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  1. ORA-ngutan beat GMC watchers were myself, cousinpinky, and |NC|-Maty
  2. ORA-sabs


    The medal is by my team tonight i tried the authserv command and got this response..[11:04 PM] -AuthServ- Account xsabsx has not been registered..... when i log onto cnc i got this...[10:58 PM] * *** No ident response..
  3. ORA-sabs


    When I deleted CnCNet before I lost my log in with gamesurge. How to i log back on with ChanServ? I have the original email sent to me, but when i copy and paste the original command with my new password it does not work. Therefore, it is not identifying my name for my gold medal.
  4. ORA-sabs

    Can't Update

    disregard finally got it working
  5. ORA-sabs

    Can't Update

    I lost connection while in game lobby and tried to relaunch CnC but it would not download the update. It gave me option to run older version, but people are unable to connect to me, I am unable to see maps, gives me errors for that, and it shows N/A for me and beside everyone's names. I tried deleting everything and reinstalling and it did not help. It's not the internet or firewall. What do I do?
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