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  1. I see a small confusion so excuse me if I did not express myself clearly, It's a custom map that I have downloaded, I didn't make or edit it myself nor do I know how if I wanted to. I've seen a guy playing this map multiplayer on youtube and thought I'd give it a try, it figures now that short game option did make an issue, and bypassed that error, but then I ran into another "Reconnection error" In case of multiplayer. On skirmish it works just fine. No clue how to deal with that... Not sure if that file from the error logs would be helpful SYNC_CNCNET0.TXT_20_4_2018_11_50.TXT
  2. I'm sorry, I don't see the link for the CnC internal error codes list, only the ModEnc list...
  3. Trying some of the custom made survival maps with their own special ini files and a crash happens around the same time every game, can't seem to understand why but these are the related lines from the log file, can anyone interpret what the problem is? 15.04. 18:29:00.247 Writing spawn.ini 15.04. 18:29:00.256 Writing map. 15.04. 18:29:00.260 Loading map INI from E:\Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge\Maps\Custom\e155ce71e805c3b451a8e4080bdc7770b720ff16.map 15.04. 18:29:00.277 About to launch main game executable. 15.04. 18:29:00.283 Writing settings INI. 15.04. 18:29:00.298 Waiting for qres.dat or gamemd-spawn.exe to exit. 15.04. 18:29:02.304 Version - 3.93
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