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  1. my official quit

    dude here's iran. there aren't many job opportunities. it's really hard to find one.no matter if i like it or not, i want to get a job with government paying me cuz it's really hard to keep at a good financial status with other jobs. p.s. i think i'll be comming back soon since i'm suffering even more when i'm not playing the game compared to when i did. it's like robot mod lmao.
  2. my official quit

    i believe it does, but not when i stay here for long hours. the last 4 days have been a bit better than the other days, yet everything seems boring now since there's nothing that i like to do but must do.
  3. my official quit

    sure i can get some help, since i'm not sure what i'm going through in my life and what am i supposed to be doing right now. i just study because i must. but of course some mundane advice won't help since i've been looking every where for how should i spend my time and live.
  4. my official quit

    i never succeeded playing the game in a reasonable and responsible way. every time i tried that, it didn't last for more than a few days until i dig in the game for long hours again. i have tried to quit the game a few times but i wasn't successful.however, i find life more relaxing without video games than with them. i know it'll be hard to get out of playing the game but i'll try my hardest this time not to come back again.the reason why i decided to quit the game this time is that my abilities in sovling math problems has been affected so much that i can't even focus on the problem compared to the old days that i could solve a bunch of them in a few mins. who knows, maybe i'd be back , but not until i'm really sure that i won't go crazy playing the game again. p.s. thanks for the XP share
  5. my official quit

    hi guys. today i finally acknowledged how this game was ruinning my life and was a very big block in my way to success. i couldn't study properly since i had start this game(since about a year ago) and now I'm quitting. thanks for all good games meanwhile the time. enjoy your life! love _ Blazer
  6. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    pro sovs are never going to let you kill their stuff with harriers.it's possible sometimes with blackeagles, but still very hard to do it against pro players.kirov succeed in doing damage more imo.(all is about your control in both cases) sovs have a big advantage in the early game due to many facts. in the late game also, there are a lot of maps that sovs are again favored with their op sw.there's nothing there that really says sovs have to win the early game and allieds should win the late game.(it's all about your control!) very useless thing to talk about because we already said the purpose for making ACCs/Dreadnoughts is not doing some **** anti navy attack. yes we can't compare v3 with prism tanks since v3 is a tire 2 unit and prism is tier 3. so prisms should be better overall since they can be also used in tank fights. you don't need 10 v3s to do something people don't usually use more than 4-5 v3s to deal damage to the enemy base since it's enough90% of the time. a harrier kills a v3 in 1 shot? i thought it kills a prism in 1 shot also! again v3 vs dread is another useless thing to mention. v3s are tier 2 and dreads are the strongest anti land tier3 units.and about v3 and prism damaga: i haven't tried to see if their damage is the smae, but prism attack is no way 2x than v3 attack. the only adv for prism is that it's attack can't be countered while v3 missiles can be countered with AA. plus, they have a faster reload(tier3) idk why that link couldn't help you out, but sov - iraq = nothing. desos are more important than tanks for sovs against allied/yuri.it's true that it's a very tough unit, but it can be countered with many ways in YR(that article was about ra2) if you'd have enough knowledge of the game, you'd know that sov doesn't need anymore! in fact, some features should be even reduced like deso power and ic regen time.now that you claim that allieds are op, how many games can you win a pro sov with allied in a series?tbh with what i've read in your posts, i actually think 0 and the series is going to be over in less than 20 mins. it's true that allieds have good hit and run and better tech units, but they require so much skill to use. sov isn't as hard to master. a top sov can always win a top allied in series guaranteed(ra2). in YR, they're somehow same but sovs still have some adv again.
  7. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    yea, i'm not totally sure about the numbers since they were balanced according to their prices. so actually there should be more numbers of prisms and apocs owned them.(btw the vids are not mine)
  8. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    hi. ok you think allieds are superior to sovs? the thing you're talking about is just against what people have been arguing about in the past 17 years(sovs > allieds) first of all, you have to agree on the fact that sov = tough straight fighting and allied = hit and run(early game) and mixture(late game and tech) if a player is playing a certain faction in a very decent level, it doesn't mean the faction is op or it's better than the other factions.(sure there are some features that we can argue about them like sov>korea/america[ra2] and yuri > sov[YR] but saying allied > sov is non sense imo in both games) ok here let me explain about the things that you mentioned why allieds are better than soviets: 1.yes, harriers/black eagles are cheaper than kirov and also faster but how much you need to invest economy on jets to get MCV and how much for kirov? it's true that jets can move faster but in the best condition if you want to kill the conyard with jets, you'll need at least 7200$(funds needed for 6 black eagles) while you'll only need 2000$ for a kirov.jets are fast and thats the only thing that makes them superior to kirovs. but,jets are very easy to take out with AAs while it's too hard to take out a kirov with AAs.if you keep sending a kirov and wait in base so that it'd die sure kirov is useless, but combining it with some attacks and killing his AAs meanwhile could usually help you make a lot of damage in his base.and don't remember that if you lose a kirov, you lose 2k but if lose 6 jets(to kill the conyard) it costs you 7.2k(which is usually most likely to have some of your jets killed) 2.it's true that allieds have a better vision over the map, due to the fact that they use air units most often and this helps them to scout the map.BUT, the spy satelite that you're talking about is never used in pro games(except for when your afc has been spied or scouting the map was too tough like in FFA games).about gap generators being for sovs, it's even more non sense.allied is like trash in the early game if you can't play smart enough. they need a tough tech support and a gap is a good option. 3&4.i totally agree that allied navy is op, but have you ever compared dread to air craft carrier? in the amount of time in which an air craft carrier would destroy a refinery/warfactory, dread can easily kill 3-4 structures of the same type(dreads have faster reloads and have stronger missiles). on the other hand, talking about them defending themselves is a useless discussion. since destroyers/subs/squids/dolphins can take out both in a very short time when there are a few nums of them.however, i agree that in some uniqe situations ACCs defense can be useful(which is not the clue why we make them) 5. again we go back to what i said earlier. allieds have weaker armor but special tools. sovs on the other hand, are more about direct fight. and it's been proven that 180 apocs can kill 180 prisms in a direct fight(according to a video that i have seen in youtube). if the range is what you're arguing about, v3 launchers are for soviets and have a better range than prisms. 6. this is totally wrong imo. if the other ref is near the ore yes sure it's effective BUT , it's a MUST for allieds to have more refineries than soviets due to the fact that soviet miners are always good with 4-6 miners for each. allied miners on the other hand, should have 1 ref for each 2-3 of them because of their small capacity and wait time for teleport(which makes you go low on cash consistently. ===> this favors sovs there are still many facts that why sovs can be better than allieds most of the time like iron curtain, faster 1st from wf, flaks > ifvs/patriots etc etc but as i can see, you're new to this game and the fact that why you made this topic was simply because you played a better player as allied. http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/174385-sovs-and-allies-the-official-comparison/ you can take a look at the link above which is about allied and sov comparison in ra2, but many features are the same in YR so it should be helpful. hopefully this helps
  9. Favorite Maps?

    Coldest peak
  10. Least Favorite Map that Other people enjoy

    Blood Fued - Dune patrol - Happy trails - lbl - Anytown Amerika - Face Down - Hammer and sickle - mount olympus - Arena 33 forever - defcon6/ice age looks no way around complete but meh. generally oil control maps and mid control maps are a piece of [email protected]# (this can include heck also sometimes in 1v1 games)

    no way to play with Chinese in CnCnet, at least for the people who hate lag. I have played in QQ server(ra2) formerly and it's usually fine playing 1v1 games there but that's not true in other servers(like cncnet gr xwis ngwol etc) there are some lag fixers for QQ server where you can play even 2v2/3v3 games with them at a high speed in QQ, but i haven't seen something like that for other servers. that might be what we need to play with Chinese players for now. right now, we're looking for our own good players to improve the the other playeres(the number isn't too little to ask for chinese to come here) and the main issue is encouraging noob/new players to learn the game at good/pro level.
  12. Real Allied Skills

    speed looks like YR to me(slower).miner drone shots is fixed and it takes 2 shots to kill a drone. there are many more features that need to be fixed though and the most important one imo is the game speed. there have been several topics about why ra2 mode is not ra2 and what does it need so i won't bother with that.
  13. Real Allied Skills

  14. Real Allied Skills

    HI leo, notice that in the topic i have mentioned "real allied skills". I'm not a pure noob guy. my allied is something like sunny's level or sometimes better.however, our play styles are different. atm i know a few allied players who are at pretty high level. that includes: piners(ra2)-matt(ra2 and YR)-ico(YR, although the guy isn't much pleasant to see) and somehow justin(YR).

    Mr.JSDS: All of us are here to have fun. There are many people here who don't enjoy playing noobs. Many of these noobs are really terrible and even don't worth the time. You're asking for something non-sense. people are here when they have no other responsibilities to have fun and enjoy their time and you're asking them to take another responsibility while this joy. A ladder in cncnet community is by all means necessary if we want to have pro/good games some day with more good players. right now, the ratio for pro/noob in cncnet would be something like 1/20 - 1/30. why do you think xwis has/had more pros over time than cncnet/gr? it's because new players were interested in the pts system and tried hard to learn the game and actually make good games. If you want to go on and talk nice and gentle to your own 20-30 people good luck with that(although I'm sure if you'd want to teach something to them,for most of them this will be the response "f*CK off") and no one is going around retarded... imo, no one is going to use these videos unless they really want to improve their game play which i think a boost can be given to that with the ladder system. right now, there might be a few people who want to improve their game play, but that won't be the outcome you're expecting i suppose.