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  1. Hey, I have gotten passed the "Access Denied" part. The error message I get "CnC5Net" happens immediately after selecting "Skirmish" from the menu and I can't get any further. I don't know about any anti-virus, I have disabled everything I can. But still no C&C Any help would be great. Alan
  2. Hey, Not sure why the games won't load but all I get, whether playing skirmish or online, is CnC5Net Stopped working and then it disappears. After that nothing will load and I can't play any C&C!! Anyone else having this issue? Alan
  3. Satan

    Access Is Denied

    FunkyFr3sh - I am not sure how to do that on Windows 10, do you? Thanks for your help.
  4. Satan

    Access Is Denied

    I keep getting the attached error message when I select any option to play the game, very frustrating. I am on my own personal laptop, it isn't high-end but should do the trick. I'm not sure what is going on, it downloaded and installed well enough. Any help appreciated. Alan
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