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  1. This is not so much of a question or asking for support as it is thanking the people on here for the advice regarding me posting something about having it on Windows 7 a laptop that was almost dead nothing was working everything failed I was so upset and disappointed that I could no longer play yuris revenge I've successfully managed to install it through a third party service namely a friend of mine that's battered my laptop and switched everything around and it now works with a full charge in half an hour completed I cannot wait to start playing yuris revenge!!! this is going to be amazing thank you all for your help and advice I look forward to continuing with the service I don't know if it's going to happen but if it load properly check out my old laptop
  2. thanks pal ive already gpt three copies of ra2 and have a good idea where yuris revenge has gone- thinks its in the loft or under my bed in the under bed boxes failing that im gonna nick my brothers copy lol Whoever posted a copy of the ra1 thanks majorly its a great reminder of the first designs
  3. yeh ok ill do that i spoke to my brother (also a major ra2 fan) and he recalls installing it for me by bypassing the compatability issue so im going to look online and find a solution - have just reset the windows 10 and the windows 7 laptops so hopefully something positive to come out of this nightmare - really appreciate all the advice ive been given - its a damn shame this corona virus is here or id have one of u guys over to show me what im doing wrong and help me fix it
  4. ok how was it working on there before then? i've tried compatibility options in all 19 of the application services on the disk and i've tried resetting all options and settings to default and nothing works - it doesn't get past the sold out cd rom options screen this is so bloody frustrating cos i really want to play this game and now looks like i cannot as the windows 7 laptop has sound issues and th sound drivers anre not working and neither is the internet arghhhhh
  5. i replied to this message earlier but it must not have gone through for some reason. I do not have the game installed as i cannot install it = it will not run not even as administrator setting, i`ve tried all of the application services in the ra2 folders and nothing is working so i am unsure of where to try next ?
  6. hi all Im trying to run red alert 2 on windows ten have tried compatibility mode as it was previously used on windows xp service pack 1 - have used it on wndows ten last year it was fine but updated the laptop via windows update and since then nothing seems to work - just now it came up WARNING MILITARY SOFTWARE DETECTED TOP SECRTET CLEARANCE REQUIRED i was liked yeaaaa its working but i was disappointed as the window that followed said it needs to be installed on the hard drive ive even been on here to attempt to download via cncnet - damn frustrating - it worked on my old windows 7 laptop but that keeps over heating so that's going soon but the brief play i got was awesome sorry people ive not played this game since 2001 !!! any advice guidance or help appreciated. - please no horrible comments such as the one i got from some turd in USA that said i need to shoot myself for even asking about this game as it "a heap of crap and should never have been developed..."
  7. Okay so I’ve made a new map which I think is pretty cool took me ages to sort out and then I saved it as file name 2019 I cannot find this file anywhere I’ve saved it in the R a two directory also saved it in the custom yours revenge folder and viewers revenge maps folder nothing seems to show up what am I doing wrong have not played this game for quite awhile cannot find the original disk anywhere was going to uninstall and start the whole thing again would rather not as have got quite a few games that I’ve created sorry for the long question any advice most appreciated PS I have learning difficulties so please try not to be too complicated thank you
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