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  1. Unfortunately, modders (much like modern developers) usually improve some things and break other things at the same time.
  2. Sorry, meant skrimish and online. I don't play online.
  3. Automatic harvesting only appears to work in Skirmish. However, if you set your war factory rally point to a tiberium patch, automatic harvesting does occur. I think that's standard behavior. I think automatic harvesting is a great feature (how RA2 works), but yeah, I agree having the default option would be good for those that want it. Also, as I mentioned, alt+1-9 control group combo no longer works to center on units in SP. You can do do 1-9+F still, but alt+# is a bit faster.
  4. Hm, well... I tried the maps you linked to and I just get "Tiberian Sun has encoutnered an internal error".
  5. I notice that files with the .SED extension pertain to random maps. Is there a way to just copy these over into the custom folder and rename them as .MAP files that the cncnet launcher can use? Basically, I'd just like to use my random maps that were saved... (because playing skirmish thru the cncet launcher is way cool). 😃
  6. Really nice patch. I wasn't having any major problems, but game really seems to be running better now. Couldn't find an answer to this. But is there a way to use random maps in the skirmish mode? I noticed there's a list of maps, but none of the saved random maps show.
  7. I decided to try out this TSpatch for the skirmish options, and it's really nice. Harvesters automatically harvest when built? That's great. Only issue I'm having is when running in SP the traditional alt-#-control group combo no longer works to center, but neither does the DoubleTapInterval. I understand that the hotkeys aren't available in SP, but why is the old method disabled?
  8. Ah, so this isn't possible in SP then? Darn. Find it awkward you have to press ALT-#(control group) in TS to center on your units.
  9. Which patch is this referring to? I'd like to double-tap control groups to go them, and wouldn't mind eliminating the alt for rally.
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