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  1. Thank you for your attention and concern. The main sacred this would be the game itself. We still and will keep on loving this 20 years old game due to its basic unchanged platform requesting skills and experience, spectating and learning rather than simply buying and advancing. The maps and controls should remain unchanged, in other terms we should be able to keep on playing the game as it is offered now, otherwise many will quit including myself. What can be improved on the other hand is related to what happens outside the battle itself. The cheats, trash controls and other matters should not be kept as a burden on the admins shoulders who are spending a lot of time babysitting and "cleaning". Within possible extent, the matters should be solved by the servers or the bots for so. Regards, [-Ph0t0n-]
  2. Dear Asmod, I agree on many of the points your shared most of which are relevant in opinion. We have to take things step by step and we needed to start somewhere. Brainstorming is always a good approach and thanks for being involved. Regards
  3. Dear Players of Red Alert community, Dear Friends, I have been conducting for some time now negotiation with renown international professional pc gaming organizations to take RA to the next level of audience exposure and practice. The initial talks did not reveal much enthusiasm from the organisers side due to some technical limitations related to the nature of our game itself, in addition to the fact that RA is not as popular as other games and does not offer the same potential in terms of development, technicalities and profitable market for hardware and software suppliers. As hard as it was for me to somehow agree on those points from their angle and perspective, I also stated that RA is unique in what it offers, whereas it survived for the past 20 years with minimal support while no other game could last the season when its new version is out. Following my perseverance, backed by the support and dedication of our dear Funky, we have agreed to keep channels open, set some drivers and criteria which our community must develop, reach and maintain to create the adequate ground and platform that can help us build on the new phase of RA. Our aim is not to compete with the top developers and games with multimillion audience and players. Our aim is to give the actual and future dedicated players of this game what they deserve in terms of attention, support, audience, marketing and income. I have discussed this topic with many experts, players and developers, we all agreed that RA can fairly achieve, at its own scale, significant interest and attract a whole new crowd of gamers and spectators. The above goal, achievable and humble for some, irrational and unrealistic for others, cannot be achieved without the involvement of the whole community to the highest possible extent. I have deeply discussed this matter with Funky, from different angles, and based on our discussion, we have set several milestones with some immediate initiatives that will help trigger and stir the interest of the actual players, like reviving the Ladder games as you have already seen. In addition to Funky’s continuous efforts and my ongoing negotiations, I have also decided to resume my direct support to RA trying to, once again, put aside, erase, delete, forget or forgive some of the personal conflicts I have had with some players and call for a new fresh start where our focus would be the common interests and benefits of this beloved game. For this purpose and in order to revive competition and challenges between players and clans which is the main element of attraction of audience, I have decided to start the First Ever Professional Clan in RA history where the clan members will be literally recruited and hired, i.e. they will get financial incentives for their commitment, achievement and dedication. This announcement is made prior to the official launching of the clan in an attempt to, as I hoped above, clean history and reset relations, redirecting focus on what I hope can be a common goal for the whole community where everyone practicing this game on regular basis should feel involved and responsible. The clan members have been secretly approached and chosen already, agreements have been made and the names and details of the players will be shared with the public very soon. The limited places have been filled based on predefined criteria. Our aim is to create challenge and not dominate the game, competition and challenges take more than 1 clan to be achieved, so we hope this will stimulate other leaders and clan managers. In my quest, I did not look to recruit all top players and empty other clans, on the contrary my main concern was to recruit players than can create the first ever professional nucleus and compete on all maps and all types of games, leaving a fair room for others to do the same and keep challenge or its highest level. I hope the above meets the acceptance and support of the community, and I will be glad to answer any relevant questions or take critics and advices if for the better of the cause. Regards, [-Ph0t0n-]
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