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  1. QED

    Case's Ladder

    Christ I hadn't realised it's been over a year since I was last on this site, So apologies if anyone gets mad that this thread probably got bumped! hahaha I do remember the question and you saying you thought it meant Q'ed (move n fire) and your name I think the reason I remember that is because you were the only person who's ever said that Did we play on nbynw or maybe nsc1947 by any chance?
  2. Absolutely spot on mate and you remind me of how infuriating it was in TS. The top 10 back in '99 and '00 was littered with people who would always dc when losing yet always got awarded the win. They would also always appear to have a good connection rating with the green smiley face which was a total lie! I like you also wanted the prize badly but the number one spot meant the most to me. After all who doesn't want to be known as the best at a game
  3. QED

    Case's Ladder

    http://www.igl.net/red/ Wicked, cases ladder still exists and even some of my data is still there!
  4. My bad and I apologise for not reading your guide correctly, It's been a while so I was trying to skim read the tactics. I'd forgotten the lingo (it's nigh on 20 years!) that I should have really called it a CC, yes the infantry for 100 creds was crap
  5. If you did these things back then, then you could easily compete with kaizen and nodrescue today. They are all equally shit Nah mate, back in those days I was in my early 20's and I had great reaction speeds and my multi-tasking/touch typing meant my fingers would fly across the keyboard. I'm now in my 40's and i'll let you work out what 20 years of boozing and other stuff do to your reaction speed. I'm a crusty old gamer now so I can't handle playing RTS, it has to be turn based so my brain can handle it lol
  6. Oh I used to play on my smurf account RAChamp near the end of the month just to mess with some kids who were desperately trying to get into the Top 10 and thought they could beat up a "newbie" for free points. Fun times
  7. QED

    Case's Ladder

    Westwood didn't have a ranked system setup on the day of release for RA. It came out a good few months after game release hence why everyone went onto Cases ladder.
  8. I played on date of release until mid 2000 when I quit because westwood/EA did jack all to stop the online hackers in ranked games with the username QED. And i'm sory but EVERYONE back then did a cyborg/banshe 3 min rush as NOD or a disrupter/mammoth rush to win the game in 3 mins. Obviously if you defended that silly rush then you coul have a proper game
  9. QED

    Case's Ladder

    Did anyone play on Cases ladder back in the day before Westwood actually came out with their own ladder?
  10. It depends on when you're talking about? From my hazy memory back in 99 and 2000, half of the top 50 on ranked games were sore losers (disconnect hacks) or just blatently hacked in game.
  11. Ex TS player from back in the days, I never realised it's been over 17 years since I played this game when it first came out. Where did the time go It's going to take a while to read through everything but I thought i'd at least comment on some of the guides. Firstly hats off for writing up those guides, it certainly jogged my memory on a lot of aspects within the game i'd long forgotten. I wouldn't even want to think about how long it would take of in game time to relearn all those long forgetten little secrets on top of micro/macro skills. 1 or 2 things not mentioned which i do remember So in the mole40k guide that i looked through, it seemed to say that the Cyborg for Nod was just a scout and was all in all a shite unit. That's actually so far from the truth in terms of ranked play back in the days. Depending on the time of the month you could cyborg rush your way into the top 50 quite easily. I would hardly call that a crap unit, if anything an incredibly deadly early game unit. Mid game/late game it would be a useful harrass (send it off to kill enemy harvesters late game) or even multi pronged attacks (nukes, chem nukes, banshee and cyborg hitting 4 different locations at the same time!!!). Fun times back then so I take umbridge on that faithful war dog of a unit for Nod Also it was mentioned to use silos/power plants when expanding across maps to tib fields. Again back in the day I never did that, I would just build extra refinaries along the way to the new fields so i'm gaining more harvesters whilst at the same time increasing my tib storage capacity. hp of a ref was far in excess of silos so it left you vunerable to cheap hits which could cost you huge sums of money that will lose you the game if you go into late game. I know if I saw silos being used as stepping stones then I would always target those first.
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