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  1. Sunrise v14 (2-8 Players) A big rework from a 1v1 map. sunrise v14.map
  2. Actually since I posted that I too had a sound issue. No crash, but some sounds were simply not working. It seemed all the sounds from the expansion pack didn't work. Such as the Guardian GI voicelines or deploy. Or any of the other units who got voicelines with yuri's revenge. It was however not map related. As it happend to all the maps. Removing and reinstalling the game and cncnet fixed it though, but it might happen again. Also there was a sort of crackling sound for the ambiance sounds, it leaves me a bit worried.
  3. Sunrise Battle as you watch the sun rise over the mountains in this abandoned area where there are still buildings that could be useful to you, if you can manage to fix them up before your enemy arrives. sunrise v6.map
  4. I have no answers but seeing as it didn't happen on your older PC I think it might be related to your hardware setup. Or drivers and such thing.
  5. So, long ago I modded my own maps. Back in 2002 or something. So I know at least a little of how things go. Or I'd like to think so at least. But i'm lost now. I'm creating a map with FinalAlert 2 Yuri's Revenge and wanted to create some custom lamps for illuminating the map precisely as I wanted. So I thought I would just clone a already existing lamp change its lighting values and add it to the [BuildingTypes] list. So I could use in the editor and have my map look all nice and pretty. But... in FinalAlert it will only show up as a allied powerplant. It has the name in the sidebar of the lamp but when you drag it on the map its a allied power plant. Seemly in working condition too. Since that ive tried to do other things like cloning the allied barracks and only changing the cost and name, and when I in-game build it's invisible and only takes up 1 square, let alone it seems to be a weird hybrid of a prismtower and a barracks... What is going on its driving me nuts! I don't want any special units, I just want lamps. How hard can that be?
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