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  1. After the game the screen freezes and doesnt show the chart with the points of the players... i noticed that if i click in the right spot i can leave the game as if i was clicking on the quit button anyone know what may cause this?
  2. Hi i was thinking about modding red alert 2 to make it a 3d game. I basicaly want to get rid of the classic 2d isometric rigid view of the classic cncs. Basically not changing anything but the view. what i want is an added feature. You may use the classic view but u can change perspective. I just want to know if i ever wanted to do it what would be the process. Is it a thing that even a modding noob like myself could do or is just too complicated.?
  3. Hi all, i buyed a new computer this week but i found problem in running both Yuris revenge the game and with the client in 1920x1080 (with reso 1360x768 works fine). im using a screen with 1360x768 reso and i couldnt put it to 1980x1080 (guys at the store told me i need a full HD screen in order to put 1980x1020) now, i managed to put the game in 1980x1020 but its shaky and looses lots of details here's a video to show u i put the DXWind renderer and the others were just worst Hope u can help me out coz i want to play in 1980x1020 but without loosing any detail :/ vid.zip
  4. I've been trying to make tunnels for 2 days but keep failing. Tried to follow tutorials both here on cncnet (made by chrono vortex) and on youtube. Only thing left is actual help by someone who knows how to make them cause im done with that s*** xd So if someone has the good heart to help me i'd much appreciate it
  5. Fow who wants to know how i did it: open Final alert > file > trigger editor New trigger, new event (choose 13 Elapsed Time...), New action (choose 11 Text Trigger...), and finally in parametric value u write the message
  6. Here's a screenshot of one of the latest maps by Yosef Anan which has this text
  7. i asked in the lobby and someone helped me, so i solved by doing this: [CAOILD] Cost=2000 Owner=British,French,Germans,Americans,Alliance,Russians,Confederation,Africans,Arabs,YuriCountry BuildCat=Resource TechLevel=1 Unsellable=no LeaveRubble=no Prerequisite=TECH ProduceCashStartup=1000 ; credits when captured from the Neutral house ProduceCashAmount=60 ; Amount every Delay ProduceCashDelay=100 ; Frame delay between Amounts LightIntensity=200 LightBlueTint=1.0 CanBeOccupied=yes MaxNumberOccupants=10 BuildLimit=20
  8. Hey all! i got a new question for all the expert map makers!! in my custom map i would like to be able to build Oil Derrick tech for all players, after u build battle labs (so the allied tech, soviet tech and yuri tech). so in my map i inserted this: [CAOILD] UIName=Name:CAOILD Name=Tech Oil Derrick TechLevel=11 Strength=1000 Insignificant=yes Nominal=yes Sight=6 Points=5 Armor=steel Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 DebrisAnims=DBRIS4LG,DBRIS4SM,DBRIS5LG,DBRIS5SM,DBRIS6SM,DBRIS7LG,DBRIS7SM MaxDebris=8 MinDebris=4 ;DamageParticleSystems=SmallGreySSys,BigGreySmokeSys Capturable=yes CaptureEvaEvent= EVA_OilRefineryCaptured ;Eva (and therefore 3way split) voice to use when captured NeedsEngineer=yes Unsellable=yes Explodes=yes DeathWeapon=OilExplosion ProduceCashStartup=1000 ; credits when captured from the Neutral house ProduceCashAmount=60 ; Amount every Delay ProduceCashDelay=100 ; Frame delay between Amounts WorkingSound=OilDerrickLoop LeaveRubble=yes RadarVisible=yes;gs put on radar even if insignificant and unowned (insignificant and owned is a UC building) Cost=1200 Owner=Americans,Alliance,French,Germans,British,Africans,Arabs,Confederation,Russians,YuriCountry Prerequisite=NATECH,GATECH,YATECH LightIntensity=500 LightBlueTint=3.0 CanBeOccupied=yes MaxNumberOccupants=10 BuildLimit=20 Category=Soldier Dock=NATECH,GATECH,YATECH BUT I WONT SHOW UP WHEN INGAME What am i doing wrong? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello all, i got a question for all the expert map makers!!! I saw that some maps , especially mission maps and survivals, have a message (with yellow color) in the map preview. im working on a custom map and it would be great if i can write out some of the changes in the map preview Some map makers told me that i need to use the map trigger editor in Final Alert 2 thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for the reply, i solved it by using the trigger editor
  11. Hey all, a question for all the map makers!! While i was editing my custom map, i thought would be nice if a message at the start welcomes the players, as i saw many maps with this add (such as L.A.Z. Top vs Button and many others) Problem is i dont know how to do it! Hope someone can help me!! greetings Forgot to mention im talking about RA2 Yuris revenge!
  12. Hi all I'm modding a map and i would like to add some quotes on the units I already have voice files in WAV format, but dont know how to add the files and link them to a specific unit the idea is that each unit has a different set of quotes (from RA 1 game), not the standard ones. With some research i understood that to edit this i need XCC Mixer, and i managed to insert quotes alongside the other quotes i did it by doing: XCC MIXER > Lauch > XCC sound editor Now, how to link the quotes to a specific unit? Thank you
  13. Thank you for the reply: i have a windows with intel pentium cpu 2.20 gh.z, ram 4.0 gb, 32 bit system.
  14. Hi guys i seen good battles on youtube and i'd like to share my games, i wonder what are the tech requirements (i have crappy pc) and the program used to record. Thank you
  15. Dont know what is my issue, but since the last update i cant play cause i loose connection for some reason, sometimes while the game is started, sometimes on the middle a game, sometimes immediately when i enter on the lobby. while i have connection all the time somehow when i open cnc cause this, any advice to solve ? thank you
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