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  1. I have tried and I can't do it. I guess it is hard coded too. Only modify exe file can do it.
  2. 1.It is a hack developed for naval ship target ground units. Unforunately it also affect player. I plan to make it a AI only unit so human is not affected. 3. It is a minor problem, but the 3rd dred will be used if AI build another taskforce. 4. AI cant hit its own unit, no getting around it. 5-6. Known problem. Transport script is work in progress. 7. AI will not cap building unless having land access to enemy base. AI will never build other faction unit unless I write script specifically for it. Huge effort needed. 8. I got around problem 7 with oil derick. 9. original game bug. 10. Avoid map with small build space for now. AI build order is hard coded. 11. Hardcoded mining AI is infuriating! 12. Should not be happening. Only the 2 kirov will chase you, rest still rush the base. 13. Air force cannot dodge threat in AI. Sucks I know. I may develop a hack for it some day. 14. AI auto crush infantry working as intended. 15. AI cannot coordinate unit with different speed.
  3. Well, it was problematic without waypoint. The transport must be full and can only use 1 type of unit, 1 transport only. I managed to figure out a hack around it. By repeating the enter command and set a friendly building as rally point, and not use "wait until fully loaded". It is compatible to the client by pasting rulesmd.ini into spawner.xdp. I cannot. The AI file in this game is very limited, the fact I managed to split team is basically hacking. I set a trigger that recruits 2 kirov from the original 6 kirov into a new team. If I add another team they might recruit from each other making a mess. The key is to intercept the demotruck. Best done with air force to avoid radiation. Stay on your toes! Campaign has its own AI. But the unit rebalance will take effect.
  4. Put all files in. Simple. The other folder is for me only to back up old versions for reference.
  5. Patch note time. If you downloaded latest version, don't worry because I forgot to put patch note last time. 1. AI now use a "pool unit", meaning they don't build tanks team from scratch. They have a large team of tank patrolling base and will be recruited into teams. This means AI are less likely to have empty base with no tanks after an attack. 2. AA guns now cost 900. Even for base defense AA tanks are almost always better. I thought maybe a slight price reduction would make them more viable. 3. AI Allied faction no longer build service depot. Instead they use repair IFV which is cheaper to use. Also service depot can mess with AI make tanks stuck in a loop. 4. New Soviet script for harassing allied players specifically. 5. Hard Kirov attack split into 2 teams, making flaks harder to take down the entire team with splash damage. 6. Hard Kirov attack now may retaliate against AA units. I thought a lot about this. Player can kit the kirov indefinitely so initially I made Kirov not chase AA tanks. Now I split the kirov team one team pressure player to micro the tanks while other bomb the base! 7. Another fix on empty battle fortress problem. 8. Soviet now build a team of terror drone to counter prism tanks. 9. AI builds more miners especially early game. Huge economy boost! 10. AI maintain 3 miner per refinery instead of 2, large difference in economy! 11. Reworked siege chopper build logic. 12. Reworked Soviet tank build logic to react in different stage of game. 13. Missiles are now immune to radiation so they dont explode before the launch killing the launcher (like V3, dreadnaught). 14. Allied and Yuri now build the 3rd factory like Soviet, now that I fixed them build advanced tanks too early. 15. Germany respond with extra tank destroyers if you have too much rhino tanks. Now Germany is tough! 16. Allied build tanks more aggressively after getting battle lab. 17. Desolator no longer target miners (0 damage to them) 18. Hard AI Allied will harass you more, less campy! 19. AI France may build 3rd grand cannon! 20. Fixed tanks stuck trying to crash rocketeer as if they can. 21. Improved Yuri base defense. 22. Fixed Korea not building tanks. 23. Soviet build sea scorpion to counter dolphins 24. Allied build dolphins to counter squids. 25. Further reduced mastermind's rate of fire slightly. Hopefully Yuri is less hard counter of Soviet. 26. Hard Soviet may combo Kirov along with naval attack. 27. Tank destroyer may acquire target on the move, reduce its awkwardness. 28. TD can kill terror drone better. 29. TD can deal now do some damage to structure. Not much, but enough to not ignore. For reference, it used to be 1%, now 7% vs building. Normal tank do 45%-65%. 30. Improved AI demo truck usage.
  6. Moddb requires screenshots. I have trouble taking screenshots in full screen and it wont run in windowed for some reason. If you can take a few good ones that would be really helpful. Russian rhino swarms for one looks pretty cool. Interesting you mentioned that. I messaged one of the mod and we got it going. But he became silent after a while. But yes, you can do it for yourself.
  7. For Germany I buffed TD's range from 5 to 6.5. Rhino is 5.75 for reference. I think I have buffed them to the point pure TD is superior to pure Rhino. TD have many other weaknesses but they are able to kill Rhino at least.
  8. So it was just a joke after all. I think Cuba is still the worst country even after my buffs. But at least they are not worthless anymore. What do you think of the mod?
  9. Update! This is possibly my last update. I stopped working on this for a while, but there were left over changes I did not publish. I finished them up now. Better late than never I guess. 😁 1. The mod is compatible with CNCnet client now. spawner.xdp file is responsible for it. Please back up original file so you can delete it so the mod is not detected as a cheat online. 2. V3 rocket is no longer 2 shot by rocketeer and Gatling canon. The previous speed buff was restored to default. 3. Fixed AI base defense units ignore enemy out of range. 4. Tanya threat level was too low due to a bug, fixed. 5. Korean AI can now counter grand cannon with black hawk just like other allied AI use harrier. 6. AI fill up tank bunker faster with tanks. 7. AI Apocalypse tank no longer shoot his own wall. 8. Soviet AI medium sends larger attack wave once fully set up. 9. Nerfed mastermind rate of fire. It used to fire 2x faster than GI, now they are same speed. 10. AI prioritize special threat target more, like engineers and Tanya. 11. Fixed AI using empty battle fortress. 12. AI now air strike war factory! 13. Soviet builds more flank truck if they detect enemy has too much rocketeers. 14. Apocalypse tank vision range buffed to 8 from 5, AA missiles speed slightly increased. Reason being slow missile made Apocalypse tank chase target across the map because some planes are almost as fast as the missiles. 15. AI will build more garrison infantry if it detects neutral concrete bunkers on the map. 16. Tesla tank cost reduced to 1100 from 1200, to make it a little useful. 17. Libya AI now use demo truck to target oil dericks. 18. Fixed easy AI not using air strike. 19. Reverted tesla trooper rate of fire buff. It was a little OP on top of range buff. 20. Dog and terror drone will automatically target enemy if they get too close. 21. Less predictable AI chronosphere attack. 22. Crazy Ivan bomb radius buffed to match visual. 23. Fixed tank destroyer standing still. 24. Reduced cost of tesla coil, prism tower, psychic tower cost from 1500 to 1400. 25. AI UK will use sniper more if enemy has desolator. 26. AI Germany no longer use prism tank before getting battle lab. 27. Tank destroyer deal less damage normally on infantry but do enough damage after elite. 28. Soviet builds Rhino more aggressively.
  10. They are not compatible because we both use the same RulesMD.ini. You can try to put aimd.ini into it which the AI will use normal unit more effectively, but it will not make use of new units added. And AI will only be half as good as its full potential. @FReQuEnZy Priority do not matter, only weights in AI Trigger affect team pick rate. Do make sure AI has enough money though, fleet cost quite a lot to be effective. Have you tested it yet? To me they appeared to be pretty bad because a few deployed GI, sentry gun or flak truck can dispose of them easily.
  11. My buff is to increase range to 6.5 and damage to buildings and infantry to 5%
  12. That would be terrorist lol.
  13. What about siege chopper? They are slow and vulnerable to HE. Too slow for offensives too. Conscripts too I think can beat them per dollar, with 5 v 1.
  14. I am not much of a PvP pro but I thought deso bomb is a counter to mirage tanks and prism tanks.
  15. Not to say desolator, sniper, virus eat them for dinner and are available before battle lab. By the time base gets large there will be no mobility against tank harassment. By late game tesla trooper is useless unlike Rhino.
  16. The delete version file method worked for me.
  17. You said you have a version that is different from mine that my method worked.
  18. 1) Niche is the key. The entire design of RA2 is asymmetrical. Some unit's niche is way too small, not even close. I believe with enough effort there can be a fairly balanced arsenal. 2) Tesla trooper's speed make it destined to not used offensively. It can only zone tanks out. Right now it is only used when desperate or charge tesla coil. I think with same range of grizzly it will do fine. 3) You are definitely right, nation unique units are competing for each other, not regular one. Just some of us think Tesla tank fully replace Rhino is too much as an upper limit. But you can make a counter argument of Tesla tank's tech requirement and loss of desolator. 4) Right now apoc is mostly used with deso. For a high tier unit it is barely better than Rhino. I agree. You are going to like my mod haha, apocalypse fire on move! 5) No comment, SW is a very intricate balance. 6) With a few exceptions Yuri is alright. Garrisoned initiate deal absurd amount of damage. Mastermind fires 2X faster than GI. I am conflicted on magnetron. It is a one trick, and environmental kill is all or nothing, no nerf is possible without remove it. As a siege weapon it sucks so bad. Mutate slaves is cheesy, but same can be said for chronosphere tanks to water. I fear overnerf can be too much for highest level.
  19. It is bad connection with other players. The game slow down to synchronize.
  20. Yes. If they are not updating to support win10, and user paid for the product, pirating is just using what you paid for.
  21. In that case you are justified to pirate because you paid developers already.
  22. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v0cb7wppv5jfl7d/AACojjruADf32B_Xwfw_ij8ja?dl=0 You probably have heard of this mod already, it should be on front page. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7959-red-alert-2yr-ai-improvement-mod-update-1180204/ I managed to make it work in CnCnet client. Why do I made a different post? There are some important differences: 1. It uses files of the client! If you delete the mod make sure to grab the backup file included in the folder to restore the original! 2. It may be detected as a cheat online, so delete it before playing online! If this works without causing issues, I will include it in the original topic. Thanks for testing this! (Mods, move this to the right section if this is the wrong section.)
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