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  1. i saw it and other posts , i got it working when i used LINK-ADSL instead of TE DATA thanks very much
  2. I've played ra2YR months on CNCNET but suddenly without changing settings or anything i couldn't play anymore when the host hits the start button to load the game, i see screen of players loading but my loading progress or other players' progress doesn't load till end ,so the game does't start and i lose connection to them , Also sometimes all progress bars of all players load and the game starts for 3 seconds then i lose connection to them , i really need help ! this problem happened on windows 7 , 8.1 , and now 10 as i formated my laptop as i thought it was a windows problem after i lost hope to solve it my laptop is HP PROBOOK 4540s i5 and now i am using windows 10
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