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  1. I recall when I was younger when GameSpy was a thing, I recall playing a Server on the Map Islands Don't know if it was a modified or not. But you use the chat to use commands to check list of props, move between the list of props so you could build around, was like a type of Sandbox mod, was pretty neat, does anyone know what's the server / mod / map i'm talking about? Thanks Note: There was a user who said the following: "I remember a funserver here you could build things on that map. I think it was from RenMatrix."
  2. I know you're talking about the physical copy, and my fix it's buy a digital copy the Origin's collection, I've hold games that don't have support or work barely on Windows Vista > getting the new oficial can be the easiest solution, Sadly you only can buy the Command & Conquerâ„¢ The Ultimate Collection or you could try to talk on Origin Support and supply your CD-Key and see if they can help you, I had my case where i supply my First Decade and got the Ultimate Collection. This one way i can help you with.
  3. Hello, have you an Original version of Red Alert 2 and Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge? Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge isn't a Freeware game, tell me if that was the problem =)
  4. Hello, I was doing a LAN party yesterday and i saw the colours and description not matching each-other, since my PC it's in PT-PT it put the launcher language into to PT-BR, Gold -> Amarelo Red -> *Vermelho Blue -> *Azul Green -> Verde Orange -> *Laranja Sky Blue -> Azul Claro Purple -> Roxo Pink -> Rosa Can't confirm what brazilians call Sky Blue, Purple and Pink, but those are the correct colours, since PT-BR and PT-PT are different, e.g Grey/Gray = Cinzento (PT-PT) and Cinza (PT-BR) same applies to Brown = Castanho (PT-PT) and Marrom (PT-BR) P.S: If CnC Net requires a translator for Portuguese-Portugal i could translate it if needed =)
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