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  1. Uploaded two new navel maps. They tend to recon error at a random time, which is either CnC.net or someone with bad game files. Both work great in skirmish with no problems. Naval Fortress 1.5 (navalfortress.map) Naval Warfare 1.5 (navalwarfare.map))
  2. Is it a exe internal error or recon error?
  3. I am all for this. Sounds great to me. Would be nice to separate all my maps that have been tampered with from my original versions. What I have done myself to slow down this ever growing problem... I put a block on my maps that prevents 99%/if not all people from opening them with the editor FA2. Now i'm sure some people have bypassed it but at least i know the only way most will be able to edit my maps is from notepad. Now there is a lot of old versions of my maps that do not have this because I did not know how to stop it at all and people have edited them to the point they are ruined. I have text messages on all my maps while in-game playing saying "Map.Made.By.Dctanxman" | "You.Can.Download" | "All.My.Official.Maps" | "On...CnCnet.org/forums". I hope people read this message while playing and go find my thread which has a link to download all my original maps plus more. What I would like to see... A game mode called 'Survival' (for survival map) and 'Custom' (for none survival maps) put in game (just like picking "Team Alliance" game mode). When they pick this it will bring up sub categories that have map makers names. Clicking on one of the names will bring up all his ORIGINAL maps. To qualify for this you must have a certain number of maps made by you (Id say 10-20 or more). This way even if people edit the map it will not show up in "Survival"/"Custom" game mode, only the original ones will and everyone can enjoy the game play that was intended by the creator. Sometimes i feel like its pointless for me to make a new map because i know someone is just going to edit it and most likely cause unintended game play. One quick example of how bad this has got. I just made a new map and while testing it with some friends i get a PM from a player asking if he could join my game just to get the map so he could edit it. This player could not even wait for me to release the map first. I then offered to show him how to make his own maps so he would not have to edit mine lol.
  4. Uploaded new version of "HIDDEN VALLEY SURVIVAL" Map.
  5. How am i splicing, ghetto rigging, using fancy tricks or not doing it the proper way? My work end up just the same as anyone else using the editor. I just do it in less time. I manually do what the editor does in less time. The end result is the same. This is called being efficient. Also I'm not even talking about anything with survival maps. That was just one example which you didn't even know was possible. That's how much more advanced I am then you. What is simple to me you have no clue it was even possible. Keep doing it how you want. I have said enough. Cheers...
  6. Actual you are wrong. Its not the easiest or fastest way to test a mod. Lets break this down step by step.. Your way... Step 1: Open FA2 step 2: Open custom ini file Step 3: Open Yuri's to test map Step 4: Tweak ini (save it) step 5: Insert the ini into the map via FA2 (save it) step 6: Restart the map to test again My way... Step 1: Open the map in notepad Step 2: Open Yuri's to test map step 3: Tweak the map in notepad (save it) step 4: Restart the map to test again You proved me right without even knowing it. Less steps === faster and easier? Seems like simple math to me. While you insert the ini file into the map via FA2, I am already in game testing. Every edit you make to the ini file can be done directly to the map via notepad. Why do we need FA2 again? I can do it your way just as fast. That's the way i used to do it and its the way most learned first. Have you done it without FA2? Don't say one way is faster or easier when you can't do it both ways. Sure you might have done some nice work. I never questioned that, but the speed at which you did it i would question that. btw, i have never seen any map with your name on it before. Can you show me?
  7. If you could double click a custom shortcut to load yuris directly to skirmish and it picks the map you want plus starts the game. You would rather double click the exe and then click skirmish and then pick the map and then hit start? All I'm trying to say is using the editor for ini is the old way to do things mate. Its 2018, don't you want to do things faster and more effective? What if all of the editors just vanished? What program would you use to do the work for you? I have been doing this from day one and at some point you need to break free. Get more advanced and start doing stuff on your own. But you can keep doing it how you know how to do it if you want. Just trying to help you advance to the next level man.
  8. Why do extra steps? When you can skip the middle man and just put it right onto the map manually. You can change all the values there also. Its not ghetto rigging lol. Its called being advanced. The function was made for those that don't know what they are doing and so you don't make mistakes. When you know what you are doing which is not hard to figure out. Its much better/easier/faster to use notepad++. So think of it this way. When you paste it into the ini. You could have just pasted the same stuff right into the map yourself. No need to load the editor. All the editor serves for is to hold your hand and do all the work for you but slow you down at the same time. Sure it seems easier but when you get rid of that crutch it opens up so much more. The whole point is to save time. You spend more time using the editor and you are limited. When i make a survival map, 95% of my work is done in notepad++. You really think i make all my scripts/taskforces/teams/triggers in the editor? A normal survival map will take someone about 12+ hours in the editor but i can cut that down to under 4 hours not using the editor and using notepad++.
  9. Don't take this the wrong way but... Never use the FA2 ini editor. Never make a ini file yourself to insert into a map. Both are a huge waste of time. it hurt's my brain to see people still doing stuff like this the hardest way possible and others still telling/showing people the hardest way possible to do it. Just open the map with notepad++ and copy/paste each air unit inside and save. Nothing else. 1 minute max and done. Even flyingZ said this 10+ years ago. https://sites.google.com/site/flyingzmaps/tutorial-on-map-making Q: How do I edit INI a map?A: Never use the INI editing offered in FA2. Open the map in NotePad and add your new editing anywhere. Learning from one of the best will only make you better.
  10. Doesn't say its full. Just says 'YosefAnan cannot receive messages' Like its disabled or something.
  11. I tried to PM you but it says 'YosefAnan cannot receive messages' wtf?
  12. Not sure what you mean to be honest. You are overwriting every script/taskforce/team/trigger with new ones. Then you just need to get the right waypoints on the map. Anyone that opens the map will not even know this was done. Now if you mean adding every script/taskforce/team/trigger on top of what the map already has then yes it could cause that and chances are if you don't know what your doing you will just break the map anyways.
  13. Open the map in notepad++ and copy/paste it. Just make sure to copy/paste the right stuff. I could make a video of how to do it if you want.
  14. Yup. I can take any map and copy/paste all the scripts/taskforces/teams/triggers from another map onto it in less then 5 minute.
  15. Yeah, I don't think you will be able to fix it without starting over. Something you have done is causing it for sure. I will put in a little time on my version of the map okay. Maybe you will like it.
  16. I wiped all your scripts/taskforces/teams/triggers and move the enemy position onto the visible map. Added in a simple copy paste of one of my maps scripts/taskforces/teams/triggers. Everything works perfect. So the problem is within one of the scripts/taskforces/teams/triggers for sure. Try this version of your map. I deleted a trigger that should not be there and put the enemy on the visible map. Also i recommend moving those spawn points back for testing. See if the problem is fixed. If not, the map might just be toast.Start over from scratch. If you want the version i put together for testing, let me know. You can test it also and see that everything is fixed. -survival- skynet.map
  17. Its because they like to attack the target with the most kills. In all my testing the computer had most kills. What i don't understand is why you have the spawn location so close. I just mass build around the spawn spots. Everything just about dies instantly and there is no way for it to go attack anything but me.
  18. Which error are you getting? Crash with eternal error? Or Re-connection error? Does the error happen at the same time every time? ----------------------------- After opening up the map i see a possible recon error. Might not happen every time but it will happen sometimes. The grand cannons. When they turn the first time to attack something the turret hits the gattling cannons, flak cannons and or prism tower. The grand cannon need to be farther way.
  19. To be honest, i'm not sure what the real problem is. Those waves you wanted fixed spawn 2 feet away from the player and you say they wont attack the players they spawn by? They just run to one player only and attack? I played the map in skirmish and i don't see the problem. The conscripts and tanks attack the target they spawn by. Even when i leave one spot open. Those waves move to the waypoint and then attack. I don't see the problem.
  20. Try this link https://www.dropbox.com/s/t3c447r1vg6no3r/-survival- skynet enhanced v3 alpaca hard_4p.map?dl=0
  21. Here, try it out and tell me if your problem is fixed. https://www.dropbox.com/home/Skynet
  22. My guess is the AI are doing what they normally do. Attack the player with the most kills. Most maps people use the script "Attack" for all waves. This will cause what you are talking about. What you can do is use the script "patrol to waypoint" and then attack. With script "patrol to waypoint" the waves will move to the waypoint you pick while searching for enemy's. If they find one they will attack. This is what i do with most of my maps and the result is every player gets the same amount of enemy units at them and the enemy does not focus one target. But this take tons of time because you have to make a different script for each spawn location and several teams for each wave. For example my map (Face Of Death II v1.4). I made 6 different scripts for the 6 spawn locations and 6 different teams for each wave with a total of 29 waves. That's 174 teams for just the 29 waves. Not including the battlefortress waves and what needs to be done with every trigger picking a new team. If i seen your map i might be able to help you more.
  23. Full re-upload of all maps. Added text of how/where to download all my maps. Added new versions of Marathon (4)MapsIn(1) - File name: (Maraton6.map) - Little harder version. lunar Survival - File name: (lunar3.map) - 4 player version.
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