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  1. The Gatling tank and tower part might have a debate since I am assuming the discussion is about player vs player. Gatling defenses can build up to an incredible single target damage, but that requires some time to execute, if the targets have very low health then it will very likely have to work with its weakest state. Even if it’s faced against targets like kirovs, it may struggle against a massive horde like those seen in survival compared to the AA vehicles from the other 2 alliances. I don’t know if this is exact but I think flak tracks and 3 star IFV might perform way better with their AoE projectiles. And a mention to the part where I said weaknesses, it is relative in mid and late game times. Weak in anti tank because it doesn’t have units like the apocalypse tanks, mirage tanks, etc, those kind of units designed for armored vehicles. And anti structure is also relatively weaker than the prism tanks and V3 launcher in damage. while slaves miners can basically set up a refinery everywhere, the slaves themselves are especially vulnerable to allied IFVs with Navy SEAL or just snipers camping them. Or V3 launchers firing at the main refiner which other miners have less worries about(war miner is slightly more evasive even if it’s not as mobile as chrono miner)
  2. now Ive done the above, the same thing still happens. Can you guide me through the zip file extraction? Because red alert 2 was able to run fine while yuri’s revenge have the same error showing up
  3. an error popped up saying its unable to set the video mode
  4. I haven't played the game for 6 years now, but I can for sure make a list of what I know about their weaknesses Offensive weakness: lack of anti tank/structure damage output weak against air unit swarms, ex: carrier hornets, harrier squadrons, kirov parade, rocketeer, etc heavily relies on mind controlled units to attack if the mind controlling unit dies, the chaos will turn to your side instead weak navy Defensive weaknesses mind control units & building have a limit to how much they can take on lack of AoE damage Doesn't have much to defend with besides units. Since only 2 defensive structures are given Economical weaknesses bad transportation, hard to get engineers to distant tech buildings Slaves are not very reliable when enemies have anti infantry units nearby Slave miner is stationary for most of the time, easy target for missiles and also hard to run away
  5. questions on how to execute the steps, Im not that good with computer 1. what do I extract the cnc-ddraw.zip file into? and where in the Game folder would I put it? 2. where do I disable compatibility modes for the executables?
  6. TrainerWroyce


    I bought the game from origin now, but whenever I open it, there will just be a black screen popping up with the menu audio playing. What can I do to fix this? I can also click around and find buttons but I dont know what happened
  7. Never mind, I figured the proble. I didn’t buy the game on EA origin yet
  8. the link by FunkyFr3sh, I think thats what I needed to run the installer
  9. I downloaded your link, now what should I do
  10. file:///C:/Users/HSIUHUI/Pictures/Capture.PNGI was installing the game but then this showed up, I dont know what to do or what I need to do
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