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  1. Do you mean all waves attacking the same person? Or each players waves going to a set waypoint?
  2. Updated Stomp the comp (INSANE) Updated Face Of Death VII They should be much more doable now.
  3. Just do not let him deploy his MCV or destroy the MCV at the start. Until the computer deploys a MCV, receives a MCV or gets a repair depot + warfactory. He will not try to build anything what so ever, even if he has other buildings.
  4. First off, glad to see you making your own map(s) now and not just editing mine and others Its not that bad at all. Little laggy because so many units spawning at the same time and all the explosions/animations. Same way all my first maps was. If you want a pro tip. You should look into increasing all units speed plus making all explosions and animations invisible. Doing this will increase game speed and reduce game lag by so much it will allow you to reduce the amount of units that attack which will reduce lag even more and make the map even harder. Lower the units = Lower the lag. Lower the lag = harder map. This is my trick and it works really good. If you want i could send you some Ini settings that you can copy paste into all your maps that has all this work done. One last tip is not just sending all units with a attack (Script). Instead sending them to patrol to a waypoint (behind each player) then attacking will make every player get the same amount of units and not just one player (With the highest kills) getting everything attacking him. Hope this helps and if you need help with anything let me know. We can get on a discord or team speak to talk. Cheers mate.
  5. Full upload of all maps. Highly recommended to RE-download all maps and overwrite any you already have. Fixed a error in map 4 of Marathon plus a couple changes.
  6. Edited first post with a simple guide on how to make a survival map. Very basic tutorial.
  7. Full upload of all maps. People being confused on what map(s) is the most up to date so i put a version number on all maps. Most maps are now at v1.1 Highest version number is the most up to date.
  8. Uploaded new version of "Marathon (4)MapsIn(1)" (marathon5.map). Fixed several errors on map 4. Added auto repair for all buildings. Added auto repair for all bunkers. Increased health of allied barrack/warfactory. Removed minimap preview. This had to be done because CnC database has a max size limit and would not let players download the map when hosting a game.
  9. UPLOADED NEW VERSION OF "CrossRoad Island" (crossroad3.map)
  10. I released the map and the next day i noticed several bugs. I fixed them and upload a new version. That is the only link to my maps right now. You will notice when you click it, it has dates and the time i upload it. This way you can notice if a newer version has recently been uploaded. I recommend you download all the maps and just over write any you already have. This way you will have all the newest versions. And remember. If it does not say by Dctanxman at the bottom right. Its not the most updated version. Here is a screenshot of what it will look like https://gyazo.com/747eb14e1adc7edad834d20747c8dd03
  11. Uploaded new version of "Marathon (4)MapsIn(1)" (marathon5.map) Fixed some triggers that could cause errors. Better clean up after each map to lower game lag. Removed a exploit on map 2 people used. More even waves at each player. Removed most of the warhead animations to lower game lag. Increased unit movement speed to lower game lag and less units need to attack for it to be hard. Fully revamped 4th map. Now it is Stand Your Ground. Much much more but no need to tell you. Go play it and find out
  12. That error you are getting is because you don't have 3 other computers on your side at the start haha. Vehicles and units get paradropped no matter what for those spot so if no one is in them.. ERROR.... Almost every survival map you still have to put the computers in the spots that human would be in. Also you are giving no teams. Its not a FFA. Its a team match VS 1 computer.
  13. I can tell you right now that's not the newest version of the map. The newest version, after the communication center and all the patriot missile defense are destroyed. Any trigger that was sending units at those targets gets disabled and new triggers gets enabled that come after your battle fortress's only. So no way to use that glitch anymore. So all those units that just attack where the communication center was and all those air units that do nothing in your video will not stack up anymore. I noticed this also so i made the right changes. If you have the newest versions of my map(s) you will notice at the bottom right corner before you start the match. It will say By Dctanxman. Not unknown author.
  14. For the map Get To The Chopper none of that stuff matters. Starting units get killed at start. Credits/side means nothing when you can't build. Spawn spots 1-4 and put the computer on spot 5. All my maps the computer goes in the last spot(s). Also i recommend getting the new version of "Get To The Chopper III" (gethechopper3.map) I made some serious changes after playing it a couple time online. Some air units would not attack and just sat around doing nothing haha. Fixed it all up and now that map cannot be solo'ed. But you can solo "Get To The Chopper II" (gethechopper2.map) very easily. That's why i made a new version of it. It was just too easy.
  15. Its kinda a universal thing that the computer always goes in the last spot. At least for my maps. At what point does your game crash? I can solo Get To The Chopper. Did it several times before i released the map. Never had any crashes.
  16. UPLOADED NEW VERSION OF "Get To The Chopper" (gethechopper3.map) Also working on revamping Marathon map
  17. Glad to see people liking/playing my map(s). Back in 2010 when C1thunder and I decided we didn't want to keep remaking game after each map. We came up with the idea of putting maps together. So i took our favorite 3 maps and put them together. First map "Protect the White house", second map "Get to the chopper" and the third map "Survive Racoon" all of which was made by me. I had to make some changes from the original versions so everything would work together and the end result was epic. The only problem was the first Marathon version only had 3 maps but it had the space for a forth. We could not come up with a forth map that would work so i just through together that forth map which I was never happy with. Took me about 30 hours over a week to get it all done. If you like the idea of maps being put together i did another one called "Double Trouble". Very hard map but loads of fun. You can download all my maps right here on this forum. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7223-survival-maps-by-dctanxman-for-yuris-revenge/ If anyone has a couple maps (2 maps or 4 maps) they would like to see put together let me know. I might get the time to do it. Nice video :D. Did you guys win?
  18. UPLOADED NEW VERSION OF "Survive Death R3" 1 PLAYER VERSION MAP (death11.map)
  19. Here is a link to my drop box with all the survival maps I have made over the years. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jawpel4ruai0vfj/AABnFYkG2F40yymIII5H_Lnja?dl=0 --- INSTALL GUIDE --- Download the map(s). Copy/paste the .map file(s) into your "Red Alert 2\Maps\Custom" folder. Then load the game. --- Making A Survival Map (Basic Tutorial) --- (Set the Quality to 720p if the video looks like shit) (Bottom right under settings) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/178434830 --- Current Versions of each map by name showing in-game (Any version(s) lower, I do not recommend playing) ---
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