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  1. Ephraim

    Cn2mc VS CHEM

    Chem, you're starting to sound like MikePence
  2. I've never played Ferret. I played Lovehandles twice and got smoked both times. I've played PHD many times and have only won twice. I think White and I have played twice if my memory serves correctly, and we went 1-1, unless there are other games I can't remember. I've played Cn2mc a number of times and our record is fairly even, although I've beaten him the past 2-3 times in very close games. Other players that I've played and never beaten: piv and rootbie. No idea who those players are though.
  3. I've been using the Map Editor in Tiberian Dawn to build maps. I usually work on a map for a while, save it, and then close it. However, when I come back and reopen the program and load the map I was working on later, the program will always crash. I can never finish a map because of this. The error says "The program ccwmap.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." On the bottom it says "windebug_what_happened_message." Any ideas how I can solve this problem so that I can finish a map? Lastly, when I open an unfinished map, the terrain always reverts back to temperate. Even if I build a desert map, when I open it back up it will appear as a temperate map before it crashes.
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