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  1. Ohhh thank you very much for clearing that up ! I play with the CncNet Client anyway —I guess the 100k credits limit sorta makes up for it. P.S: Does the anti-cheat affect the vanilla version of the main Yuri executable too ?
  2. Somehow (either CnCNet Client) updated the ts_ddraw for ra2:yr & now I can't [minimize] alt+tab to the trainer, could you please guide me & link me on how to install the old ts_ddraw ? I found a Cheat Engine script for God mode, I want to continue using it by minimizing the game to the trainer. Thanks in advance. :] Please add minimize support to your new ddraw.dll !!!
  3. Equal amounts of Mirage Tanks vs. Rhino Tanks: Rhino's win —that's why I kept going as Soviet. Some Allied player at my LAN cafe was kicking ass by making hordes of Rocketeers, Mirage Tanks, expansion bases, & initially sending Spies to the Barracks. All I could do was Wall my base up & built Grand Cannons —I lost that battle, but did better than my two allies who were Soviet (they built Apocalypse Tank & Demo Truck.) Felt good to know Rhino Tanks are still pretty good, & Soviet is powerful. Borris once was able to take out 3 Tanks but now that doesn't seem to be the case. I've been hooked on Skirmish ever since —I wrote a Strategy Guide but lost it when my computer broke. I still have some strategies inked down, like sending Conscript hordes & a few Terror Drones in front of your tanks as Cannon Fodder, I forgot Kikematamitos force-fired ore to destroy them, though I've done this in Tiberian Sun (I play both game (I play NOD vs. enemy GDI.)
  4. Me ! :Þ I loved this game since childhood —best soundtracks & the game is very engrossing ! Keeps me playing for hours (Skirmish i.e.) Also I use the CnC Launcher now, come to terms with no cheats\ trainers, but the 100k credits is welcome & compensates for the lack of it ! 😍 If you look deeply enough, you'll realize this was the epitome of Westwood Studios creation —after 30 minutes or so the computer can be subdued easily & it's all downhill from there, especially when the Banshees come into play. I play Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge a _lot_ too —I used to challenge players at a LAN cafe.
  5. I encountered the same problem but remembered that I had set it to Read-Only 'cause I wanted the movies to play everytime, check file properties of RA2MD.ini to make sure...
  6. Thanks but I'm using this version of the game: <snip> (Before I used the "Win 10 Fixed" from TPB torrent but this one is better (no flickering —though I switched the ts-ddraw to the one by FunkyFresh) however this one has a modified weird Campaign —but I use it for Skirmish so..) I saved it in the ra2-yr (main) folder & also Maps\custom but it still doesn't appear in the game —maybe I should rename it to .yrm instead of .map ? I don't know I have a bunch of other custom maps I downloaded but they work. Or maybe I've just maxed out all the maps, I have hundreds. I might get the CnCNet version if someone posts the link. P.S: Nevermind I already had CnCNet Client Launcher installed in my current game, so I went back to it [& Alaskan Oil Spill map is already on it (that's how I found the map !)], I guess movies & campaign made me stop using it, but it's pretty c00.
  7. Any chance I could get my hands on Alaskan Oil Spill map for RA2:YR ? I love this map & would love to play it with the vanilla version of the game. It's just right up my lane: water\defensive --& I just gotta have it. It's on CnCNet currently 😢
  8. Okay thanks for clearing that up ! & yeah I've downloaded your ts-ddraw after Googling to fix the Save game in Skirmish; menu turns invisible + the game would flicker the desktop --it fixed the flickering well --this was on Rampastring's TS Client 1.5 --but the invisible glitch wasn't fixed so I downloaded the cnc_comm version & it's awesome --no flicker\ invisible menu, & can alt+tab to the trainer. ;-) Also I use your ts-ddraw for Yuri's Revenge & I love how I can alt+tab to the Cheat Engine Table with it ! Once I quit the Skirmish game the screen zooms in, but that's a minor bug --I'm playing on 1366x768 & using some Pakistani guys zip of the game, the one on torrent was buggy ("Win 10 fixed" one) --before I copied cncnet lobby's ts-ddraw & that worked nicely. Thanks for the reply, let me know when the file is ready & updated. Sorry, typed this on a phone. P.S: There is a major glitch in DDRAW_Compat renderer in Rampastring's TS Client: when I left\right click, a blue box flickers --very annoying & unplayable especially since this was the only promising renderer that seemingly worked.
  9. I tried it in Skirmish (I don't play online) after editing the ini, but even alt+0 doesn't work ! Please help !
  10. I cannot focus view on hotkeyed units by double pressing their number --is this a known TS thing, cause I vaguely remember being able to do it. I already hotkeyed them with ctrl+0. Tried alt+0 too but that's useless too. I remember focus viewing the Banshees on their way to attack the CY --strange... Please help ! At least H works. Anyway I do it in RA2:YR all the time.
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