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  1. The game title is sacred, reject "Remaster" What "Remaster" is in practice: - Serious attempt to kill the original game and its alternative platforms dedicated to it (e.g. CnCNet) On top of head reasons why: - No original gameplay - Faithful (on the surface) enough to bleed the original game to death, but not actually faithful enough to be technically close to the original (forget Q-move or manual non-queued production sidebar in Red Alert 1 for example). - Heavy DRM that will require internet connection to EA's servers from time to time or all the time even in single player. - No LAN - Multiplayer only through EA's servers. Kills platform competition, no support for community alternatives like CnCNet. - Likely data mining / analytics / AI learning, making you the product in the end. - Support likely to end in few years after the initial milking, which is what EA has done to every C&C title, but this time it can't be resurrected and the original game is worse of by the damage. - Confuse the original game's name. Remaster isn't actually a remaster. - Game will cost money again (not a problem necessarily if "Remaster" had any benefits) Of course not everything listed will necessarily happen, but it seems to be very likely that most will. Mega corporations are not your friends, they are looking to exploit you with all their might. Solution: New C&C title that aims to be C&C with classic mechanics is fine but definitely not "Remaster" or everyone will lose.
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