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  1. after a while of waiting it seemed to be back to normal(i re-installed it after the new patch), but whenever i try to pause the game it keeps switching between a black screen and the pause screen and in order to get rid of that (note that i can t use ctrl+alt+del or windows button) i have to press the power button to set the laptop to sleep and only after that i can exit the game.. what is this problem?
  2. there are some files, 2 text files and each their own archived version
  3. i don't have any antiviur on this computer... so it can't be that
  4. hello, after a few days of playing on cncnet (2-3 days after installed it and kept playing), every single time the menu client stops working the the app doesn t respond anymore is there any way to solve this problem? i have to mention that i have a windows 10
  5. Hello, after a few days of playing on cncnet yuri's revenge it kept showing me this message whenever i was opening the game: Is there any way i can fix this problem? Thanks in advance
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