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  1. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Dont want to face Yuri players, because Yuri is overpowered. This ruins all the fun.
  2. Lets talk about noobs

    As I remember RA2 and YR always was full of people, playing mod maps, or team games with crates. Most of players are always were noobs that didnt make any progress for years. As for motivation, there is no way to force some one to progress in the game, but we can help those who already motivated. As a solution, maybe it would be good idea to make video guides, upload them on youtube, and make people watching and learning. Today, as it already been said, we have great skill gap between veterans and newbies. If you go QM, you getting either PRO that rape's u hard, or you get total noob that is not worthy. In early days, points system allowed to match opponent (not ideally equal, but it worked). So, when a person gets raped hard by pro, it doesnt learn something, but getting stressed and take's it impulsive. So, in my opinion, video guides about hot keys, BO's on diff maps, lessons about tank control, may help those people who are motivated to study this game, and seeking for help. I can do recording, commentating, and uploading game guides, but I doubt that I can do everything ideally. I may give people BO's that are not best for the map, because I'm not super PRO player. May need help from much better player, who can make text guides, which I will use as a senario for future videos. Also, if you want ladder to be active, you need to deal with Yuri faction. I belive that this country was the most annoying since the game coming out. For example, why should I go to QM to face Yuri, if I can play in lobby, and avoid this faction?
  3. Lets talk about noobs

    Laughed a lot about this classification. I think, you devoted the whole classification to one person Any way, what is the point of the topic? Do you have some problems with noobs, or do we have to discuss arogantly, how mighty we are, and how pathetic are they?
  4. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    How many exactly? OK, good answer, I hope, same for your mate, right? Too bad that people starting to show up only when they in 1 step from the eliminating from the tournament. http://challonge.com/ra2yrdec2017 I restored you in the brackets. Also, I restored other teams, so, maybe miracle would happen, and we will get them, not only "Uproving" your post, but also playing games on the tournament, on which I have no idea, why did they signed in. 28th of January (Sunday), would be the last day when participants can play their games. Other way, I'll start giving tech loses, pushing into finals those players, who were the most active in considering time of their games. Flaming me like that wouldnt get anybody into the brackets again. Also, if I launch the stream, teams have to play exactly until 5 victories. I see that ppl like to go away from series, when score is like 4:2 or 3:1. This is disrespectfull to me, if they think that I will launch stream twice for their bo9 series. If this will happen again, the team that provoke the stop of the series would get tech loss. Manage your time properly, or dont participate if you dont have time for this. For me, its wild, helding tournament during 2 month. I'm addicted to get it done in 1-2 days.
  5. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    And you ignore the warning. If you asked, for example, 3 days to wait for ur games, or maybe a bit more, I could give it a chance. But you ignore me, and I'm not a telepath, to know, when did u want it to be played. What did u expect, to get 2 more month waiting for you to play? When I'm running stream, people telling that they will come and play, but they dont show up, and me with viewers wasting time for waiting, still without getting games, that is ignorant. When I ask people to consider the time of playing with each other, and they ignore me, and the only way to make them do something, is the thret of tech loses - that is ignorant. If you dont have time for tourny, then dont register on tourny, dont fuck my mind and the minds of other participants. I had 2 options: 1) Not to rush this tournament, and get it forgoten, like all other tournaments (I heared, that other tournaments failed, stucking on one place, because people registered, but didnt take part.). 2) To rush tournament, limiting people's time for games. At least this tournament would be finished. I've sellected second option, ofcourse it was bad for you and other participants who fucked my mind during almost 2 month, promised to make games, but never made them. But It would be good for people, who really wanted to play. Ok then, lets get our talk to more practical way. Tell me, when you will be able to play? I need a period of time, and time zone. If you and your mate have only 1 hour a week for games, then, no chance. Other way, maybe I can get you back in the tourny.
  6. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    @VWWWWWWWWWWW @Gun_Man When are up for playing? These would be finals.
  7. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    @sero http://challonge.com/ra2yrdec2017 Here are the brackets. Max and Matt alredy been eliminated from the tournament. Also, remaining participants doesnt show any activity, so I have to give them technical loses, other way, tourny will remain unfinished. Here is still time remaining for Tim+ZifZag to eliminate GunMan+Ankarar from the tournament. But seems like they are not interested in taking their chance to get into the finals. I dont force anybody, they watch because they want it, lol If you want to see rematch of Max + Matt VS Buffalo and Chandler, you can ask Buf and Chand, if they are interested, and if they say yes, I can stream it, but it wouldnt be a tourny game, just a match for show.
  8. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    @Gun_Man Do u want to play in finals?
  9. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    GunMan and Ankarar go futher in the brackets. Its technical victory, because in the middle of the series Blazer told that he has to go. Guys, if you cant play the whole series until 5 victories on one broadcast, then dont bother to get games. This is like disrespect to me (I have to cancel my deals), and disrespect to viewers, that gathering to watch the show, but see nothing. No need to stream such a sh*t. About tourny. Now Tim and ZigZag facing GunMan and Ankarar. Their series has to be played until Sunday. (Saturday is the last day to play). Would be better, if you call me to stream it. If I''l be online, u can find me in discord. Also, u can record or stream series by yourself or find other streamer. As for Scalpem+Marsh+Dodger, they have to play their series today (Friday). If they will not do, they will get tech loses. Also, if these guys will not get their games today, the winner of the series between Gunman+Ankarar VS Tim+ZigZag goes in finals, and will face Max and Matt.
  10. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    I'm here, also, I'm in Discord.
  11. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Any games today?
  12. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Cant promise my appearance in such early time. Any way, you can find other streamer, record games by yourselves, or just report scores. Loser's team would have to report scores if I will not be able to appear.
  13. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Tell the exect, or at least the approximate time. @ZAIN If I will replace Kinky and Orange by your team, will you be able to play on Wednesday against GunMan and Ankarar? (The match would start from score 0:0, no matter how they played Kingy + Orange).
  14. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Guess, this is why nobody is in hurry for playing finals.
  15. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Wasting 1,5 month for the tournament that is still not ended, called "rush" for you? Are you really so slow? I spent only 2 days for helding 1v1 tournament for russian players, and it feels 2 month wouldnt be enough for players here. Just feel the difference. Give a time when u ready, if nobody response's, u getting tech win. I can, teams had 1,5 month to get into the finals by themselves. If nobody interested in playing tourny games, I dont understand, why did they register.