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  1. Thanks for this patch! On PCGW I see only some complex stuff or complete game repack, and i needed only to solve slow-mo issue. Funny that i'm playing this game on ancient machine (laptop with pentium 4 and geforce 5) from 2003 and this game still bugs.
  2. I've got an old laptop, Toshiba Tecra S3, which I wanna use as un ultimate retro gaming machine. I've installed Tib Sun, then Firestorm, then official 2.03 patch. When I launch the first mission, play for some time (a minute or two), then game crashes into Windows XP with default windows error. Any chance I can fix it without custom patches? The whole point of this laptop is to play games in their original state. Thx!
  3. Hi, thx for your patch. 2 questions: Where can i download full offline installer? Which won't require internet? Why it takes ages to travel through menus. I click on options and they will open in 5 seconds... Windows 10, nv 1070 latest driver.
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