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  1. The3X

    [Help!] Tiberian Sun Change Language

    Hello all. I have a new question to this very topic. I downloaded the Single Player upgrade for Tiberian Sun. But actually it's in english. So I tried changing all .mix and everything else from my own Tiberian Sun version. It worked. Most things are now in my language. Problem is: The Movies are still in english although I changed the movie datas. I don't know what I should change now to make the movies in my language again...
  2. The3X

    C&C Tiberian Sun - PT-BR Colours don't match their names

    You can change the names by yourself. I dont know which game you use, but you can find the data for it here: \GAME\CnCNet5\Language\YOUR_LANGUAGE.ini Example: \TiberianSun_Online\CnCNet5\Language\English.ini
  3. The3X

    [Help!] Tiberian Sun Change Language

    Okay that really helped. Thanks alot! I changed sounds.mix, speech01.mix, speech02.mix Now the only problem left is that the menu + the mouse-over-hints are in english (text). Everything else is changed already. Any idea where I can find that? Edit: I just realized: The GDI artillery has no shooting sound anymore. Actually I find this sound annoying anyway, but as it is missing... Weird.
  4. The3X

    [Help!] Tiberian Sun Change Language

    I already tried that. But when I copy the tibsun.mix into the folder, the game cannot start. Problem is: The original tibsun.mix is nearly 30 mb greater. Error code: "Failed to initialize. Please reinstall." When I start the lobby, the game crashes.
  5. Hello I just installed Tiberian Sun online and keep wondering whether there is a possibility to change the sounds to my own language. Actually I own the First Decade Version of this game too, so I kind of have that game with the right audio. The problem is that that version is kind of bugged. So it keeps crashing sometimes, while "Tiberian Sun Online" does not crash. The text already is in my language (German) but the sounds are in english. My idea was to put the audio files of the original game, which I own, into the Tiberian Sun edition. But I cannot find those datas, if they exist. Can someone help me please? I'm really really used to my sounds from my childhood and it keeps bothering me listening to my game in wrong language.