmatch or more. If you did play more noobs you would not gain enough points as no noob was in your point reach. Maybe the first day or two you could be lucky to rise a bit. Also losing to a noob player that caught you unattentioned with a cheese tactic could cost you a lot of points and you had to redo it all. It was all part of the game wich was fun. IF you play non stop only one type of players, you are not surprised anymore. @ Devs : Surely this multiplayer must be in the code they have to do all this stuff? What I would like to know is why not copy paste it ? why fix or change or overhaul a system that worked perfectly and many had so much fun in it ?
  4. The badge system worked as the following : *Numbers are fictional* 100 points : soldier 1 stripe 200 points : corporal 2 stripes 300 points : sergeant 3 stripes 400 points : lieutenant 1 square 500 points : captain 2 squares 500 points : colonel 3 squares 700 points : general 1 star 850 points : general 2 star 1000 points: general 3 star aka supreme commander ( like shepard from gdi) It was a monthly ladder wich reset every 1st of the month. You had every month the chance to get points as high possible thru quickmatch (ranked matches) and by the end of the month you would get that badge and KEEP it. If the next month you would do less your badge would still remain aka no demotion would occur. But by keep playing you would get better and eventually have a better badge next to your name. Thus this means that it was very representative to see how good or bad or average someone was. It didnt matter if you played 24/7 you would not reacha certainn badge if you werent on that level. It was a very rewarding system and a great achieving factor to reach certain badges. It would reflect your grow as a player. In battlefield games for example everyone reaches lvl 99 at some point. Even the biggest noob that never had a positive score ingame. Just by time you would get there. In the RA2/YR system you would only get there thru skill. You would play everyone for example : If you were number 1000 on the rank and you would play rank 1... in case you the #1000 would lose you would lose like 1-5 points but if you would win you would get 300 points. The points here are withdrawed / added from the pool of points the opponent has.
  5. Hi, You say ELO based.. so in that case will there only be played matches accordingly to your own skill? I for one want to play EVERYONE from noob to pro. Just like in real "sports" top teams play lower tiered teams aswell. Its not weekly real madrid against barcelona for example. The reason i stopped playing Act Of Agression was solely for the ladder system. I couldnt match anyone else anymore and was daily playing the same people wich got boring. I wonder what happens to the best system ever created? The badge system from ra2 / yr ? This system really represent skill and dedication aswell as achievement to reach at some point. Why cant this be copied and used for example? So people see instead of the "YR" logo or the "?" Mark the badges that were created by WoL ? Thanks for the effort done so far
  6. Congratz and thanks for the effort to do all this! Im glad i can even still play this game and thats you and your friends whom i got to thank massively for!
  7. Just my two cents, But wouldnt it be beneficial for both EA and cncnet that whoever purchases C&C gets instant access to the cncnet multiplayer? For EA it keeps C&C alive and for cncnet it can mean more people and thus for us too. There will probably be enough pple that buy and plat C&C but never go past the internet button since it doesnt automatically bring them somewhere. If EA can put it in the spotlight that C&C is still alive with official multiplayer...
  8. Greetings fellow Yuri fans! Im Kozzmozz7 or M4triX ingame and am from the good old days of WoL 13 years ago. Played yuri massively, lost a relationship thru it :devil: i loved it that much. (Christine from stephen king anyone? ) Anyhow i bought for christmas C&C: the ultimate collection on sale out of nostalgia and to secure that collection on origin once and for all and I found out that this cncnet existed and that it was actually very lively! It was the best xmas present ever and im very happy to be back ! I see you guys online!
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