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  1. I agree somewhat with AchromicWhite Except for the Nod buildings, of course they look realistic, how can they not ? Loved those buildings, the Obelisk Tower especially looked realistic as well ! Really liked the Heli pad look and the Refinery mechanics, Led's integrated with the harverster ! And it's nice to have your Orca and Chinook land when you command it to, finer details is important, i want to see trees swaying and dust kicked up when the orca and helicopters take off and land or come close to the ground, water effects too ! And tank tracks, dust kicked up and blast effects.
  2. TS will come later first start with the grandaddy CNC 1 ! Please don't ask competition players opinions, they tend to skew the originality of the game which causes it to feel unrealistic, rushed without focus on detail !
  3. O C'mon, they talking about bringing back the original series, i hope EA at least start from the beginning of the series !! All i hear is GENERALS GENERALS GENERALS !!, TIBERIUM WARS, RA2, TIBERIAN SUN... BRING BACK TIBERIUM DAWN FIRST !!!!!! There is plenty of scope to bring it all back !!!! Yes i do like all the titles above just as much as everyone ELSE ... I DO !!!!!!, but PLEASE START WITH THE FIRST ONE FIRST !!!!! TIBERIUM DAWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know i got hooked from the first time i've seen those refineries "construct itself" the container lifting into the refinery going up vertical, those leds showing the cargo is offloading, the harvesters had curves, they were big, and so were the refineries !!! they've put in attention to detail which is what made this good game a Superior good game !!!! the helicopters you had full control as to where they can land and the blades actually spooled down to idle if on the ground long enough ! Bring back this REALISM ! AND YOU'LL BRING BACK REAL people to this awesome game. I want to see Orcas with the ducted fan blades CLEARLY spinning and spool down when landing, i want to see heli's and orcas and carryall's kick up dust when hovering or flying low over ground, i want to see trees swaying due to the downwash and water effect when over water ! I want to see f-14s and f15-s with afterburners on when taking off or flying at speed, bring back the rah-66, blackhawk, and how about an awesome Rooivalk helicopter for rogue factions ! Bring back the awesome navy, add scud missile launchers and bring back the normal rocket launchers from ships as well. And bring back the The Repair bay ! Heck bring IT ALL BACK to life ! We NEED the vehicles, units, infantry and structures and mechanics from the ORIGINAL like dry sand in the dessert needs water ! ! ! ! I really miss the AA missile structures from RA1 i realllly doooo!! They would hide underground, the stowing doors and they would lift up whenever aircraft is detected, hide under the doors for protection now that was awesome !!!! Bring back the Caryalls transporting harvesters or vehicles, Add detail to these magnificent ships ! A New DUNE game would also be out of this world !!!
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