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  1. coldest peak was more painful that drone killed like 3 rhinos and a miner
  2. i could team with you, but i'm so heavy to carry so probably marsh is a better choice
  3. is it arrogant even if he wouldn't meet anyone's requirements?
  4. having no games at all > having games with retards shouldn't bother with the lack of activity
  5. that's exactly what the community wants. if you'd never come back again, we can have better games and wouldn't see rage quits every single time we try to play. you still don't know how bad he flames lol
  6. or maybe scared of some strong teams here potentially(and sadly), he can't stand losing...
  7. i can join you as a 3rd team m8 but not sure if i know rocketeer. any other nicks?
  8. i couldn't contact dan yet, so probably i'm not in.
  9. from your english i think you are russian am I right ?*
  10. Blazer

    2v2 tourney

    @[NRA]Rocketeer can you inform dan about this tourney? cheers
  11. Blazer

    2v2 tourney

    ok this looks good... would need a good organizer and also some good streamers/recorders. prep is a very good choice. if you're up @XXxPrePxXthen lets do it. the topic is yours to lead wherever it needs to be.
  12. Blazer

    2v2 tourney

    i'll take westnz if he's around. haven't seen him for a while tho.
  13. Blazer

    2v2 tourney

    ok that's the time pro noobs. show what you got list down your teams if you are interested.
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