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  1. Yo ! my latest work, hope you like it ! Download Here
  2. YO YO Thank you bro ! love your maps and work ! actually i've been thinking about asking you about the animation thing (a mutual friend told me about it). also i've seen attack scripts from many maps and i used nice one, i will update the map here and release also a new one. please send me the ini you talked about.
  3. So this is my first map ever ! i usually open others' maps and edit it, but today i made this from scratch !! It's a bit hard but i hope you enjoy it ! and give me feedback if you played it !! https://www.mediafire.com/file/rty3poho10c0mlb/deathtrap survival-rev5.zip How to install ? just drag it to C:\xxx\RedAlert2\Maps\Custom\
  4. one more question if you don't mind, so the whole thing am asking for is to edit some maps i have, mostly survival maps. so the maps have names like "28827742..." and the renderer is producing screeshots with actual names, any idea how i can i make the renderer skip the map name and produce output based on input file ?? in other words, when i render the map "10.map", the screenshot name is "survival by X.jpg", can i force it to skip naming ? so the output be "10.jpg" ? or is there another app to change .map names ?
  5. lol .. sorry bro i was not focusing well. i used the map renderer i found in RA2 game file not the one you linked here xD, now it's working thank you !
  6. man ... where to write what ? can you just be more clear ?? i have RA2 folder in D:\Games\RA and the maps inside it
  7. is there any way i can apply this to huge maps folder ? i can't do it one by one for 100 maps
  8. no, am creating a room, choose a map .. when am about to start it crashes ... i deleted some maps, clean install, added only 8 maps custom that i always play, changed renderer from setting. nothing works
  9. also i found this file ClientCrashLog_14_9_2017_22_36.txt
  10. yes, and this is my crash logs if anyone is interested. ErrorLogs.rar
  11. As the title said, check the latest crash report. ErrorLogs.rar
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