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  1. So a bit of an update, I was playing around in the Dawn of the Tiberian Age editor and I managed to get the AI triggers working in that one. Looking through the mission file in notepad++ it doesn't seem to have much different from the mission I made in finalalert2. I also had a shot at making an AI trigger mission in finalsun as well but I've ran into the same problem as the one made in final alert in that the AI completely ignore any AI triggers I create (jeez I wish it had a debug). Is this maybe something to do with the way FinalSun and FinalAlert2 create AITriggers that was maybe fixed in the DTA Editor? EDIT : Got it working for Tiberian Sun, just need to crack Red Alert 2 now, which works differently it seems...
  2. I tried using autocreate as well as Prebuild and various configurations (Using Banshee's guide to check what the attributes are), it seems dead set on not producing teams that are not part of the global AITriggers. While if I do have LooseRecruit and Recruit enabled it does grab any pre placed units and execute the team script, it will not produce any regardless if there are pre placed conscripts or not. The only way I have got this working was to have a createteam action in the Triggers, however this does not seem to be the method the campaign missions use, nor do they rebuild the team once it has been destroyed regardless of the team attributes. I've included the mission file from a clean attempt at implementing AI Triggers. sov01umd.map haha... turns out I uploaded a campaign map by accident...
  3. Hello all, I've been playing around in FinalSun/Alert and have been messing around with implementing production of teams based on AITriggers. I've seen several topics on the matter however it seems most of them are based around adding additional teams to the global skirmish AI. While I have extracted and had a look at how scripting works for how the AI handles unit production in campaign missions of both RA2 and TS, however my own attempts at implementing this has not been successful. as a step by step I will explain the actions I have done. Note: I have disable global AI Triggers as I do not want the global AI teams to be built 1) I have created a trigger that at 10 seconds after game start it fires off the start AITriggers and Begin Production for the AI side (I am not using a premade house faction) 2) I have created a simple team of 10 conscripts according to how production teams are set up for AI in the campaign missions. 3) I have created the AI trigger specifying that the enemy (Player Faction) possess a soviet barracks Image 4) I have double checked that the AI trigger is indeed present within the maps file Image According to looking through the various campaign map files as well as looking within the AIMD.ini file, it does not seem that the campaign teams and AItriggers are present within the .ini file. While I could get around this issue by simply having a create team on a 60 second loop with a check if the team exists, however I would like to get this working via the AITriggers method. Thanks for any help provided.
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