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  1. I solved it Thanks you SOO MUCH for your help ! It took some time but i managed to snatch these files from a passworded computer that was x64 and now its works... and is stable Now only some resolution tweaking is in order, but thats trivial stuff. So once again, thank you
  2. When i try to import the missing (Well its not really missing, i managed to find it but its probably corrupted or something) registry from other W7 PC it pops a error saying that it failed importing (Register failed to import all data, some keys are already opened by the system or other processes ?) Theres a odd thing, if i delete the register thingy with the task bar com file from it and try to import the "Repaired" fixture from another PC, it pops the message above. If i import the backup i made, it imports just fine. The main thing is that the "fixtures" have different text in them, adding this text from the gut registry thingy to the corrupted registry thingy (Aka just replacing every text with the gut one) renders the file impossible to import. Kinda wish Mental Omega just have a freakin exe to launch, i am not eager to play MP in it anyway
  3. Nothing worked, with some more research i found that the files were quarateed by overzealous adwcleaner, but i have no way of getting them back (And no, i wont reinstall the windows for just one mod) The scan itself even with full admin rights didnt found anything and mod still crashes on startup 56FDF344-FD6D-11d0-958A-006097C9A090 is the registry thingy thats probably missing (I have 0 clue about this so bear with me) I saw some people just uploading these file, but all links i found are expired so i dont know what to do now
  4. Hi After posting on Revora Net in M.O. client launch issues, i was told to seek a user named Rampastring on these forums. The problem is with the client that launches the actual mod, i never actually managed to get even to the menu of the game. Everytime i launch it, a picture pops up with the allied unit in the skies, then it stops responding on itself (Without me doing anything) and PC terminates it and asks me if i would like to send data to Microsoft about the crash (For some reason ?) So far i tried this - Restart of PC - Reinstalation of RA2 YR - Setting the compability of both client and syringe exe to SP 3 or SP2, also giving both of them admin access, neither worked - Game is patched to 1.001 - Game is installed as part of the First Decade - Disabling anti virus (Avast) It does generate a log though ! i put the latest one in attachments ClientCrashLog_4_12_2017_16_12.txt What i would need is the examination of the log, to find out the main source of the issues.
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