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  1. Tonight's blu ribbon tournament winner 

    CHEM from the UK defeats PHD 

    There was so many matches I could not keep track hopefully next week Chem will defend the title. 

    All players conducted themselves very professionally 

    1. chem



      Other results were


      Chem beats BluSY 

      PHD beats BluSY

      BluSY and Speedy Dash tie or blue won one more than speedy?

      Groefaz beats Hunipr

      Hunipr beats Mash

      LoveHandles M.I.A.

      Blusy takes his PED's increasing his build speed by 25%

      Justme lagged and glitched so much he had to be booted from the tournament by chem  but he had a good fight with speedy dash I believe he won 1-2 and speedy won 1?

      that's all I can remember, Merc did well  esp considering he is so new,


      Thanks BlueSY and excellent new map bro



    2. BluySY


      I gotta work Monday so its gonna be tomorrow 6 pm London time hope every one is there Chem will hopefully defend the title

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