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  1. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    The funniest thing is, I've been told that your game would be able only after 5 hours. I couldnt stream in 5 AM.
  2. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    I'm in discord, tourny server, type me in 15 minutes before you ready, and I'll prepare everything for the broadcast.
  3. Alright, first 2v2 tourny game is done for now. If somebody couldnt watch it live on the stream, you can check this out now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z09aRn_5D-8&feature=youtu.be
  4. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    I also want to stream such a principle match.
  5. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Lets everybody tells time, during which he can play. It has to be GTM time zone. Then, we can find a moment, when all players and me will be online, and then we can arrange time for games. I can stream since 15:00 to 20:00 GTM, but I can try to get another time, especialy if it is weekend.
  6. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    I see Marsh and Kinky in Discord, would be great if we could find Matt and Max.
  7. December Holiday 2v2 Tournament Sign up

    Team room in created in Discord, you can use it if needed.
  8. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    We can make this tournament in one day, these are only 3 pairs, what makes it fast to held. Every one who participate, join the Discord channel, so you can find your opponent's team faster. Also, I would like to stream at minimum 2 pairs of teams in one time, because it doesnt seem to be reasonable, to launch stream for 1 series. I want at least 2 hours broadcast.
  9. December Holiday 2v2 Tournament Sign up

    Attention! Information for all participants. We organised Discord server for this tournament. You know, it may be hard to get teams and streamer online for broadcasting games, so, to make it easier, everybody have to join discord channel, were all participants can find theit opponents easier. Also, we have a special bonus for participants. For every team, we organised a small voice chat (2-3 members), so now, you dont have to think, what program to use for speaking during the match, you can do it right on our discord server. Here is the link, join: https://discord.gg/HZREnNR Also, if somebody wants to join commenting matches, I made a room for streamers.
  10. Some changes to the ladder for December 2017

    I dont understand the meanings of "wol, rp, relo".
  11. December Holiday 2v2 Tournament Sign up

    I have to remind, that I need exact time, to plan my day. Would it start in Saturday and Sunday?
  12. December Holiday 2v2 Tournament Sign up

    I'm up for streaming on this weekend! Glad to know that I dont need to have tournament in mind until the middle of december. Give me exact time, when it starts, and I'll try to make a good show out of it. Also, I can help with organisation stuff. If you going to use any service, which allows to publish tourny brackets online, u can give me admin rights so I could edit scores by myself, and you dont need to watch all games. Need to say, according to my experience of tournament hosting, we may have to get reconnection errors in some games. We need to have judges who will make decision, to restart game or to give a win to a team, that was far ahead. You can promote me to judge. In ideal situation, I think we have to have 3 judges, and solve such situations by voting.
  13. Zhasulan vs Buffalo (until 5 victories)

    Yes, you are.
  14. Zhasulan vs Matt (until 7 victories) (Close games).

    If somebody wants to play on the stream, tell me that, I would like to record some more good games. Zhasulan is always ready to play for the stream, but maybe he is not the only player who wants to fight for show.
  15. Very interesting games between Zhasulan and Matt. Liked them very much. Good gaming from both opponents. Nice to see that this time series played until the end, and now everybody can enjoy these games. Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWehu_Kvn1A&feature=youtu.be Leave some feedback.