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  1. Building is naturally worse in 1v1. Even in hjk6 and v3 tankers have a very good chance at winning the game. throw in some arena-like maps, for instance super bridgehead or other 128x128 aftermath maps for tactical tanker games instead of just rush-to-win
  2. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/3-2018/ra/games/11335 In this game, in the statistics there is no units left on this players end. He has been doing this multiple times in order to circumvent losses. If there are no units alive, or units that intentionally stall out games like subs and air, then please allow the other player to abort and still be granted a win to prevent stalling and allow smooth flowing on ladder games.
  3. https://staging.cnc-comm.com/ladder/11-2017/ra/games/6923 You can see all of the units built and produced in the statistics. Look at the units left, there is no way that I could have lost. My opponent left and the game didn't end and I got handed the loss. If my opponent has any sort of decency he/she would vouch that this is true.
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