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  1. *facepalm* i can't believe im that fucking stupid. You were right.
  2. Nope just the base soviet campaign as far as i know, I can see the cutscene of Stalin telling his officer to give me something important to do(first mission) but after that, there is no more cutscenes.
  3. On the mission behind the lines, where you start with 4 tanks/1 rocket and an mcv, i think i may have softlocked the mission. Not sure what to do. I have been here for about 2-3hrs now combing the map with an army of dogs, then infantry and finally tanks but have found nothing. I can guarantee there is no enemy units on the map and have got it fully explored. I honestly dont know how to end the mission. I have everything built, every unit made, all resources extracted, all civ buildings destroyed/civs killed, all enemy units killed, all enemy structures destroyed and all the map explored. Is this classed as soft lock as it hasnt ended the mission or am i missing something? Edit 1: Restarted the mission and saved a new version of it. It was a soft lock but is inconsistant. Replayed the mission 14 times using various speeds(not in game, just how fast i clear it), and using the exact same steps each time, the game soft locked for some reason, still unknown 8 out of the 14 times. Attached is the original save that soft locked, showing what i had in the earlier paragraph. SAVEGAME.7z
  4. Perfect lads, it doesnt crash anymore thanks to you guys ^^. Been able to consistently beat the 4 campaigns(TS and TSF) now without having to keep opening the game after a crash.
  5. Got the latest version from cncnet of tiberium sun, got the latest, that i can find, tspatch for most of the bugs but I keep getting a shit tonne of crashes. Im talking one possibly every mission to 1-2 missions and it usually happens just as a mission ends and thus cannot save my progress. I looked around and there is another thread about this that told the guy to upload the txt file, which ill do here, but other than that, I know nothing and have no idea what to do. The only message that pops up is "Tiberian Sun has encountered a problem and cannot continue". The only other notable issue i see before a crash is either I have too many units on screen(which was a lot of fun for firestorm assassinate tratos, seeing 150 titans running after 1 man) and the screen usually turns pure white except for the hud(the unit/building menu). except.txt
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