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  1. https://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-red-alert-able-archer/downloads/red-alert-able-archer-patch-131 1.3.1 has been released to fix TFD's compatibility. Apparently my fix for CNCNet borked TFD. TFD needs to be expand2 and not expand4.
  2. Each patch is stand alone. Ahh, I should've been more clear to copy and paste all of the files in the folder to the game folder itself. Sorry about that! If you copy the rest of the files (hires1.mix and the rest of the .ini files), it should fix the giant infantry too. Glad you're enjoying it though!
  3. Fixed it. Red Alert - Able Archer Patch 1.3.rar 1.3 Patch notes ----------------------------------------------- Balance changes Common -Significantly reduced the shell travel speed of artillery pieces. -Infantry damage while prone reduced to 40%. Allies M110 Artillery -Speed reduced to 3 from 5. -Fires 50% slower. M60A3 -Speed reduced to 4 from 5. Leopard 2A4 -Speed reduced to 6 from 7. AH-64A Apache -Missile loadout increased to 16 from 12. Soviet 2S3 Akatisya -Speed reduced to 4 from 5. Soviet Bug fixes Changed the expand file's name to de-conflict with CNCNet's freeware Red Alert. Allies -M60A3's model shrunk slightly to prevent flickering. -AMX-30B2's model shrunk slightly to prevent flickering. Soviet -MIG now requires the proper pre-requisite again. This makes Soviet Mission 10 tougher, as you'll need to save your three initial MIGs.
  4. I'm on a limited bandwidth connection right now unfortunately.
  5. @AchromicWhite @Sinyxer Try out the newest patch! I give you: Battleship vs. Battlecruiser
  6. New patch comrades! The patch is completely standalone, and includes major revamp to the vehicle mechanics. Patch notes: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Construction Options: Allies M106 Mortar Carrier -Sandbagged M113 APC redesigned to carry a 4.2 inch mortar. -Lower cost base defence that doesn't require power. -Effective against infantry and light vehicles. Vulnerable to most weapons. -Shoot further than pillboxes. Fennek -Unit removed in favour of a new French Main Battle Tank. -Fennek offered little combat value, was out of timeline, and had no niche. AMX-30B2 -A direct foil to the M60A3 Patton. It is $50 cheaper. AMX-30B2 is faster and more mobile, but significantly less armoured, as in real life. The 105mm F1 gun does less damage and has a shorter range (due to depending on an older Obus G HEAT round), but fires slightly faster. -It has a co-axial 20mm autocannon. It is excellent against infantry, and can target helicopters, eventually destroying them if it survives long enough. -The autocannon is not very effective against fast moving aircraft, due to limited range and acquisition time. You'll still need dedicated AA for that. -BRENUS ERA package on the tank means the crew can replace blocks as part of field maintenance. Basically it auto repairs to 50% hitpoints. -More useful for hit and run/ambushes than M60A3. Soviet Foxhole -Dug in short ranged anti-tank and machine gun position. -Low cost base defence that doesn't require power. -Vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons, infantry but is strong against tanks. Balance changes Common -All anti-infantry barriers are now free. -Hesco barriers cost reduced to $10 from $50. -Construction Yard, Helipads, Airfields, Superweapons, Command Posts, Regimental HQ, and powerplants will now repair to 50% given time. This is to simulate troops performing emergency repair on runways and HQ buildings. -All field defences now will repair to 50% due to troops re-fortifying their positions. After all, troops in combat will not let their defensive positions crumble too much after a firefight. Further repairs still require player interaction. -Selling units and buildings now returns 80% credits instead of 50%. -Repairing a unit or building fully, now cost 10% of its purchase price. -Tactical Nuclear strike now does 100% more damage. (1000->2000) -All naval units will repair to 50% as their crews conduct proper damage controls. Warhead changes Small Arms - spread decreased. Armour Piercing - spread decreased. Super - spread increased. Damage vs unarmoured increased to 50% from 30%. Nuke - spread increased. Rate of Turn - Almost all vehicle and aircraft received lower RoT, for both balance and some realism. Light Infantry -Cost decreased to $50 from $100 Naval Transport -Hitpoints reduced to 300 from 800. Allies M113 Lynx -Speed decreased to 8 from 12 Pathfinder -Hitpoints decreased to 90 from 100. -Range increased to 8 from 7.5. M110 Artillery -Hitpoints decreased to 125 from 180. -Armour changed to light from heavy. M163 VADS -Speed decreased to 6 from 8. M270 MLRS -Speed decreaed to 4 from 6. Jaguar 2 -Cost increased to 1600 from 1200. -Weapon warhead changed to increase anti-personnel damage. -Speed decreased to 7 from 9. AH-64D -Speed decreased to 11 from 12. -Weapon warhead changed to increase anti-personnel damage. Iowa Class Battleship -Can now fire dual Harpoon anti-ship missiles at Soviet ships. -Cost increased to $3500 from $3200. Type 22 Frigate -Cost reduced to $800 from $1150. Soviet 2S3 Akatsiya -Speed decreased to 5 from 6. 9K35 Strela-10 -Soviet Tech Centre prerequisite removed to boost mid-tech level Soviet mobile AA. SU-25 -Now fires 50x of DU rounds instead of 25x HE, making it effective vs groups of tanks. -It is still mildly effective vs. infantry. -Cost increased to 1300 from 900. -Speed increased to 16 from 14. MIG-144 -Speed increased to 18 from 16. -Weapon warhead changed to increase anti-personnel damage. Badger Bomber -Speed increased to 15 from 12. MIG-25 -Speed increased to 25 from 20. Mi-24VP -Speed increased to 12 from 10. Udaloy Class Destroyer -Cost reduced to $650 from $850. Guard Tower -Cost reduced to 600 from 700. Bug fixes Allies -Type 42 and Type 22 name bugs fixed. -M163 VADS self healing removed. Soviet -Kirov Cruisers will now defend themselves again from all targets in guard mode. -Kirov sidebar cameo fixed with AA icon. Red Alert - Able Archer Patch 1.2.rar Red Alert - Able Archer Patch 1.2.rar
  7. They're all in the various .mix files in the game folder. Expand, expand02, hires1, lores1, main.mix, redalert.mix. If you want to replace a graphic, you can put them in a new expand.mix, numbered sequentially like expand03, expand04. The game will take the last expandxx.mix and load it on top. Replacing shp files in RA1 is delicate work. You need to match the shp frames perfectly, or you will get graphics bugs.
  8. Downloading XCC utilities. https://cnc-comm.com/tiberian-sun/downloads/modding-tools/XCC-utilities Use the XCC mixer to extract Rules.ini from redalert.mix -> local.mix. If you need to edit Aftermath units, aftrmath.ini is in Expand02.mix. You can't make buildings self heal completely. The RA1 self healing is hard coded to 50%. You can't add new units like the newer C&Cs. The amount of units in game is limited to what's already in the game. You can change the stats, weapons, and graphics. You can make the MIG or YAK drop nukes if you want. A-Bomb timer is controlled by a timer that can be decreased.
  9. Red Alert - Able Archer Patch 1.1.rar Been a while, but here is patch 1.1. It is standalone, and replaces the previous version. Made some balance changes, and fixed a few bugs. Known bugs: -Can only load one saved game per game instance. Loading more than once will crash to desktop. I have no fix for this, but I recommend saving often. Game crashes when loading more than one save game per round. Save often, and exit the game and reload. Transport Helicopters will attempt to leave the map when Spetsnaz board them. This is hard coded. Soviet mission 3, the enemy spy will get stuck at the first house and not fire on your troops. If you kill him, you win. This is a lucky break for you. If the spy actually fired like he's supposed to, you'd be in trouble. --------------------------------------------------- Patch notes: Retuned technology levels for campaign play. Balance changes: Allies Pathfinder -Range reduced from 9 to 7.5 -Sight reduced from 8 to 7 SAS -Sight reduced from 8 to 7 M113 Lynx -Sight reduced from 9 to 8 -Weapon range reduced from 4 to 3 -Damage reduced from 22 to 15 -Can now disrupt radar from 5 cells away. M60 Patton -Cost reduced from $850 to $825. Gun Turret -Health increased to 800 from 600 (to require at least two MIGs to destroy). -Armour decreased from concrete to heavy. Pillbox -Fixed the build anim Soviet MIG-25 Recon -Sight increased from 8 to 9. Bug fixes: FACTIONS Warsaw PACT -Changed armour modifier from 1.1 to 0.9, like it's supposed to be. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. I found some mods that had converted should files from TD, or were scratch made. Unfortunately, this is for the classic RA only. I only tested the mod for TFD edition with 3.03 patch. I tried it on a fresh TFD installation, and it works, but it gets the rainbow colour effect. Added you! Thanks. Sorry about the late reply, I was a bit busy with work. If you find a bug, please let me know. I will be able to work on this in about a month, so ill try fixing everything I can then.
  11. Took a while, but I finally finished a full conversion mod for the original Red Alert. Able Archer is to portray how Red Alert would have played out in the 1980s. I tried to make it as realistic as possible with the limited engine. Original campaign works, as do most of the extra missions. Ant missions are strange, as ant units are used for regular buildable units. Installation: C&C Red Alert Able Archer is confirmed to work with C&C The First Decade with TFD 1.03 rev4, and the freeware version by CNCNet. Red Alert's version should be 3.03. It may work with other versions of the game, but may encounter bugs. **Remember to backup your copy of Red Alert before copying Able Archer over to your installation.** -Simply copy and paste all of the files in this folder into your Red Alert directory. -If you are using C&C The First Decade v1.03 rev4's installation of Red Alert, copy the files from Red Alert - Able Archer TFD to your Red Alert folder. -If you are using CNCNet's installation of Red Alert, copy the files from Red Alert - Able Archer CNCNet to your Red Alert folder. PATCH 1.3.1 has been released to fix TFD compatibility. No other patch notes. Download is available on ModDB due to limited bandwidth on CNCNet forums. https://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-red-alert-able-archer/downloads/red-alert-able-archer-patch-131 Known bugs: -Game crashes when loading more than one save game per .exe instance. Save often. If you need to load another save, exit the game and reload. -Structures sometimes will need to be hit multiple times to destroy. -Transport Helicopters will attempt to leave the map when Spetsnaz board them. This is hard coded. Simply order the helicopter to stay behind. -Soviet mission 3, the enemy spy will get stuck at the first house and not fire on your troops. If you kill him, you win. This is a lucky break for you. If the spy actually fired like he's supposed to, you'd be in trouble. -Soviet mission 14 - Good luck. If you're the first person to beat it on Hard and record it all, I'll send you $10. Graphics Credits: AchromicWhite, ROB, Tschokky, Westwood Studios. If I forgot to credit you, please let me know so I can add you here. Screenshots @AchromicWhite @Ferret Red Alert - Able Archer.rar Red Alert - Able Archer Patch 1.1.rar Red Alert - Able Archer Patch 1.3.rar
  12. Well, I've finalized the units, and written the basic manual for the mod. Still doing some final balancing touches, but this should be it. Command & Conquer Red Alert - Able Archer Manual.rar
  13. The conversion and graphics are all done. Just rebalancing now.
  14. Welp. I'll see what I can do about that. Anyways, here are some...previews on what I have in store soon.
  15. @Ferret @AchromicWhite Any of you know how to enable the extra countries in skirmish with Rules.ini? I'm stumped.
  16. Fixed the shadows on the turret. Now for the Soviet SAM replacement: SA-4 Ganef/2K11 Krug with its associated tracking radar. 2K11 Krug, SA-4 Ganef.rar Phalanx Final.rar
  17. Figured the stock ancient base defences wouldn't really fly in any modern setting. Anyways, here's a remade version with dual missile pods and properly scaled radome. Updated Phalanx.rar
  18. Had some time and made another structure to replace the Allied AA Gun. Works really well with SAMFIRE animation. It has build frames too, but no damaged frame as it's technically a "vehicle" mounted weapon. Phalanx CIWS Centurion C-RAM.rar
  19. You can't create new units under the stock game engine and rules.ini. There are a few hidden units you can use like ants, trucks, helicarrier, etc.
  20. That would be great actually. When I get some time this week, I might make the missile turret directional to replace the gun turret.
  21. Fortified Bunker.rarMade a missile bunker for Soviets. Replaces Tesla Coil. Turret can't turn since Tesla Coil doesn't have turret frames, only charging. Could for a top down strike missiles. If you use a SAMFIRE weapon animation, the launcher looks decent. Fortified Bunker.rar Edit: Made a Canadian Lynx Recce vehicle from ROB's light tank, and the MRJ's radar spinner logic. The turret works at all angles, and is supposed to be the commander's cupola. M113.5 Lynx.rar
  22. Is there an easy way to combine the turret/hull shps together? SHP Builder only really works with turretless vehicles.
  23. Hello folks. I've been doing some modifications to RA1 recently. Got a lot more indepth than what I remembered a decade ago. During my modding, I made some icons and shps. You might find them useful. I combined/fixed (and rescaled) some shps together from other creators. I apologize if I missed your credit. Leopard 2A4 (rescaled from ROB's Armageddon V) - 2tnk Bergpanzer Buffel (made from ROB's Leopard 2+TD MLRS) - Uses ttnk BRDM Strela-1 (made from AchromicWhite's BRDM and M48) - Uses ant1 TO-62 Flame Tank (AW's T-72 rescaled into ant shps) - ant2 IT-1 Drakon Missile Tank (made from AchromicWhite's TD Light tank+2tnk base) - ant3 BTR-80 (rescaled from ROB) - truk Fennek (rescaled BRDM) - jeep M2 Bradley (AW's TD light tank + BMP-1) - apc T-80U (combined AW's TD 2tnk+T-80) - 4tnk M60A3 Patton (1tnk with commander's MG turret on turret) - 1tnk M163 VADS (rescaled APC+flipped TD 1tnk turret) - stnk I've attached a preview for the Bergpanzer, the rest you'll have to download to see. Good luck. Modern SHPs Icon Pack.rar
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