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  1. umm black number 1? lol umm no i cant take you serious...He would even tell you he is not on that list..also giants needs to be deleted. the list is fine you must not play, playing to much giants lol.
  2. Players that play the game currently. All around 1v1 2v2 anything. 1.Mola 2.Nettine 3.Humble 4.energy 5.Steelcore 6.trz 7.Corps 8.toprush 9.tiger 10.nme This is all around not just tezz these players usally adapt to any map and play at the highest. Some are lower ranked do to their poor multi game vs their 1v1 game. This is just my list and opinion. Some people are not on list due to be inactive or quitting these players are pretty active on ts. I know people will say why is tiger and toprush towards the bottom well reason is this is all around you ever see them in a ff? or something diff from tezz? im sure if they played aloit of diff maps they would be badass higher up on the list.
  3. yoo matt Neale here get on sometime man never heard from you! You said you would get on after holidays!!
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